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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday Salute - Lukkie

Welcome to the Army of Four’s new feature: the Sunday Salute! Each week, we will blog about or hear from one of our friends. They’ll share their latest adventure, cool discovery, or tell us a little bit about themselves!

As we got ready to launch Sunday Salute, we heard some very sad news. Our friend Lukkie has passed away. (Haik-woo fans will recognize Luke from Haik-woo 20, the brother of Frankie and Maddie.) We thought there could be no better way to start our weekly spotlight than with a tribute to Lukkie!


This picture is from this summer, when Lukkie was about 13 years of age. His mom said that Lukkie was all about two things, love and peace. And this gentle pup just loved his mom! His dad said Luke wouldn’t even go to sleep with the rest of the family if his mom wasn't home, and would wait for her at the door. “If he lost me in the house throughout the daily routines, he came so sweetly and silly hunting me down with such great intensity,” his mom told us. "Where’s my mum?" he’d wonder. His mom says that no heart was ever more pure than his. :)

Luke was the one who got his family rolling for the day. His mom said he’d give the bed a nudge with his head and “make silly grunting noises, so sweet.” "Ok Mom, it’s that time!" he seemed to tell her. What a great way to start the day!

Luke with Baby Frankie

This picture is from 2003, when Frankie, the white Siberian Husky, joined the family. People often asked if Frankie was Lukkie’s baby! “Was he the dad?” Both adorable, white and furry!
Frankie says that Luke was the “absolute BESTEST Big brother any puppy could ever ask for!” He allowed her to do anything to him: she stole his cookies and his peanut butter filled Kong straight out from under him when she was done with hers. He would just look up at his mom with the look of, "Moooooom, she did it again….!" But he was so sweet to her. Whenever she had to be reprimanded (which we’re sure wasn’t often!), he hated it. When she was very young, he would run and tell his mom if Frankie was doing something she should not be doing. Frankie’s mom said it wasn’t to tattle-tale, that he told her with nervousness. He didn't want her to get into trouble. He really was all about peace.


This is Lukkie’s mom’s absolute favorite picture of him. She told us, “To me, it always conveyed exactly how he was. This was the Lukkie look, facial expression and body.” Luke even ate in this position! His mom said that for every meal, “he’d strategically place his body so the bowl was in between his two front feet, lay and eat! He loved breakfast at 7:00, but dinner had to be at 3:00 exactly. He had an amazing clock inside of his tummy. It is no exaggeration to say that he was in position and ready and barking for me to come fill the bowl at 3:00 p.m. If I was late and not paying attention, with each passing minute the bark and noises got louder. He LOVED mealtime.”

Lukkie’s mom also told us about his lovely fur! She said, “…his fur was the softest fur I think I will ever feel, it was so different. Just like he was. Almost like a rabbit’s fur.”
And look at that lovely nose and muzzle of his! Luke’s mom said, “He used to literally throw himself down in front of me and I knew it was time out to take time out of the busy day, and give what mattered most ~ Love, hugs and lipstick kisses all over his white nose.” She said when she gave him nose smoochies, he would take a looong, deep breath, as if to say, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh energy! I can go on now.” That is a time out well worth taking!

Lukkie passed away at home, while his Mom and Dad caressed him during his last moments. Luke’s mom told us, “It was extremely hard, but it being Lukkie I am glad he had his last breath here with us in his bed he loved so much. We don't know what took him, only that he went very fast through the evening.” He experienced some seizure activity, and they think it could have been a tumor, possibly a tumor on the spleen. He went quickly and did not suffer, but he is oh, so sorely missed. His family and friends will miss gentle Lukkie forever, and love him just as long.

God Speed to sweet Lukkie, his mom’s baby boy. We join with her in wishing you all the love and peace and cookies galore! As your mom said, “There is no limit of treats there for you anymore.” You will always fill her heart, Lukkie of peace and love.

We salute you, Lukkie. And to your loving family, may your tears (and ours) wash away the pain you feel, and may your memories comfort you forever.

The Army of Four


  1. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Pawsome tribute guys. Pawsome dog.

    Bussie Kissies

  2. I love his sweet gentle face. He was indeed a lucky dog. It's good his mom and dad were with him during his final moments.

  3. Thank woo so much, Buster and T-man. Lukkie's mom will be checking in to read the comments left, and we're sure she'll appreciate your kind words! Lukkie was a very special rescued pupper, who had a very rough start in life. His mom and dad are WONDERFUL bipeds to give him such a loving home.
    The Ao4

  4. I'm sorry to hear of Lukkie's passing.
    Such a sad day, very sad day. A lot of good ones are leaving us for the Rainbow Bridge.


  5. Sniff, sniff.

    He looked lovely.

    I hope he's enjoying his eternal treats now.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  6. So sad to hear about Lukkie. Hope he's happy in doggie heaven now.
    Great tribute you guys.

    ~ fufu

  7. What a wonderful tribute to Lukkie. I hope his mom and dad feel better soon. It's hard to lose such a loved member of the family. Please share with Lukkie's family how sorry we are for his passing. He was greatly loved, and it shows. He will have many friends waiting for him at the Bridge.


  8. wow what a great tribute to Lukkie...he sure was a lucky doggy to have you do that for himmmm ...Peace out Lukkie..

  9. Awwwww... I'm sure Lukkie is happily running over Rainbow Bridge now, where there is endless supply of treats and countless friends.


  10. Meeshka, Tin Tin, FuFu, Holly, MJ, and Jay: Thanks to woo, too. We truly appreciate your kind words!
    The Ao4

  11. Hey everypup (to include FuFu),
    We just got a very nice email from Lukkie's mama. She said that she just finished reading all of your comments on the tribute for Lukkie. She said, "Please please tell everyone thank you so much for their beautiful wishes, comments and condolences. Those comments are so warm and comforting to me. And the paws that posted them are all so darling and sweet!
    Tell them all it meant so much to me the words they posted about my baby. Thank them all please!"
    That from Lukkie, Frankie and Maddie's mom.
    You guys are the best.
    The Ao4

  12. This is such a wonderful tribute to Lukkie. Our Tasha and many others will be there to help him over there across the bridge. Rest easy Lukkie.

  13. What a beautiful boy Lukkie was. He looked so regal and smart. I'm sure he will be missed by all who knew him.

    From Kelsey and Smokey in Omaha, Lukkie, we'll see you on Rainbow Bridge where the fun is endless and the treats are overflowing.

    Comforting hugs,

  14. D'Azul Sibes and Kelsey & Smokey:
    Thank roo for your kind words! We all truly appreciate your thoughtfulness!
    The Ao4

  15. We Love you and Miss you Lukkie.


  16. Anonymous2:32 PM

    So sad, we are having those salty wet things down our faces and noses here in bonnie Scotland. A gentle boy.

    God Rest His Best Boy Soul.

    RIP lukkie, we are thinking of you and your Mama


    sorry we are late commenting, Jeannie been having a "computer senior moment"

  17. Marvin, there are a lot of those "senior computer moments" going around! Thanks for your kind words! Lick your mom's nose for me!
    And Maddie..... you know we love you guys! :)
    Tail wags,