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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tagged by Indy!

Woo, everypup! It's me - Dave! We got tagged by our friend Indy! We're supposed to list 8 things about ourselves, then tag 8 other bloggers! Actually, he tagged us, but "specifically Amber!" Woo. Storm said we should just have at this thing, so here goes!

1. We all got new collars! We usually wear our cool Limited Slip Collars from the good folks at WolfPacks, but we wanted to try the Lupine adjustables that some of our friends wear. They're no-slip kind, too, plus have cool patterns. Mom figured if we stick with our regular color scheme - red for Storm, green for Am, blue for Zim and purple for me, we'd be OK. Here are the girls with theirs:

Stormy and Amber

Storm has the "Wave Hound" and Amber has "Meadow" (you can see all of these in greater detail at the link above). They look cool, don't they? I have the "Splash", but I don't have a real good picture of me showing it off. It looks cool, though; trust me. Mom picked these out by herself, without the input of me - Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Can you believe it? Check out the first "blue" collar that came for Zim.


It's the "Surf Pup". Not blue. Lavender. If Mom had only trusted me, Dave, GDFTCB, I would have told her. "It's not blue, Mom!" She ordered him a new one, in the "Doggie Dreams" pattern. She should have asked me!

Zim, in the blue "Doggie Dreams" collar

Much better.

2. I love to pose for the camera. I like that almost as much as I like being Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Only sometimes..... sometimes... I just don't quite feel like posing.


3. Mom's mom knitted her a pretty scarf out of bamboo yarn. It's soooooooo soft and bee-woo-tiful and I'd really like to have it as my own.

Besides, the blue matches my eyes.

4. Zim wants to kick in something about him, but first, he'd like to thank everypup for all the good wishes. He's doing OK, but is back on the pain meds. He said one thing about him is that he loves to watch bipeds work. They fascinate him.

Zim - fascinated by bipeds

Of course, he also loves to stare at cats..... but that's only natural.

5. Amber, as many of you know, can always predict if we're going to get snow or not. According to the guys at Weather For You, we are under a big ice storm warning. Tonight's forecast is: Mostly cloudy. Chance of light freezing rain in the evening...Then freezing rain or rain after midnight. Ice accumulation of up to one quarter of an inch. Lows around 27. But temperatures steady or slowly rising after midnight. East winds 10 to 20 mph. Gusts up to 30 mph after midnight. Amber only does snow. Since snow isn't involved, she can't comment.

Amber, not commenting on the forecast. That means "no snow".

6. Am doesn't like to pose for the camera, as I mentioned in a previous tag game. Outside is OK, or for a good cause, or ... do you know the other way to get her to pose in the house?

"Is that a cookie?"

I thought some of you boys might appreciate that picture. She's quite bee-woo-tiful, isn't she? But she's MY SISTER, so stop looking at her like that! Woo.

7. Stormy is our pack leader. The Supreme Commander of the Army of Four. This means she does everything first - she gets the first cookie, she gets her supper-dupper bowl first, she's first hooked up when we go on walks, and when we got home from walkies, she gets to go into the house first. Here we are, after returning home from a walk a few weeks ago:

She's already got her feety-feet on the step, but the rest of us are waiting. Amber is right behind me, making sure I wait my turn. Am usually goes second, and Zimmie and I wait like gentlemen.

8. We all love kids - of any age. This morning when Mom took Storm and Zim out, they heard a baby crying up in the cul-de-sac and didn't want to come in. It's part of our heritage. Mom didn't get a picture, but rest assured, Stormy did the "harp seal look", as illustrated below:

Is the baby OK?

That's our list! We're not sure who all has been tagged, so we're tagging all of you! Woo! Have fun with it, everypup!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interviewed by Pippa!

Ha roo, everypuppy! It's me - Amber! I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my very dear (and handsome!) friend Pippa recently! He did such a good job and asked such hard and thought-provoking questions! I'll post his questions in italics, then my responses in regular type. I hope I answered everything OK!

Are you ready? Let's begin!

1) You are a very beautiful redhead - and you look great in the snow. But I never knew huskies were red. Where does the redness come from and are there lots of you?

Oh, Pippa! You are so sweet! Yes, I am a red and white Siberian! We Sibes come in a vast array of colors, as seen at this great site, Colors of the Siberian Huskies. Zim blogged once about how just like how Labs come in different colors, so do we!

As per my own situation, Mom and Dad did get to meet my biological mom (Nikki) and dad (Hachi Bear). Here they are; Nikki on the left, Hachi on the right:

As you may be able to tell, I get MY very thick red coat from my bio-daddy, and my tall, slender build from my bio-mom.

I can't remember about my litter-mates, so I don't know if there are lots of me. :) I was adopted "late". There are lots of very sweet red and white Sibergirls who blog! You probably know Kelsey Ann, Meeshka, Summer, and Echo's sister Shyla, for example. There are quite a few red and white Boyberians who blog, too - like the very handsome boys Turbo, Tucker, Indy and Cosmos. And lots more! Those are just a few examples!

2) Where do you come from originally (if you know) - and did you come with the name Amber?

I came from a place called Mayetta, Kansas. You can read a little bit about my life on the farm at this link. Dad read about me in the newspaper and told Mom about me and well, it's a long story, but they came to get me. The breeder said I was "too old" to sell as a puppy, but Mom and Dad thought I was perfect and they got ready to take me home. (You can follow along with those hyperlinks, if you'd like more information!)

They had all kinds of names already picked out for me, but hadn't decided. As Mom got into the car with me, she was commenting on my eyes. First, she remarked on my blue eye, then on my brown one. The breeder said something about it being more "amber"-colored ... and Mom and Dad said, "That would be a good name for her!" The farm was way out near the Indian Reservations, almost in Nebraska!, and we had a long ride home through the farm fields. It was beautiful prairie land, with rolling hills and wide open spaces. Are you familiar with the song, "America the Beautiful", Pippa? Perhaps not, since you live in Gibraltar! It was written around the turn of the last century and is a popular folk song. It's not our National Anthem, but it's along those lines! The first two lines are: "O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain..." We saw lots of amber waves of grain on the way home - or is that "me" waves of grain? Hee hee hee. Anyroo..... that sealed the deal! See the photo on the right? The landscape and I match quite well, don't we? :)

3) Spinach is one of your favourite treats - how do you like it prepared? And do you like it best raw or cooked?

Mmm, spinach! Yes, I love spinach! How did you know that? Oh... maybe you read this post. I love fresh baby spinach! Raw and crunchy! YUM! That's the only way Mom makes it. OH, except for her Spinach Mostaciolli Bake, but I'm not allowed to have that. It has onions.

4) You are known as the lovable peacemaker in the Ao4 - but have you ever snapped at one of your Sibelings, or done anything naughty?

Snapped at one of my Sibe-lings? Hmm... no. I don't have to. I am able to communicate very effectively without getting snarky. At meal times, I do talk to Dave a lot, though. While Mom or Dad fill our bowls, Dave does a lot of dancing around and singing and sproinging up in the air. I'm so afraid he'll disturb Stormy! That just would not be good! It's my duty to sing the "Davy, Keep Away From Stormy and Give Her Some Space" song while our bowls are being prepared. It's as directive as I get. I'll try to get Mom to get a video of that. Stormy really appreciates my efforts. Zim totally ignores the song because it's not directed at him. Dave can hear me, I just know he can, and he knows I'm singing to him ... but he doesn't listen. Well, maybe he does. He gives Storm her space, but he still does all the jumping around. Maybe I need to add a few stanzas about not hopping around!

5) As well as peacemaker, you have the responsible role of Executive Officer in the Ao4. What is involved in this top job - and what is the pay like?

Oh, yes, Pippa! I am the XO of the Army of Four. Stormy's second-in-command! It's a very important job and I am so honored that Stormy chose me to hold it!

I have a lot of duties, the most important and challenging one being to keep the boys out of trouble! Storm doesn't like them to play too rough or to upset Mom or Dad or to invade her space. I use my special herding skills that great-brother Booter taught me to make sure they respect everyone's spacial needs and if they get too riled up, I "roo" at them to stop.

Another duty is to intervene with Mom or Dad if I think somepuppy is on the brink of getting in trouble. I go up to them and give my paw and say very soft, sweet "roo"s to them and basically melt their hearts so they forget all about whatever anypuppy was doing.

Part of my duties include being the Ao4 Security Guard! I make sure that I know where every member of the pack (biped and quadruped alike) are at any given moment. You can see me in action here. I learned that from Booter, too. He was a very good guard dog! And naturally, keeping watch for dangerous invaders like Oswald, kitties, or squirrels!

Other duties include being the Chief Meteorologist at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies and of course, the pack Mediator. I run my dad every morning, helping him with his PT program, do various cute poses as Morale Officer, and as many of our readers know .... I love to tell silly jokes!

There are many other duties, as assigned, and I just love doing all of them. We Sibes are a Working Breed, you know! A Sibe's work is never done! We love having jobs to keep us busy!

The pay is very good! I have the respect of all my pack-mates, which is very important to me, and the appreciation of Mom and Dad, which is also very wonderful. I get yummy treats, good, nutritious food, a lovely home in which to live, complete with fenced in yard, great vet care, love, attention and play time! I love my job and I love all of my family! I wish everypuppy could be as happy as I am!

Thank you so much for the interview, Pippa! I hope I answered all of your questions - you were amazing!

If anypuppy would like to be interviewed by me, please let me know in the comments section, and we can set something up!

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well-Trained Biped!

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Stormy!

I was watching TV with Mom and Dad the other night and saw the following commercial. I just had to share it with all of you. This pup is inCREDible! He has trained his biped so well! Check it out:

Isn't it great!?!? What a pup. We could all learn a lot from him!

Tail wags,

PS: We've been tagged by Indy, and will respond to that very soon. Also, Amber was interviewed by Pippa - she'll post her responses within a few days! Thanks to both Indy and Pippa!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reenactment of Sentry Duty

Ha roo, pups! It's Zim again, with some exciting news to report.

I took Mom outside at about 0245 this morning so she could enjoy the beautiful sky, fresh air, and sounds of the wee hours. Me? I had some business to tend to - if you know what I mean. As soon as we came out of the garage, I told Mom, "Hey, I think someone's been in the lilac bushes!" Mom said, "Uh, huh. Probably Oswald. Come on, let's go."

I went over to our tree lawn and did what I needed to do, then we walked back over in front of the garage, right by the lilacs, so Mom could throw our "good neighbor bag" away. I looked in there again and said, "Mom! Really! There's someone in there!" This time, she got the flashlight back out of her pocket and shined it in there. It was a CAT! A big, black CAT! Snoozing away in our garden! He was all curled up in a little kitty doughnut! He looked at us, then just snuzzled back up into his ball. I stared! I stared at him with such intensity!

Mom said we needed to go back in and go to beddy-bye, though I didn't want to stop staring; she made me go inside. Unfortunately, the bedroom is on the opposite side of the house, so I couldn't stare out the window at him all the rest of the morning, but I checked the side window, then the back window. That one is the closest, so I chose it and manned my post as long as I could. Here I am, reenacting the scene:

Me on Sentry Duty

Sure, it's easier when the curtains are open, but that's not enough to stop this sergeant from doing my duty!

The kitty is gone now. Mom is glad, as she thought maybe he was hurt. (She does have some choice words for whoever would leave their cat out all night, where he could get hurt ... but this is a family-friendly blog, so you can just use your imagination.) I think when he saw how vigilant I was at my post, he decided he should leave. Ha roo!

Play bows,

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Walk With Stormy

Hey everypup! It's me - Zim! I'm starting to feel a little better and Mom and Dad said I could start going on VERY SHORT walks now. COOL! No running with Am and Dad, though. Not yet.

Remember the day the snow hit? It's gone now, but that day, Dad hooked up Am and Dave to take them running. Mom said I could go with her and Stormy to find them! Just like Storm and Dave usually do! Isn't that cool?!?! I've never done this before, so Stormy showed me the ropes. Or the leashes. HA roo roo roo!

Here we are, heading toward the trail.

Storm and me

When we got to the top of the hill, Storm said, "Hey, look! I see them coming!"

Check it out, pups! There are Am, Dad and Dave!

You can see some of the snow still out there, too.

Here they come!

How did she know they'd be there?!!? She always knows where to find everypuppy!

Stormy, you're so smart! How'd you know we'd find them?
Aw, shucks, Zim ... it's nothing.

She's amazing! And I had great fun getting out and getting some sniffies in!

Play bows, everypup!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Salute - Frankie!

We are pleased and proud this week to send our Sunday Salute out to our dear friend Frankie! Many of you know Frankie from the blog she and her Labrasister Maddie share - Got Chocolate?. Frankie would be the white chocolate. Ha roo roo roo!

When Franks heard that Zim had injured his back, she sent him the sweetest email, seeking to cheer him up and to let him know that she had him covered in the "Sibe Mischief" realm. That's just like a Trooper in the Ao4 to cover for him! What a great friend, Frankie!

She wrote, "My Mom is busy, like I am sure your Mom is right now with all the preps of Thanksgiving and such. So she opens the Magic Cabinet door, no, not the fridge one. The one filled with her cookbooks and smelly fun candle stuff! I love this cabinet. I run when Mom opens it. It's almost as good as the Magic Make Up Cabinet that holds our pretty lip sticks.
Anyways, there was an opening! She was getting together recipes for Thursday, and she had to go to the 'puter in the office for one more online recipe. OH YEAH....Here we go, ya ready, Zimmie!!!!"

The Magic Cabinet ... the opening

She found a prize inside, just waiting for her! It was hers for the taking! Without further ado ... here is the "find". And the "dig". Ha rooo!

The "find" and the "dig".

Frankie asked Zim, "Isn't it hidden well?" We know that's a rhetorical question, but the obvious answer is YES! She went on to tell him, "This is Mom's User Guide for her oven; I am told it's an essential piece of the Magic Cabinet!" Apparently it contains very important info on cooking the "Big Turkey dude"! I guess her mom went looking for it ...

"Uh... No, mom, I don't know what you're talking about....and have no idea why my nose is brown."

Her mom wasn't convinced of her innocence, even after this pose:

The picture of innocence

That would have totally melted our mom, just for the record! Frankie wrote, "Help me out here, Zim ....think I am cooked on this one....." (Amber giggled over the "cooking" pun when Zim shared Frankie's email with us.) We were sure with one more pose, her mom would remember what a sweet, darling, lovable Siber-girl she is, and would be putty in Frakie's paws once again.

The look of denial

Yep. That ought to do it! Even with the dirt all over her gorgeous, white snooter. Ha roo roo roo!

Frankie closed, saying, "So Zimmie, I know you can't play and do Zoomies, but just know that I am keeping up on the Sibe mischief stuff enough for us all ok..........so no worries! :-)"

Frankie, your email was just what Zimmie needed! He's been resting well, and is starting to feel like his normal, exuberant self again!

If Frankie's mom just happens to be out there reading our blog ... in our humble opinions, it was incredibly helpful and thoughtful of Frankie to dig the manual out! Honestly, she was just trying to help! (Trust us, we're Siberians!)

Bipeds have a funny way of looking at things sometimes, and of showing their appreciation for our hard work ... don't they?

Frankie, for all your hard work, and for helping cheer up the Z-man ... we salute you!

The Army of Four

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Guess What We Got Last Night?!?

Hi everypuppy! It's me again - Ammy! Guess what we got overnight?

Snow! Beautiful SNOW!

Am, I love it when you predict snow! You're always right!

Isn't Stormy sweet?!! I try my best!

Here's the real meaning of "snow nose":

Hee hee hee!

Have a happy day, everypuppy!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Weather Control Device is WORKING!

Hi everypuppy! It's me - Amber! Our weather took SUCH a lovely turn on Wednesday! A cold front came through and we had snow flurries ALL day long and it was really, really windy and wonderful out there!

Here is a picture of Dad running me and Davy down the street! (Dave is my temporary running partner, until Zim feels all better.) Can you see the snow? Maybe you can see a little on our neighbors' roofs! It was coming down like CRAZY!

Isn't it wonderful? We only got a dusting, but it was still nicer than the almost 80-degree temps from the day before!

Right now, it's 15 degrees Fahrenheit (about -9 C) and even though it's sunny, there is more snow heading our way! Our temperature is colder than Siberia's! Ha roooooooo! I really think our Weather Control Device is working! Before long, our walks and runs will look like this:

February 2005, The Ao4 in action - L to R - Me (Amber), Dave, Storm and Zim

Sigh. Now doesn't that look wonderful!?!? I can't WAIT!

Love and snowy wishes,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving 2007

Tail wags, friends! It's me - Stormy! On behalf of the Army of Four, I wish each and every one of you a very happy Thanksgiving!

As always, we have much to be grateful for this year; it's important and quite wonderful to take this day to remember all of our blessings and to give thanks to God.

For a wonderful write-up on the origin of this wonderful American holiday, please refer to this link.

Tail wags to all of you from all of us,

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Z-man Checking In

Ha roo, pups - it's me - Zim! Stormy said if I keep it short and don't over-exert myself I could post today! Ha roo!

I wanted to thank everypuppy for all the kind well-wishes you've sent me! I'm doing really good; the drugs are doing everything we'd hoped they would. I'm feeling NO pain ... but I also am mighty sleepy. Mom said that's a good thing, since she doesn't want me Zooming around or anything. She and Dad have trusted me enough that I don't have to be crated! (I'm lucky in that Mom has been home with me!) I'm umbilical corded, but that's OK. We all know that's a sign to one and all that it's a time for calm.

Here's where I've been hanging out:

You can see my shaved tummy, can't you? Do all you girl pups still think I'm handsome?

I was hanging out there the other day, when I heard Themixer in the kitchen! Themixer sounds a little bit like my friend Adrill, but instead of making holes in stuff, it helps Mom make yummy stuff. I came out of my hiding place to see what was going on, then took a little rest in the dining room.


The smells got the best of me, and I had to go see what Mom and Themixer were making!

Hmm... I smell bananas, yogurt, cinnamon ...

Hey! Hey, Themixer! Are you making Banana Bread?

Stormy was helping, too. She said Mom and Themixer were indeed making Banana Bread. I thought I'd stay and help awhile! You never know when Mom might need me to clean out the yogurt container or something! I promised not to over-do!

Thanks again for all the wonderful thoughts, comments and prayers you've been sending my way! They're working - I just know it!

Careful, slow play bows before I head back to my secret hide-out,

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Awards and 161 Meme!

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Stormy! Thank you to all who have left such sweet comments about and well-wishes for Zim. He's really doing pretty well, and we're all trying really hard to let him get the rest he needs. I'm going to let him post within the next day or two, if he's up to it!

Our dear friend Sitka and dear friends Jazz & Dixie have given us the BTB Award! As they said, "This award is presented to a successful blogger, one who can 'be the blog' - making it their own, staying with it, interacting with the readers, and just plain having fun."

Thank you SO much! We are truly honored!

We are equally honored that our most favorite pup in all of Scotland, Marvin, has presented us with the Community Blogger Award! "The Community Blog Award celebrates people who reach out and make the blogger community a better one. It also underlines the importance of a blog's readership community, one of the most rewarding parts about blogging. It's the people that come back to comment, adding to the conversation, making you feel like someone is listening and interested."

Marvin! Thank you so much! These are both such cool awards - we love the interactive aspect of blogging, "getting to know" our readers, and having fun together! That's what makes it all worthwhile! Especially the friendships with our readers!

Our new friends, Colleen (the biped) and Izzie tagged us in a cool, new meme. Colleen said to "open the current book you're reading to page 161 and post to your blog the 6th line," as well as posting that same line as a comment in the sender's blog.

Thanks for the tag, Colleen!

Cool. We just started a new book, and I don't think taking a peek at page 161 will ruin any surprises. We're reading Michael Shaara's The Killer Angels, a novel about the Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War. (Mom is reading a series of books by Michael Shaara and his son Jeff, that run from the American Revolutionary War through WWII.)

The sixth line on page 161 reads, "Clarke blinked." Seriously.

I am trying to get Dave to bet me who wins the battle and ultimately the war. Frankly, he'd be more prone to go for it if Amber would stop giggling.

Hmm... Stormy hasn't read this before, has she? I wonder if I should take her bet? She can't know who wins the battle in the book, can she? ...

I may have him. I'm not sure. I bet him "alone time" with Mom. I sure hope he takes the bait. Now if I can get Ammy to stop giggling about this!

We're going to tag Guinness & Shiloh in this 161 Meme! Their mom is a librarian, so I'm sure they're reading something cool.

We'd also like to present the Community Blogger Award to Guinness & Shiloh, our buddy Echo, and Kelsey Ann and the whole Kapp Pack.

We'd like to award the BTB to our pals Summer and Prince at Team Husky in New Zealand and to our very dear friends Frankie and Maddie!

Thank you again, Sitka, Jazz, Dixie, and Marvin. We are truly honored by the awards and love what they represent! Colleen and Izzie - thank you for the tag! It's always fun to be included and to play along!

Tail wags,

Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow Dreams

Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! We heard from some of our fellow Sibe-friends in Pennsylvania that they got SNOW over the weekend!

Can you believe it? SNOW, lovely SNOW! I'm so very happy for them ... but it's been in the 70s here! Mom and Dad are still running around in shorts and tee-shirts! Harumph!

I checked to see if our Weather Control Device is working -- you know, we have our weather forecast right above Siberia's over there in our side-bar. Our hope is that by putting them one underneath the other, that the top one, set for Kansas, will copy Siberia's weather - thus allowing us to control the weather. I made sure it was on and gave it a few adjustments.

Archangelsk, Siberia currently has a wind-chill of 17 and it's snowing. Oh, doesn't that sound lovely!?!? I'm going to go take a little nap and dream sweet dreams of snow!

Maybe when I wake up, we'll have nicer weather than our current forecast - "72 and sunny". Sigh.

I did hear the weather guy in Topeka say our temps are going to drop 30 degrees by Thanksgiving! Maybe our Weather Control Device is working after all! Bring on the cold and snow!

Love and sweet, snowy dreams,

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sew What Sunday

Woo, everypup. It's me, Dave! We'd usually do a Sunday Salute today, but our week has been sort of "off" after the big scare with Zim and all. We're still re-grouping and really don't have a Salute prepared ... so Stormy said I should share some of the projects I've been helping Mom with.

Before I get to it, I want to do two things!
#1. A huge THANK WOO to all of you for the good wishes for Zim. The meds seem to be working for him - he hasn't yelped out in pain since they kicked in and he's getting lots of rest. It's hard not being able to play with him!
#2. Another big THANK WOO! This one to Marvin, who nominated us for the Awesome Blog Award! Marvin, you are really a great friend! Thank woo! We are truly honored! Please stop by the Bone Zone at Dogs With Blogs and cast your vote! Good luck to our fellow nominees: Freda, Sir Chance-Lot, and Nanook & Pooka!

On to our projects! Amber showed you the checkbook cover we made as a sample for the Bernina Shoppe.

That's one of our jobs - making samples for the shop using their patterns or fabrics or both - to inspire the customers or give them ideas! (Mom also works with Moseley and Bristol, the Labs, ghost-writing their blog for them.) Here are a couple more little projects we made for the shop.

Above is a little change purse - it's about 3 inches square, if memory serves me. The colors were a little wild for me, but as Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind, I made sure they all "go". Here is another little change purse, below:

Same size, different embellishments.

We also made some scented sachets that look like a stack of pillows and embellished them.

Unfortunately for this hard-working GDFTCB, the biggest pillow was only about 5 inches across, so I couldn't rest my weary head on it. Woo.

Here I am, on a well-deserved break in our Quilt Studio. I was going through some of Mom's fabs - I wanted to do stuff with them!

Woo, Mom. Can't we play with our own fabs?

She said we could, so we finished up this scrappy table runner. The pattern is called "Spider Web". Cool, huh?

Here's a close-up for you.

Mom said the fabs are ones she's been saving from quilts she had made from when she first started quilting! There are lots of memories stitched up in this runner!

Speaking of table runners, we made one in Christmas fabrics, using a technique called "Magic 9-Patch". We made a bigger quilt that way for the shop (it's the one Bristol is laying on in that post), but this one is using our fabs.

Bristol interviewed Mom about how to do this; they put up a tutorial of sorts on the Bernina Boys' Blog. We haven't quilted the runner yet, but it's in the "to do" stack!

And here's Mom's latest "hand work" project. I got to choose lots of colors for it! Even though Mom loves to machine quilt with her Bernina, she is a hand-quilter at heart. She also hand-pieced the little Grandmother's Flower Garden pieces here and hand-appliqu├ęd everything. Doesn't this look like it would be great to snuggle under?

Yeah. That's what I thought, too. But here's some size perspective for you:

Woo. I need a bigger quilt!

We've been working on some jewelry and little purses, too, getting Christmas gifts ready! A Guide Dog for the Color Blind's work is never done!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our latest projects!