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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tagged by Indy!

Woo, everypup! It's me - Dave! We got tagged by our friend Indy! We're supposed to list 8 things about ourselves, then tag 8 other bloggers! Actually, he tagged us, but "specifically Amber!" Woo. Storm said we should just have at this thing, so here goes!

1. We all got new collars! We usually wear our cool Limited Slip Collars from the good folks at WolfPacks, but we wanted to try the Lupine adjustables that some of our friends wear. They're no-slip kind, too, plus have cool patterns. Mom figured if we stick with our regular color scheme - red for Storm, green for Am, blue for Zim and purple for me, we'd be OK. Here are the girls with theirs:

Stormy and Amber

Storm has the "Wave Hound" and Amber has "Meadow" (you can see all of these in greater detail at the link above). They look cool, don't they? I have the "Splash", but I don't have a real good picture of me showing it off. It looks cool, though; trust me. Mom picked these out by herself, without the input of me - Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Can you believe it? Check out the first "blue" collar that came for Zim.


It's the "Surf Pup". Not blue. Lavender. If Mom had only trusted me, Dave, GDFTCB, I would have told her. "It's not blue, Mom!" She ordered him a new one, in the "Doggie Dreams" pattern. She should have asked me!

Zim, in the blue "Doggie Dreams" collar

Much better.

2. I love to pose for the camera. I like that almost as much as I like being Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind. Only sometimes..... sometimes... I just don't quite feel like posing.


3. Mom's mom knitted her a pretty scarf out of bamboo yarn. It's soooooooo soft and bee-woo-tiful and I'd really like to have it as my own.

Besides, the blue matches my eyes.

4. Zim wants to kick in something about him, but first, he'd like to thank everypup for all the good wishes. He's doing OK, but is back on the pain meds. He said one thing about him is that he loves to watch bipeds work. They fascinate him.

Zim - fascinated by bipeds

Of course, he also loves to stare at cats..... but that's only natural.

5. Amber, as many of you know, can always predict if we're going to get snow or not. According to the guys at Weather For You, we are under a big ice storm warning. Tonight's forecast is: Mostly cloudy. Chance of light freezing rain in the evening...Then freezing rain or rain after midnight. Ice accumulation of up to one quarter of an inch. Lows around 27. But temperatures steady or slowly rising after midnight. East winds 10 to 20 mph. Gusts up to 30 mph after midnight. Amber only does snow. Since snow isn't involved, she can't comment.

Amber, not commenting on the forecast. That means "no snow".

6. Am doesn't like to pose for the camera, as I mentioned in a previous tag game. Outside is OK, or for a good cause, or ... do you know the other way to get her to pose in the house?

"Is that a cookie?"

I thought some of you boys might appreciate that picture. She's quite bee-woo-tiful, isn't she? But she's MY SISTER, so stop looking at her like that! Woo.

7. Stormy is our pack leader. The Supreme Commander of the Army of Four. This means she does everything first - she gets the first cookie, she gets her supper-dupper bowl first, she's first hooked up when we go on walks, and when we got home from walkies, she gets to go into the house first. Here we are, after returning home from a walk a few weeks ago:

She's already got her feety-feet on the step, but the rest of us are waiting. Amber is right behind me, making sure I wait my turn. Am usually goes second, and Zimmie and I wait like gentlemen.

8. We all love kids - of any age. This morning when Mom took Storm and Zim out, they heard a baby crying up in the cul-de-sac and didn't want to come in. It's part of our heritage. Mom didn't get a picture, but rest assured, Stormy did the "harp seal look", as illustrated below:

Is the baby OK?

That's our list! We're not sure who all has been tagged, so we're tagging all of you! Woo! Have fun with it, everypup!



  1. oh Dave Lab Sibey.....that was a wonderful post, I really enjoyed reading it.

    Although we were disappointed, cos we signed up to some blogarithym thingy today which is supposed to notify us of our favourite blogges when they post. Of course, you Four were first on our list.

    We kept checking out our email and checking and checking (note from Ed in Chief....not that we are obsessed with blogginer or anything!!!) and we began to think you had not posted today, so then we surfed and found you had posted.

    So obviously Jeannie has got it wrong again with her configurations.......

    She says she is taking the LDIDR PROCEDURE.....now.....

    I barked at her, "what does LDIDR Procedure mean?".....

    her reply......

    "Lying Down In Darkened Room"

    Dog, Hooooomans, who would have 'em or live with 'em? Or even understand 'em!

    love and puzzled licks, Marvin xxxx

    pee ess Happy Weekend!

  2. meant to say, your collars are stunning!

  3. Awesome collars! It wouldn't surprise me if some of those showed up at our place soon. Be careful in the ice storm cuz it doesn't matter how big your are or what kind of paws you have, not much goes on ice! Well, except for my hu-mom's backside. Be safe.

  4. Your mom is sure one talented lady - she quilts and she knits and she has magnificent gardens! I bet she's a good cook too!
    Your new collars are just gorgeous!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. i think you four should start your own day care center...then all babies will always be fine...nodody would dare come between the army of four and there babys...

  6. geez dave, your Mom should have definitely consulted you first, that would be like Mom trying to make a stain without asking me for help. We love all the cute photos of you guys in this post, I didn't look too long at your sister, I promise!!

  7. Wow, we learned so much about all of you. We are supposed to get some of the snow and ice you guys are going to get. Mom and Dad were going to stay down in DC tomorrow night but they decided to head home tomorrow night after dinner b/c of the weather. Mom and Dad are meeting up with an old friend they haven't seen in 6 years. He was the best man in their wedding. But first they have to take the little biped to a penguim workshop at the Philly Zoo. They'll be mid-atlantic travelers until the day is done tomorrow. They'll be in PA, DE, MD, and DC if they get lost maybe even VA.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

    BTW, LOVE the new collars! Canyon has the blue with brown paw prints one. We may have to look into some of those for Sky and I!

  8. Hi Guys,
    What a great lot of AO4 facts and beautiful pics to match. Dave you should indeed have that blue scarf as it does bring out those baby blues of yours.
    Jazz and Dixie

  9. Marvin: We tried that blogging-rhythm once and got confused. Well, OK ... I tried it once and got confused.
    Mom and Dad aren't real sure about these collars yet - but they sure do LOOK cool - thanks!

    Summi: Too bad it's not snow instead of ice!

    Maggie & Mitch! Oh, no - Mom didn't knit my ... uh, "her" scarf; HER mom did! Mom doesn't know how. She said you two are very sweet puppies to say those other things about her!

    MJ: Great idea!

    Joe: EXACTLY! You're right on target! Your mom wouldn't try to make a stain without you... would she!?!?
    You're a pal, Joe - but Zim and I keep close watch over our sisters!

    Kelsey Ann: I hope your parents travel safely! That sounds like a fun trip.
    Hey ... if you're interested in the lavender collar and matching 6' lead, let us know! It's cool ... it just isn't BLUE!

    Jazz & Dixie: From your muzzles to Mom's ears! Maybe she'll let me keep it! She doesn't have blue eyes!!!


  10. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Oh look at those new collars and leads! I LOVE them. The one in the photo with the Z-man... why does it look like it is bungee material? What kind of lead is that? OH the photo of Dave with his tongue out is AWESOME. I am going to print that one off.

    So, how are all of you liking the Lupine collars???

    ANyroo, we LOVED your 8 things :)


  11. Woo, Sitka! It IS a bungee-like leash! It's made by these people http://www.granitegear.com/products/dog_gear/leashes/index.html. It's old - Mom used to use it when Stormy was such a wild girl and they used to go running together. It was like a shock-absorber! HA wooooo.
    PS: I'm glad you like my picture! Woo.

  12. Dave, I'd worry about catching my claws in the scarf. Not that I'd mind, but some human would, I'm sure. Too bad, because it is nice!

    ::slurps:: to Amber. I'd like to be her boydogfriend but I'm too far away. And I wouldn't want Dave and Zim mad at me!

  13. I love your new collars! So pretty!