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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gate Crashers

Before I get started, Zim wanted me to share another picture to go with yesterday's post. Woo. Like Tin Tin said, "...the ottozim - bringing out your inner sibe..." Good one!

Woo. Dave here. If you're logging on today, be sure to compare our weather to Siberia's! As of this writing, our real temp is 17 degrees COLDER than in Archangelsk! And our wind-chill is 26 degrees colder! How cool is THAT?!?!? Yeah..... mighty cold. Uh.... cool.

The "authorities" said we had 90% chance of snow yesterday; Amber said nothing. Wanna guess who was right? Now they say it could come today. I haven't asked Ammy yet, but I'm sure she knows.

In a comment to yesterday's post by Zim, Marvin said he isn't allowed upstairs. Zim told him, "We can go up there, except if we have overnight guests coming. The upstairs here is only guest rooms and a bathroom. Mom keeps those doors shut unless there's company coming. That also gives me an idea for a future post..."

We had overnight company coming a couple years ago, and Mom did all those "cleaning" things she likes to do. She spent a lot of time upstairs, too, then left the doors open to the guest rooms. Here's my little bro, checking out the back guest room:

Oooh, comfy!

That led to a lot of excited talk from Mom (I imagine she was thanking Zim for fluffing the bed up there?) and eventually, once she separated Zim from his work, led to her putting a kiddie gate across the stairs. Then she decided to put the sitzbank there instead, thinking it would be a bigger "barrier". I'm not sure what that means. Or why she'd want to do that. Woo.

He was down here ... And now he's ... hey, Dave! How'd you do that?

It was great fun and gave me and Zim a new Furniture Olympics challenge until the company came.

Marvin, I don't know how your mom keeps you from going to your upstairs, but maybe this will give you a helpful idea. Use your legs like springs! Woo!

Luv, from bitterly cold but snowless Kansas,

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Furniture Olympics, New Furniture & ... Cute Poses Do Come in Handy

Ha roo, everypup! Zim here! Did you read Am's post yesterday? She came up with a great new cute pose, didn't she? And as she told Marvin in the comments, we aren't "allowed" on the furniture. Hmph! When I first got here, I didn't know anything about not getting on anything! I mean... isn't the dining room table just a hill when you think about it? And those silk plants up on the tall dresser ... they just needed to be grabbed and shredded ... once I could get up there! Ha roooo!

Anyroo, we had this "old" furniture that was just GREAT for playing Furniture Olympics. Here I am, in a little event called "The Loveseat Vault".

You had to make a full run from the front door and completely clear the loveseat. If you touch it, that's points deducted. Points also deducted if you smash into the chair on the far side of the loveseat. This was a perfect "10".

That's Dave, spotting me on my dismount. Safety first, you know!

We don't have that furniture anymore, but when the new stuff came in, I noticed it was denim and Mom was saying stuff about how much easier it would be to get Sibe hair off of it. I was sure that meant we were allowed to get on it!

Ha roooo!

Apparently, I was mistaken. "Only the bed." Hmph. I really DID look cute on the ottoman, though, didn't I? Stormy told me I'd better go do a cute pose somewhere else.

Fine. Sometimes it's really hard being a Siberian Husky. ...but cute poses can make your life a lot easier! :)

Play bows,


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Dog Aid" and a New Cute Pose

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Amber!

I want to encourage all of you to surf over to Pappy's blog to watch the Christmas video! It'll get you in the spirit and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! The boys wanted me to say that they don't really sing that high, but stretched their range in order to participate. :)

Tin Tin is the one who came up with the moniker "Dog Aid". He's very clever, isn't he?

One of the very important lessons Stormy has taught us (at the SZK SSS) is to have a repertoire of cute poses. You know ... just in case we do something less-than-desirable, we need cute poses to tug at the bipeds' heartstrings and make them forget all about whatever it was we did. Stormy's so smart!

Here's my latest:

I haven't done anything wrong (lately) but I thought I'd keep this one in my bag of tricks.

PS: That's another one of Mom's quilts on the Treasure Chest!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Empress Woo and Stained Glass Quilts

Woo, it's me - Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. I was going through the on-line quilt newsletters we get today and something REALLY caught my eye at the Fat Quarter Shop. I was expecting something AMAZINGLY cool. It's a new line of fabric called "Empress Woo". Woo indeed. I was expecting something altogether different.

Since I was thinking quilty thoughts, I thought I'd share a few of Mom's cool stained glass quilts with you. They are little quilted panels (she hasn't made a big one yet) that are designed to look like stained glass! My twin brother of a different mother Harley's mom designed them from photographs! She's a REALLY talented artist! The first one they did "together" was of Harley's sister Juno! Here is the little quilt and the photo it was based on. Cool, huh?

Guess who they did next? Yeah! ME! Here I am with the quilt square.

I could have faced the other way..... but I was going for an artsy mirror image thing.

Mom and Mom-o-Harley went for a redhead next.

Hey Dave! Check it out! It's me, Zim!

I admit, I was a tad jealous at first. But I love Zim and I love the colors Mom used; I had to help her choose the fabs or it never would have looked like my little brother.

Har's mom has designed a block of each of my sisters but my mom hasn't made them yet. I want to do quilts of Harley's sisters, too!

We interrupt this posting to bring you a special announcement! Stormy just handed me this important breaking news. This is the village our friend Rocky devoured. WOW!!!!! He said he helped his dad rebuild it, so I don't see what all the fuss is about. Oddly, his dad said he'll never make gingerbread houses again. Wonder why not? I think he's got real talent!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a couple of our little quilts. Zim and I are really touched to be "captured" in a stained glass quilt! and appreciate the talent and hard work Harley's mom put into them. Oh. Our mom, too.

Zim in repose

I hope they'll reconsider that whole Empress Woo thing.



Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Salute - Rocky!

This week's Sunday Salute goes out to our friend Rocky, of Falls Church, Virginia! Remember a few weeks ago when our bipeds had some friends over? We helped Mom clean the house beforehand and the guests brought us a cool gift basket with toys and cookies and stuff? Yeah! Rocky owns the man biped who came over!

We've heard all kinds of great things about Rocky, most remarkably his ability to open the magic cold box. (We're also secretly hoping here that if enough pups leave comments today asking him, that Rocky will share with us just how he manages that. None of us can do that here. Amber knows how to get ice out of the coldest part of the magic cold box... but that involves doing the Sad Eyes Look at Mom.) Rocky also devoured an entire village one time - a gingerbread village that was behind a closed door. Yes, this is a pup not only deserving of a Salute but one we need to hear from him more often!

Rocky sent us these pix last weekend. He told us,

"After a very long day of raking leaves, Daddy told me to go lay down on my sofa so he could fix the boo boo on my leg. I just closed my eyes for a few minutes...

And then when I woke - I could smell that antiseptic that Daddy likes to use on my hot spots and I had a bandage with my favorite paw-print design. But I figured I best get some rest - for tomorrow morning's long walk!"

Poor Rocky! What a hard working pup! Given the gift basket and all, we'll cut his dad some slack for taking advantage of Rocky's exhausted state to bandage his leg. He said his dad was going to get pictures of him raking leaves but he forgot, and added that he's such a good helper in the yard! I'll bet he IS!

I asked him about his owie and he said it isn't too bad and that he gets them all the time. :( He said, "This one is just a bump I started to lick." I hope it's all better by now, Rocky!

About photos, he said his dad's always snapping pictures when he's trying to sleep. There's a real epidemic of that going around, isn't there?!?! We hope to have more pix to update our Salute!

Rocky was even on the cover of a quasi-local publication called "Animal Chatter" - kind of a free advertising publication. It has his story and everything in it, he told us!!! He's going to try to scan it and send it in to us. Hey, any pup who can open the magic cold box certainly can use a scanner!

Rocky also sends a big "AHRooo" to everyone!

For all you do helping your dad, putting up with bandages on your owies, and the many talents your possess, we salute you, Rocky!
The Army of Four

p-Update: Rocky just emailed us a shot of the magazine cover he was on! Here it is, with a short bio of Rocky, too!


Tail wags ~ SZK for the Ao4

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bonjour! and Our Great Sisters Tour Brugges

Storms here! We'd like to call out a hearty "Bonjour" to someone who's been visiting our site from France! Bienvenue!

Yes...... in addition to my other talents, I also speak French. It's one of the many classes I teach at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies. Here's my ace student Zim, hard at work:

Bonjour! C'est moi, Monsieur Zim!

Yeah. He even looks the part, n'est ce pas?

Our great sisters Jesse ('83-92) and Lucky ('83-96) also spoke French, from what Booter ('87-'01) told me. Here the three of them are together:

Left to right, it's Lucky (alpha black and white girl!!!), Jesse, and Booter. Anyroo, Lucky and Jesse were born in Flanders (that's in Northern Belgium) and adopted our parents when Mom and Dad lived in the southern part of Belgium. They lived there for 3 years together before coming to the States. They were the first Sibes to own Mom and Dad and really taught them a lot about Sibes. They were so good at ignoring what the bipeds told them that Mom thought maybe they spoke Flemish, since that's the language their breeder spoke to them. They ignored English and French equally. :) Mom doesn't speak Flemish. We all know full well Jesse and Luck understood English. And French. It's called being a Siberian, or that "condition" Dave has called selective hearing. Ha roo roo roo!

Here's a picture from one of their adventures in Belgium. I thought about this when I wrote my "Sled Dogs?" post the other day. Yeah..... travelling through Brugges, Belgium, the way "sled dogs" should.

Faces have been fuzzed out to protect Mom and Dad's friend whose permission we didn't get to post her picture and to protect the innocent from remarks about 80's hairstyles. I know where my Eukanuba comes from.

Again, bonjour tous les chiens en France! Thanks for reading!

Tail wags,


Friday, November 24, 2006

Giant Birdie!

GIANT BIRDIE! GIANT BIRDIE! Ha roo, it's me - Zim!

Get a load of this picture! YIKES! Can you believe the size of this guy? We saw it out on our afternoon neighborhood patrol! I can only guess that the Giant is involved somehow ... maybe this birdie escaped from his dinner table? That can't be good news - I mean... that's got to get the Giant all riled up, don't you think?

Am! Check out the size of this birdie!!!

Hey... don't leave me alone with this thing, roo guys! The Giant might think I took him!

Wonder if we'll see the birdie out on patrol today? I just don't want the Giant to think we're responsible for this!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Ha roo and play bows,


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everypuppy! It's me - Amber! Or as my mom and dad like to call me ... their little Sweet Potato! Hee hee hee. What can I say? I yam what I yam. :)

On behalf of my sister and brothers, I would like to share a couple things with our readers today! First, I would encourage you, when you have some time, to check out these two links about Thanksgiving! This link tells you all about the origin of the American Thanksgiving holiday and what it truly means. This second link is a really wonderful write-up about some Thanksgiving tradition in the different branches of the US military!

That is a great segue (Zim isn't the only one who picks things up from Stormy!) to another link. This one leads to what we are most thankful for. We'd also like to encourage you to check out the heart-warming story told here and especially here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - and remember to thank God for the many blessings He's given you!

I'll leave you with a cartoon one of mom's quilt friends sent her!Much happiness, everypuppy!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tooth Fairy Visits

Woo. It's me, Dave. A biped friend of our pals over at D'Azul Siberians - Lisa - had to have her wisdom teeth out the other day. I've never had that happen to me, but I did have to have some other teeth pulled once.

I used to chew on rocks or steel before I came here to my furever home; the enamel on my teeth is pretty messed up and I had a couple that were busted. My vet decided a while ago that the two busted teeth needed to come out or they were going to cause me lots of problems.

The Tooth Fairy (if you go to that link and scroll down to the bottom, he's the guy in the middle of that picture - the two ladies are also among my favorite vets!) whomped me upside the head and took those teeth in the process. One was a bottom canine tooth - or would that be a people teeth for us? And the other was the tooth right above it. It took him a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time to do the extraction - he had to be careful not to break my jaw. He was very concerned about that. He showed mom the tooth afterwards and it was HUGE! She said the roots were massive and said the Tooth Fairy was VERY skilled to be able to do that!

Here is a picture of me that afternoon when I got home:

I was pretty out of it. Mom fixed up a nice, comfy pillow for me to drool all over on the bed.

One of the "don't"s for my recovery was no crunchy food. Oh no! What about my supper-duppers? The student told mom she could make me hamburger and sticky rice ... or boiled chicken and sticky rice. Mmmm, nice student! But mom was worried about messing up my tummy by feeding me stuff I don't usually get. Cats! But then she had a great idea - and this is why I'm bringing the whole thing up - I though Lisa might like this! I got a very special elixir called "hot water" on my dry food! Mom waited for it to cool, then it was all soft and yummy and tasted JUST like my favorite - Eukanuba! Lisa, I hope you get a special elixir and some Eukanuba!

I also did get some sticky rice - and mom pressed it into tiny balls as treats! YUM!

I had a great recovery and can do everything I could before - except for holding my tongue in straight. Woo. Mom thinks it looks cute, though.

The next time I saw the Tooth Fairy, I gave him a big lean-into-the-legs hug. I love him. He took very good care of me!

Good recovery, Lisa! And hug your Tooth Fairy when you see him again. Mine seemed to really appreciate it!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sled Dogs?

Hey pupper-duppers! It's me, Stormy. Since Dave mentioned that "Siberian list" yesterday that we're on with some of our pals and their bipeds, I thought I'd bring up a topic that's currently in discussion there. A lot of the bipeds are talking about sleds or carts for their "dogs". Biped chatter about which model would be best, what make has the best brakes, whether to get a sled or a cart... blah, blah, blah.
But the thought of the whole thing was a bit intriguing, so I got out one of my catalogues and did some checking.

This one is from Black Ice. They had all kinds of sleds in here. Cool gear, too.

Hmm. It got me to thinking. I'd look really cute sitting in ANY of these! Seriously! What's the big decision?
Now to find the right harnesses for mom and dad.....

Tail wags, everypup!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hi Everybody! I'm Home!

Woo. It's me, everypup, Dave. Sometimes, since all 4 of us share the blog, it's hard to get a woo in! And since we also share our computer with Mom and Dad..... it's hard to get computer time! Here I am, waiting for Dad to finish doing work the other day.
Dad... please let me know when you're done. Need any help with your work? I'm here for ya!

Anywoo... there has been some confusion over why I had a pink leash on in the pic Stormy posted and what she meant by the "umbilical cord" and Mom and Dad being Foster Failures. I thought now that I finally have computer time, I'd tell you the story of how I came to find my fur-ever home!

Mom belongs to that Siberian list that some of our friends' bipeds are on - like Tubey, Meeshka, Holly and a bunch of others. Usually, it's goofy stuff (or "stupid", as Tubey would say!) like how to train us, what not to feed us, and stuff like that. But sometimes there is really GOOD stuff! Like one day in January of '02.........!

I was in the slammer at the time, screaming the Siberian Death Scream, but Stormy told me the way it all went down. A lady from a rescue group in Oklahoma must have heard me, and posted to the list about a Siberian Husky (me) in our local shelter. Was there someone in Kansas who was willing to evaluate him (me) as to adoptability? And if adoptable, spring him, "foster" him over the weekend, and help transport him down there? Fortunately for me, Mom read the post and jumped on it.

See...I had been screaming the Siberian Death Scream (SDS) for almost a month, and was on my last day. (This is apparently why they called me Yodel there. I didn't like that name and didn't answer to it.) When I saw my mom, I changed my voice completely and gave a soft, low "woo" that melted her heart and that the worker had never heard! I was saving it for JUST the right moment! The lady at the shelter had never seen that side of me.

Mom convinced her to give me a little more time and promised she'd be back for me the next day. Apparently, they remembered Mom from 5 months earlier when she adopted Zim, so they said, "OK." (Whew!) She said she needed to prepare my dad and 3 other Siberians. Cool! A dad and siblings!

Mom thought it would go OK for the weekend, then she'd start me on my journey to Oklahoma on Monday. She told me there were 2 sweet redheaded Sibes at home who would love to meet me, but that there was an alpha-girl named Stormy that I might have to stay separated from. She said this Stormy wouldn't accept a strong, adult Sibe like me into her pack - I was probably 4 years old then. "Don't worry, Mom!" I wasn't about to cause anyone ANY problems.

That next day, my mom and dad came to get me. I loved both of them already, but they kept calling me a "Foster". Ha. When we got home, I walked in and told the other Sibes, "Hi everybody, I'm home!" and just fit right in. The redheads were GREAT - and I sure didn't start anything with Storm. I'm not as smart as she is, but I know not to go starting trouble when there's a good thing right in front of me. She kept looking at my mom like, "I don't want to like him ... but he's so nice I can't help it!" Woo. What can I say? I'm a lover, not a fighter. The leash was on me as a safety catch, in case Mom and Dad needed to separate me and the Storm. And ... since Stormy already had the red one as hers, and Ammy had the green one, and Zim had the blue one ... all that was left was a spare. And it was ... pink. Woo. (See the picture at right? That's from when I first got here. I also had a teal collar. With a pink leash? No wonder I am now Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind! I got here just in time!) (Oh... and that's Zim's nose in the foreground.)

Here we are out on a "let's tire them out" walk that first weekend. I'm the one smiling at the camera! Um... yeah, with the pink leash on.

By the time the weekend was over, I'd won them over. Right as it was time for me to head south, Mom and Dad had "the talk". It ended in a phone call to that wonderful lady in Oklahoma who heard my SDS and told mom about me. Mom said I wouldn't need a foster home in OK; I'd found my forever home right here in Kansas! Woo!

I still wasn't responding to "Yodel" - can you blame me? And they tried all kinds of names out on me. Nothing worked until Dad joked that they could name me "Dave" -- Dave Thomas, of Wendy's Restaurants had just passed away. He had been adopted and was a great advocate of adoption.... served our country in uniform.... and through his highly successful career was still known as just a heck of a nice guy who loved a good burger! :) As soon as my dad said, "Dave," I looked at him and cocked my head. "Yes, Dad?" It fits! I am DAVE!

I eventually got a teal leash to match my collar. (So my color was teal before I got purple!) I was umbilical corded for a few more days, since Mom and Dad were still worried about me and Storm getting along. I could pretty much go where I wanted to, though. Check out the picture above - yeah, that's me and Storm. The bipeds figured if we were slipping off together to nap, we were going to be OK.

That's the story of how I got here! I'd love to know about the rest of you! How did you get to your fur-ever homes?


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Salute - Meeshka

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our friend Meeshka!
Many of you know Meeshka as the fluffy leader of the HULA - Husky United Liberation Army. She posts all kinds of great tips for us on how to train our bipeds, handle our siblings, find tasty treats, etc. Her training manual - uh, I mean her blog is reason enough to salute her! But there's more!
There's also the part about our bipeds living each others' bizarro lives - from the evil Dyson to the $200 trash can, the washer/dryer, the RAV4 ... and we think we've now spotted some sleepy pants in our mom's closet. More on that another time.
Frequent readers and fans of Meeshka's World also know of "the claw" - an incredibly efficient way for us to get our point across. Meeshka - this picture's for you:
That's right -- it's me, Stormy, giving Dave "the claw". It was the first day he got here and he had his head on MY dad's lap. It would have been really bad... except check it out - he was on a PINK leash. Ha roo. Pretty funny. He was still being "umbilical corded", as a safety precaution. And it was pink. That was before mom and dad failed Fostering 101 and bought Dave his own collar and leash. Anyway, Meeshka, just one more thing we have in common!
So... here's what brings me to today's Salute! Remember Zimmie's post from the other day? Him checking Little Kitten Creek and it's surroundings for "booty"? He was unable to find anything remarkable. Well.... Meeshka studied the scene a little further. Look at the FOCUS that girl has!

If we've learned our hyperlinking skills, you should be able to click that photo and get to a larger one!

Anyway... after studying the pic of Zim at Little Kitten Creek, Meeshka made a startling discovery! She emailed us her findings immediately -- check it out!

Zim at Little Kitten Creek

There it is! If that little kitten isn't booty, we don't know what is! Ha roooooo!
Really good one, Meeshka! We salute you!

Tail wags,

Saturday, November 18, 2006

DWB Awesome Blog Nomination

Ha rooooo! Tail wags, everypup, it's me - Stormy!
I can't believe this, but we've been nominated for the Dogs With Blogs (DWB) Awesome Blog Award! There are so many truly talented doggie bloggers out there - and on behalf of the Ao4, I wish GOOD LUCK to everypup!
If you would like to vote, please click on this cool button our friends Charlie's and Opy's dad & mom made for us! (A big thank roo and lick on the nose to them!)
While you're at it, check out all the blogs - there are some mighty creative pups in DWB! Not sure whose blog to read? Click on Paw It Forward over in our sidebar!

Speaking of sidebar items....... as you may be able to see, the gap is again widening between our temps and those in Siberia. It's going to be in the 60s all week. We need a new plan. I'm off to consult with our resident Meteorologist. Here's a pic of me from a year or two ago.

Please can I have some snow????

Tail wags,

PS: Left to right in the top photo: Ammy, me (Storm), Zimmie and Dave.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Diggin' the Treasure Scene

Harrr, mateys! It's me, Zim the Pirate! I know I just posted yesterday, but I didn't want my matey Cap'n Maverick to think I've been falling down on the job! He might make me walk the plank or something! Harrrr!

In today's b-log entry, Cap'n Mav reminded me about our search for booty and what may be in the Treasure Chest I discovered in our living room. OK... that Stormy discovered in our living room. I was trying to figure out how to bust into it; we aren't allowed to chew on it - so I was stumped! Then Ender had a great idea about trying to dig out way in through the floor! COOL! I gave it a try ...then was reminded that we aren't allowed to dig in the living room, either.

I can dig it

Here I am, doing a test run in the dining room. Mom expressed some displeasure.
Being the top student that I am at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies, I did a cute, innocent pose as quickly as I could to diffuse the situation.

I wasn't doing anything...

I wasn't doing anything... honest!
So... then I remembered Maverick, harr.... excuse me, Cap'n Maverick, saying that water and a beach are involved... and we don't have either of those in the living room. He told me that the banks of Little Kitten Creek might be just the beach we were looking for - and that further investigation was in order! I decided to check it out!

Little Kitten Creek 1

Hmmm.... there's the creek... there are the banks... but I sure don't see any booty! No Treasure Chests or ANYTHING! We spotted a squirrel up on the telephone wire and Ammy said that was better than a Treasure Chest, so went off to try to chase it instead.
Harr... so I'm doing my best, Cap'n Maverick! And I'll be SURE to keep my eyes peeled for the booty you posted about today. I think if that was in the Treasure Chest in the living room, I'd be able to smell it!
Harrrr...... and play bows,
Zim the Pirate

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Zen of Zim

Ha roo, it's me - Zim. Did you read our friend Marvin's post today? He talked about Zen and posted a poem "Zen Dog". It was very profound, according to Dave, our resident poet. Marvin posted a cool picture of himself looking very Zen-like, so Dave thought I should show Marvin some of my "Zen of Zim" poses. Here goes!
Note my paws are off the floor. The pose above takes great concentration. Try the following one for flexibility: If Dad could bend like this, he could be a star on the PGA Tour!
Feeling relaxed yet? Here's the kicker: Whew! I may be a "Working Breed" but I'm exhausted from all this Zen-like activity! I'm off to catch some Zs.Have a Zen-of-Zim-like day!
Play bows,
Zim (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Road to Siberia

Hi everypuppy, it's me, Amber!

First of all, yes, sadly I have downgraded our snowcast to maybe flurries. :( I can't control the weather, I can just predict it. We're not going to get nearly as much as I'd hoped for!

Anyroo........ I wanted to tell you a little bit about my friend Fargo. Fargo North Dog-kota. :) He's Tubey's brother. Or friend ... or roommate ... or something. ANYROO ... he is a really funny puppy who tells great jokes. I love to tell jokes, too!
Fargo is the featured puppy on our Husky Bloggers Ring this month, and he's posted some new, really clever jokes on his blog. You should check them out - he's so funny! He made a joke the other day that prompted me to write one back in his comments section. And can you believe it?!!? He said,
"Har har har! You're funny, Amber. We should go on the road together as a comedy team!"
I am SO complimented!
We could be a great comedy team! Since Fargo said we should go "on the road", it reminded me of those old Bob Hope/Bing Crosby classics! How does this sound:

I rather like it! I think we could have a big hit on our paws!

Have a happy day, everypuppy! And don't totally give up on the snow!


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WHO'S Got Pizza???

Woo, it's me, Dave. Our friend Holly has been put on a diet. She says she is starving, the poor girl! I know I can never get enough at supper-dupper time myself! I told Holly about how sometimes when I have my special "Senior Care" vet appointments, it's like mom forgets to give me my breakfast before we go; when I remind her she just goes around saying, "I can't Davy, I can't!" and refuses to look at my poor, starving face. I can't do the sad eyes look as well as Stormy (maybe Holly could try that?) but I try.
Who could resist this look? Unfortunately... mom can. Dad, too. There are things we just can't con them out of. Pizza comes to mind. Why? Because of this picture we saw on the internet the other day.

Can you believe it?!?!? A squirrel can have pizza but not ME?!?!?

I'm off to pout now.



PS: Amber has issued her first SNOW ALERT for the season! Yesterday, she started calling for a chance of snow flurries tonight -- now she's saying it might be more than flurries! But not until probably tomorrow morning. Wooooo! Amber is never wrong about these things!