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Thursday, October 18, 2018


Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  When Cam and I aren't confined to certain areas of the house due to the remodel, I resume my Guard Duty duties.  Guard Duties?  Whatever.

One of my favorite posts by is this window in the Living Room:

Me, on Guard Duty

If I see something amiss, it's my duty let everyone know something is out there!

Oh, not by making noise. I don't do that. Nor does Cam. We're Siberians. Here's how Mom knows something is going on:

Me, giving the alert

Yep! A sure sign!

You do see the changes in my ear posture, right? That's how we Siberians let our people know. How do you let yours know if you see something?

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Launch Pad

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  I've discovered some sort of launch pad in the Library.

"Hey, Cam. What do you think?"
"Go for it, Maggie!!"

We're thinking I could hit that at a run and clear the line of chairs, Cammie, and the ottoman, landing on the carpet.  Who all thinks I should give it a go?  No need to run it past my mom, I'm sure she's a "yes"; she's the one who put the launch pad where it is!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Monday, October 15, 2018

Marvelous Monday

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie.  Mom keeps saying she has a feeling this Winter is going to be very snowy.  I'm not sure about Winter, which starts on the 21st of December, but Fall is looking mighty good!  This is the scene we came out to this morning:

"So those flurries last night weren't just a tease!"
"Isn't this beautiful, Maggie?!!?"

It is the perfect first snowfall of  Winter  Fall!

"Dad doesn't even need to shovel!"
"And yet look at all this lovely snow!"
"Isn't this great, Maggie?!?"
"This is so awesome!"

Here's the view out back:


This is shaping up to be a marvelous Fall!!!


Sunday, October 14, 2018

Serene Sunday - The Library Version

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie!  I can't believe that so many of you actually thought that the lovely photos of us in the Library yesterday were the prelude to a round of Crazed River Otter Games (CROG).  I mean, we showed our winning smiles and I just happened to notice something on Cam's neck and was going to make it right ...

"No, really.  Just a little something ..."
"Can you get it?  What is it?"
"It's ... ME!  BOOM!"

I mean ... we really couldn't help it.

"Quiet round of CROG, Mags?"
"You're on!"
"YAY!  CROG in the Library!"
"Keep it down!  This is still a Library!!"

She had a point!  We circled around the ottoman a few times ...

We're in quiet mode; can you tell?
"We're ninjas!"
"Ninja River Otters!"
"I will BOOM you before you even see me coming!"
"I bow to you, sensei!"

It was all very quiet -- and serene!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Quiet Time

Greetings to all!  It's me, Mags.  Thanks for all the happy wishes yesterday - we had great fun all day long!

Since the remodeling guy is just on the main floor for right now, Cam and I have been going to the Studio to help Mom - that way, we can shut the door to the downstairs, have freedom down there, but still be safe.  Us girls all took a break and slipped into the Library for a bit.  You know - for some quiet time.

"Yeah.  Nothing like some quiet time! Right, Mom?"
"That's what libraries are for!"
"Wait a minute.  Cam, you have a little somethin' right here..."
"Ha woo roo woo!!!"
"Oh, my girls!  "

We were pretty quiet!  I mean - if it wasn't for our tags jingling, we would have been like silent ninjas!  Quiet time is really fun!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Friday, October 12, 2018

Guess What Day It Is?!?

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie.  I have a never-seen-before photo for you to help answer the question posed in the title - ready?!?


Who guessed that that's when Maggie and I first met?!?  That's right!  It's Adopt-a-Maggie Day!  My Maggie's homecoming!

Here's one of the photos I've shared before; it's a favorite!  It's me and our great-brother Zimmie seeing Mags for the very first time!

Dad:  "I thought you'd want to go potty first..."

What great memories!  Please celebrate with us!  Maggie and I are having a great day so far!


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Positive Reinforcement

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!  Here at Ao4 Headquarters, we use the training method known as "positive reinforcement".  It benefits all parties concerned.  For instance, Maggie and I were helping our mom in her Studio yesterday, Mom seemed to be busy and yet I hadn't heard any HBO words!  I checked in ...

"Hi, Mom.  Whatcha doing?  Is everything going OK?"
"Sewing the binding by hand!  It's going super well!"
"It looks great, Mom!  Good job!"
"  Oh, Cammie!  That smile!!!  "

All I did was give her a bit of positive reinforcement ... and she went and got me a cookie.

Yep.  Works like a charm.

Do you use positive reinforcement on your bipeds, too?


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Drum Roll, Please!

Heeeeeeeere's...... MAGGIE!


Thank you.  Thank you very much!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Monday, October 08, 2018


Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  I was going to save this photo for Wordless Wednesday, but I thought I'd post it today and add a little captioning.

"Great balls of fire!  GO, MAGS!  GO!!!!"

At times like that, Mom wishes she had a speed gun!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Serene Sunday

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  As long as it all works out in the end, it's considered "serene" -- right?  But there I was, trying to see what Mom and Dad were doing in the garage ...

"Would anyone like to explain to me what happened to this poor, unsuspecting box?!?"

I mean, look at it!  What did that box ever do to anyone?!?  Yet there it was, all ripped up and looking sad.  Oh, there was talk about something inside being really heavy, so it was easier to get it out by tearing the box ... but honestly!  What were Mom and Dad thinking?!?

Never fear, though.

"I still have love for the box.  Unlike some people around here."

Anyway, it would appear that Mom and Dad were replacing a toilet.  They did a few things out in the garage, then time came to go back into the house - and Dad brought part of the box inside.  I thought I should check it out.

"It's kind of flat, but I wonder ..."
"It's like a very shallow box.  It's not bad."
"In fact, I this short box!!!"

It was very serene.  Until I had to move so Mom and Dad could set the toilet on it.  Still - very nice!

Have a wonderfully serene Sunday!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Saturday, October 06, 2018

It's Raining, It's Pouring ...

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie.  This morning, we woke up to lots of rain.  After breakfast, Maggie and I were really ready to go on our walk!  Since there wasn't any lightning in the area, we headed out!

"Cammie!  You're in a ..."
"What?  Yes, I know.  What's your point?"

Maggie likes to jump over puddles, but me?  I like to seek them out and tromp right on through!

"I can't believe Mom sometimes."
"I know.  It's like she doesn't even know me."

I saw another nice one up ahead, changed lanes, and took the lead.  

"Oooh!  This one's a real beauty!"

It was a great walk.  I hope you all are enjoying the weekend as much as we are.


Friday, October 05, 2018

It's That Time!

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie.  Yesterday, right about the time I should have been having my lunch, Mom tricked me into getting my harness on.  Ooh.  If you're anything like me, you were thinking, "Is it adventure time?!?"  Unfortunately, not quite.  It was time for my annual exam at the vets.

I was admired for a while in the waiting room, then a nice student came out and asked if I was Maggie.  He must have heard about me.  Or read the chart in his hands.  One of the two.  Anyway, he did his exam, Dr. N did her exam,  Aunt Beth  the Vet Tech came in and hugged me for a while ... it was all good.  They all went into "the back" to do the things they do back there, and ...

"Where did everyone go?!?  Haven't you forgotten something?"

They seemed to have forgotten the part about giving the very well-behaved Siberian some cookies.  Fortunately, Beth came to the rescue and gave me one.  Or more.  Hey.  I sat, I gave her 5 ... I even did a "down"!  I worked for those babies!!!

Here I am, out front afterwards:

"I wonder if Cam ate lunch without me?"

Do I look worried there?  I wasn't.  Except for wondering if Cam ate without me.  Mom couldn't remember if I was due for a vaccination, so she had given me Benadryl beforehand.  I had an allergic reaction to my vax once.  In an effort to prevent that from  scaring the daylights out of Mom again  reoccurring, we (1) split up my vax now and (2) pre-dose with Benadryl.  As it turned out, Dr. N ran a titers test instead.  Fine by me -- I get my Benadryl in cheese, so ... SCORE!  But my point is that in addition to helping ward off allergic reactions, it also makes me a tad bit mellow.

Anyway, we wrapped things up and headed home.

"Home, please, driver.  I mean 'Mom'."

I got a great bill of health, lots of lovin', a few cookies (many thanks, Aunt Beth!), a fun car ride, AND ... a nice bowl of kibble when I got home.  For those wondering about the big question, yes, Dad fed Cam after I left.  It means a lot to her to stick to our regular schedule, so actually I'm glad.  She even got a treat while I had my lunch, so she made out pretty good!

I hope all of you are doing well, too!  Remember to see your vet often!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Sharing A Laugh

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie!  The other morning, we were out on our walk and had just reached the "it's all down hill from here" point.  For some reason, Mom and Dad asked us to move off the path and hop up on some limestone rocks.

"Oh.  There's a lady coming."
"Hey.  They put up a new 'no trespassing' sign."

We always try to move off the path when other people are coming - just to be nice.  Some people don't care for puppies and others might be afraid of us.

"Afraid of us.  Ha roo woo ..."
"Ha roo roo roo!  Good one, Cam!!!"
"She called us beautiful!"
"Thank you, lady!!!"

It's still nice to move over, even if people aren't afraid of you.  We seem to buy a lot of goodwill that way.  We try our best to be good ambassadors of our breed!


Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Greetings to all! It's me, Maggie. Cam and I helped Mom in the Studio again yesterday afternoon.

"Hey, Cam.  What does '$%#@' mean?"
"It means Mom's about to grab the seam ripper again.  We should do something to entertain her!"

We're learning a LOT in there!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Monday, October 01, 2018

Do You Even Have To Ask?

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie!  Up here on the catwalk.

"Just ... relaxing.  You know.  Taking it all in."

I mean, come on.  It's not like I'm setting up an ambush on Cam or anything.

"Wait!  Is that her?!?!  Shh!  Don't let her know I'm up here!" 

OK, maybe I was.  What can I say?  It's the perfect place to set a trap!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Studio Serenity

Hello, everyone.  It's me, Cammie.  Yesterday, Maggie and I went down to our mom's Studio ...

"Hi.  What are you doing?  Quilting?"
"Ha roo, Mom."

She was trying to quilt something bigger than she's done in a few years, so we were sure she needed our help!  She seemed stalled out or something.  Getting the Bernina manual out, using HBO words, using the seam ripper ... we thought she could do with a big dose of serenity!

"I have an idea, Maggie."
"I'm with you, Cam.  Hey, Mom - this should help!"

We flew all over the Studio, racing around like crazed River Otters, under Mom's table, between her chair and the table, round and around -- I might have even tried to jump into her lap a time or two!  She forgot all about trying to quilt and just watched us.

"There.  Isn't that better?!?"
"Thanks, Cam."

She forgot all about her frustration and just cheered us on.  Or urged us not to knock things over.  Something.  I don't know.  (For the record, neither Maggie nor I have ever knocked anything over.  We can't say the same for Mom.) Anyway, we helped her get back into her mental happy place and brought serenity to the Studio!

We hope you have a wonderfully peaceful day!  Call us if you need any help in that regard.


Saturday, September 29, 2018

Sunflower Poses

Greetings to all!  It's me, Maggie!  Thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday on how nicely we posed by the Sunflowers!  We are always, ALWAYS super cooperative for photos, as you may know.

"Hey, look, Cam.  What's that?"
"Oh, yeah.  I'm not sure."
"I think there's someone coming ... no ... no one."
"I am so bored.  Bored, bored, bored."
"Mags?  Cam?"
"I saw something over this way."
"I think it was a cricket.  Could have been a grasshopper."

I mean "super cooperative for Siberian Huskies".

Have a great weekend!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Friday, September 28, 2018

Sunflower Safari!

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cam.  It's that time of year -- Sunflower Season!  On our walk the other morning, we went searching for them.

"I don't see any yet!  Do you, Cam?"
"No ... maybe around this bend!"

And sure enough ...

Sunflowers in the sunrise

I thought I spotted more, but they were Goldenrod.

Ashy Goldenrod

Goldenrod was all over the place.

More Sunflowers!


We kept walking and looking:

"Keep looking, Cam!"
"Keep your peepers open, Peeps!"

We were having such fun!  On the other side of the Kansas Ocean, we saw tons upon tons of Sunflowers!


Here's one with a cool neon-colored bug:


They were all over the hillsides!


Mom asked us to pose by them and we were very obliging!

Maggie and me!

Well, OK, we weren't looking at the camera, but it's STILL a nice shot!

Thanks for coming on our Sunflower Safari with us!