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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Another Frozen Treat!

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie!   The other day when I wrote my post about Prescription Diet Treats, Mom got to thinking - we do have some cans of my prescription food, so why not make treats out of some of that?!?  Sounded great to me!

Now, she learned a lot when Zimmie first went on a prescription diet - mostly from trial and error.  She did try putting small scoops of his canned food on a cookie sheet and baking it.  That lead to about 3 straight days of open windows, the exhaust fan going, and the oven door being left open.  All part of "how stinky goodness got its name", apparently.

That gave rise to the idea of using a food dehydrator outside on the deck, and that was a smashing success.  My canned food isn't sliceable like Zim's was, so unfortunately for me, that option is out.  (Plus the dehydrator was really stinky, so Mom got rid of it.). Anyway ... here's what Mom came up with for me!

"Hey!  What are you making!?!"
"Yeah!  Smells nice and stinky!"

Mom popped open a can of my prescription food and spread it into my personal Frozen Stinky Goodness tray!

Spreading the stinky goodness

Apparently, even though she had washed her hands before starting, she didn't want to use her fingers to spread the canned food around.  Probably concerned about cleanliness.  To make it nice and smooth, she used a little hand-held spatula:

All nice and smooth!

After that, she put the tray into a well-sealed zip-top baggie and stuck it in the freezer.  She said we'd have to wait a few hours!  That was really hard.  What to do with all that time on our paws?  We recommend a bit of this:

A round of CROG - Crazed River Otter Games
To watch on YouTube, please click here

Before we knew it, Mom had popped my new Frozen Canned Treats out of the tray and into a zip-top baggie.  Don't they look wonderful?!!?

Like a batch of chocolates!

I couldn't wait to try one!

"Yes, please!"

I LOVE these!  I even like them better than the other Frozen Stinky Goodness Treats - they have a little crunch to them, but aren't quite as hard.  Another culinary masterpiece by our mom!!!!

Being on a prescription diet isn't always easy - but when I have treats like this to look forward to and enjoy, it's a lot easier!!



  1. Audrey10:33 AM

    You have the very best Doggie Momma!!

  2. They look so yummy and you girls have the smartest mom ever!

  3. Cammie and Maggie it was very very considerate of your Mom not to get 'mom' germs all over your treats.
    I love the CROG video
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. Your Mama is so very creative...and your two are pawsome at the waiting game!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  5. How clever of your mom!!!

  6. What a PAWSOME and TASTY idea Mom!
    I have coconut yogurt frozen fur me as a TREAT in the summer, yum, yum.
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. Those treats look delish! You gals did a great job keeping yourselves occupied while your treats froze. We enjoy watching you play.

  8. That is very creative! Those will taste so good on hot summer days!