Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Relaxing After A Walk

Greetings to all!  It's me,  Maggie.  Here at Ao4 Headquarters, like for many of you, we are in the midst of something called "Summer".  That means that today, for instance, our heat index is expected to reach 111℉ (43.9℃).  Cammie and I took our big walk before 0700 and now it's time to relax.

This is how I like to relax after a walk:

"Here I come!  Here I come!  Here I come!"

That's right - a nice round of Kong-on-a-Rope!  These photos are actually from a couple of days ago - but you get the idea!

"I've got it!" 

Mom gives it a good throw - and I bring it back.  Over and over and over again!  It's GREAT fun!  And the backyard is fairly shady in the early morning, so it's not too hot.


My Kong-on-a-Rope is special, because it belonged to our great-brother Davy.  I didn't get to meet him, but Cammie just adored him and has told me lots about him - and told me he was a very special Siberian who loved to play Fetch!


I love to play Fetch, too, though sometimes I play the Siberian version --- you know, where Mom throws a toy and I run off with it!  That's a ton of fun, too!  But there's something about this Kong-on-a-Rope that makes me want to chase after it and bring it right back!

"Here I come, Mom!"

Sometimes, I like playing a little Tuggy-Tug with it, too.

"Tug, tug, tug!!!"

That's not as much fun as powering through the yard with the Kong-on-a-Rope, though!

"Got it, got it, GOT IT!!!"

What a great way to relax after a walk!

Now... one last throw, then I think it's time to head in to get some water and do zoomies with Cam in the air-conditioning.

"CHANGE UP:  Siberian Fetch!  Chase me, Mom!  Chase me!"

How do you relax after you've put in a couple miles of walking?

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Monday, July 21, 2014

Hudson Trail Walk

Greetings to all, it's me, Maggie!  Cam and I have been taking some nice walks lately - early in the morning, so it's not as hot and so the pavement hasn't heated up.  Even so, it's nice when we can walk somewhere unpaved (but not tick-infested) and shady!  One of the best places to do that is the Hudson Trail.

When we hike the part that crosses the big road, we always have to pose on the limestone chunks at the trailhead.

"Hey, Dad.  Whatcha doing?"
"I think he's making sure we don't look at the camera, Mags."

Apparently, Dad did want us to look at the camera, so we semi-obliged.

Me and Cam

Oh, yeah.  Notice that Cam doesn't jump up on the limestone.  She just doesn't like to.  Me?  I like the high ground!

"I see somebody coming."
"Good.  Then maybe we can stop posing and start walking."

Mom said something about "the money shot" ...

Us!  Smiling and looking in the general direction of Mom

... then we got the show back on the road.  Or, rather, on the trail.

Here is a cool action shot of us:

"Less talking, more walking!"
"You got it!"

Here's one of Cam:

Cammie on the move

And here is one of me:

The end!

We hope you enjoyed hiking the trail with us!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Shocker

Greetings to all; it's me, Maggie.  I'm here with Cam today to tell you something rather shocking. Mom and Beth went out exploring together again yesterday. No... they didn't get lost, dehydrated, or heat exhaustion or anything this time ! I know! But that's not the shocking part. It's WHY none of that happened that's the shocker. Are you ready? This should explain everything:

Moss:  "OK, you two!  Mount up!  Let's go!"

That's right!  Apparently Moss got to drive!

Moss:  "Do I need to herd you - or are you coming?"
Beth:  "Egrets!  I see dozens of Great Egrets!"

Mom moved in closer, which made Moss happy.  Those Border Collies have special powers like that.  Seamus and Beth were already in the backseat while Mom was shilly-shallying.

Moss:  "Good human.  Now go around and jump in the passenger's seat."
Beth:  "I see birds!  And wildflowers!  And wide-open vistas!  And ..."

Moss:  "Hey!  Arms inside the Jeep!  Don't make me come back there!"
Beth:  "But ... but ... ooooh!  A Scarlet Tanager!"


"That really WAS shocking."
"Forget about riding shotgun next time we go somewhere together.  I want to drive!!!"

I mean ... if Moss can drive, why can't I?

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Selfie Saturday

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie!  Cammie tried doing one of those "selfie" things a while back (you can see it at this link) - so I thought I'd finally give it a shot.


What do you think? Let me try again, with more of my blue-eyed side showing.


Not bad.  I'll keep working on it.

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Friday, July 18, 2014

Garden Helpers

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Maggie and I have been working really hard lately, helping Mom tend our tomato and herb garden. Some days, we only have a few tomatoes to pick:

"Look at the big ones, Cam!"
"Those are Early Girls, Mags.  The little ones are Grape Tomatoes."

And other days, we have quite a few:

"Keep your snooter out of there, Maggie!"
"I'm just looking..."

Mags and I are right there to help Mom out and to keep her company!

"How many do we have today?"

For some odd reason, Mom prefers that we supervise from up on the deck, rather than coming out to help her with the harvest.

Oh, right.  I think I understand why.

"Have no fear, Mom!  I'll guard the tomatoes!"
"Who's going to guard them from you, Cam?  Ha roo roo roo!"

Me?  Steal a tomato or two?  I wouldn't do that.  Really.  Mom trusts me 100%!

"Just ... going to take a little look.
Oooooh!  The Burpee Big Boys are starting to come in!"

But really.  I wouldn't take one.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Family Road Trip!

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Yesterday morning after breakfast and our walk, Dad said to Mom, "Let's go check out that creek!"  It was something about a creek they heard would make a nice place to put in their kayak.  I was about to  lay down to take a nap  go on Guard Duty, since they'd be gone, when he added, "We could all go!"  Since I know full-well the four of us and the kayak can't fit in the SUV, I was all for it!  (I mean seriously - me and Mags in a kayak?  I think not.)

I yelled "Shotgun!" real fast like Zim taught me, Mags and I got buckled in, then we hit the road. Before we knew it, we were out in the open prairie and farm fields!

"Hey, Cam."
"What is it, Mags?"
"No... look out the window.  HAY.  Ha roo roo roo!" 


I can't believe I fell for the oldest joke in the Midwest!

"Hey, Dad..."

I'm not going to say if Dad fell for it or not.

We drove a long, long time.

"Dad?  Do you know where we are?  Maggie, check the Waze app!"
"Mom's got it."

I reminded Maggie of Mom's sense of direction and suggested she take a look herself!

"Oh.  Yeah, right.  I forgot.  Umm... I'm not sure about this, Cam."
"Dad, I think you should let me drive for a while.  Really."

"Oh... I just can't even look!"

Mom and Dad said we were good to go, we made a turn or two ...

"Ooooh, it's all woodsy in here!"

... and before we knew it, we were at some place called Munkers Creek!

Munkers Creek

We got out to stretch our legs, take a little break ...


... and do a little exploring!


We checked out a lake that the creek leads to (Council Grove Lake), then headed back, with many detours along the way! We did a lot of stopping at places so Mom could take photos (you can click here to see the full album and to learn more about some of the things we saw). Here are some of the highlights:


Pleasant Ridge Christian Church, built in 1903

Deep Creek Schoolhouse, built in 1892

Barn and wildflowers

Chris Barr's cabin, built in 1863

It was a great road trip!

"Almost home, Dad.  Are you sure you don't want me to drive?"
"I need to call 'shotgun!' next time!"

Thanks for coming along with us!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014