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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Salute - Baxter, Mattie, Cleo and Howie!

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our friends Baxter, Mattie, Cleo and Howie of Fort Riley, Kansas!

Baxter on the left, Mattie on the right: Teamwork!

This is one incredible crew! Baxter is a 10-year-old Border Collie. His entire litter was dropped at an animal shelter and Baxter was adopted out by his (now) mom’s sister. When she couldn't provide him the home he needed, he joined his furever mom! Baxter loves to play ball, but it has to be a tennis ball and THE tennis ball he chooses when he heads out to play. He is the leader of the pack and he knows what he wants!

Here is Baxter, defending his mom from an attacking sprinkler!

Baxter, the brave!

Baxter is also thoughtful enough to dry himself off in something fragrant before heading into the house! What a nice guy!

Ooooh, yeah!

Mattie is a 6-year-old Black Lab. Her mom told us, “She is a registered Labrador Retriever, although I like to call her a ...Labrador because she has no interest in retrieving.” Ha roo roo roo! Well, we could swap her for a certain Lab-in-a-Sibe-suit who DOES retrieve! (Just kidding, Dave … but real Sibes do NOT fetch!) She was the runt of an accidental litter and is now 85 pounds. She is a mama's girl. (This really DOES sound like the Labradave….) Her mom said, “Most days she could do without all her siblings and just have me. Her dad even has to suck up to her to even get her to shake.” We’re sure she means that as a compliment to her mom and not as a slight to anyone else!

Here's Mattie, having a go at that wayward sprinkler!

I've got it!

Baxter and Mattie also work hard at making their mom smile - and do a mighty fine job of it! Here they are, all dressed up for Halloween!

Mattie on the left, Baxter on the right

We're not sure, but Baxter seems to be enjoying this MUCH more than Mattie! Mattie wasn't the only family member not thrilled with the Halloween costume thing. You see... the other members of their family are two kitties - Cleo and Howie. Kitties ... who were forced to dress up in outfits, too.

Cleo on the left, Howie above, right

Need we say they don't look thrilled?

Sure ... I'll wear your little costume. But you will pay for this. Trust me.

Cleo, the gray and white kitty, is 4.

He was adopted 2 years ago from a friend who was feeding him instead of herself. He tries to vie for the alpha spot but Baxter doesn't let him get by with much. He is very mouthy, but a great cat. He weighs 18 pounds. Here are some action shots of him!

Howie ... hand me the remote and get me a beer, would you?

Never mind. Zzzzzz.......

Howie (short for Howitzer !) is a tabby cat rescue from Camp Funston (an area on Ft. Riley).

His mom said it took them about two weeks to catch him, during “Operation Cat Snatch”. Ha roo roo roo! Good one. He is a lover boy and is just over a year old. His mom and dad started seeing him at Camp Funston when he was just about 4 months old. The only problem his mom has noted is that he is like a little Harrier Jet - he can jump just about anywhere he wants to go. Sounds more like a talent to us, but hey, bipeds are funny sometimes!

Check this out!

Howie the Harrier Jet has landed

This is a talent we truly admire. Yes, Dave has helped himself to bananas off the top of the magic cold box ... but Howie has taken jumping to new heights! He also is a master of disguises! Here he is covering himself in what appears to be Baxter fur! (Mattie, if it's yours, we apologize for the mistake!)

Remarkable camouflage job, don't you think?

He could easily infiltrate anydog's domain without them ever sniffing him! I think we should recruit Howie and all his siblings into the Troopers in the Army of Four! We want a clever guy like that on our side!

Baxter, Mattie, Cleo and Howie currently have an incredibly important mission. Their dad has deployed to Iraq - so they are supporting him by keeping their mom safe. And amused. (Refer to Halloween pix above!) Baxter, Mattie, Cleo and Howie - for all you do, we salute you! (And we send a great big Ao4 'HOOAH' to your dad!)

The Army of Four


  1. Great salute!! I always wonder why humans think it's so cute and funny to dress up their pets. Especially knowing how embarrased we are about it!

    They do look cute though!!!!


  2. hey hey Ao4! good job on the sunday salute. i haf to say i enjoyed seeing those cats dressed up in hats. it make me say tee hee!

    i wunder if i cud volunteer to help wif operation cat snatch next year. that sounds like a fun event!

  3. A Lovely Sunday Salute as always, we enjoyed reading about Baxter, Mattie, Cleo and Howie very much.

    And Dog Speed their Dad on his important mission to Iraq, keeping us Safe in his Brave Work!

    love and many licks, Marvin xxxxxx

    who is back, moving among you all, rather shocked at his sudden holiday, but life in an hotel ain't all bad! More news next week on my adventures.

  4. WooHaw Baxter, Mattie, Cleo & Howie! What a great looking troop, (even in the silly costumes!) That is one smart Cammo Kitty!
    We'd like to say a special thank you to their daddy too, for all he does to keep us safe & free! We'll all keep him in our pup prayers that he stays safe til he can come back home to his pack.
    Great salute AO4!!!
    Bama & the RHP

  5. We love the costumes!! But that is probably because my human thinks it is a cute thing to do. Mattie DOES look like she is having a good time. And WOW, what a BIG cat!!

  6. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Oh my catness! Cleo looks like me!!! I am stunned to say the least. I have to say you 4, I loved this post today. This entire "pack" seems awesome! Sitka and I also salute Baxter, Mattie, Cleo and Howie!


  7. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Oh, Let me also point out that Cleo is wearing a RED collar with a RED bell! JUST LIKE ME!!!


  8. An excellent Crew. Partial to Baxter, of course. Miss Tansy says Howie looks like her kind of Cat. Spry.

    Best barks to all four. Keep mom good company - Important Mission.


    Postscript: have you four met that four?

  9. Those dogs sure are bave to fight the water sprinklers

    ~ Girl girl

  10. i want to personally say that these salutes to dogs are well worth it...too bad we can't make all dog's lifes better to go with the salute