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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interviewed by Pippa!

Ha roo, everypuppy! It's me - Amber! I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my very dear (and handsome!) friend Pippa recently! He did such a good job and asked such hard and thought-provoking questions! I'll post his questions in italics, then my responses in regular type. I hope I answered everything OK!

Are you ready? Let's begin!

1) You are a very beautiful redhead - and you look great in the snow. But I never knew huskies were red. Where does the redness come from and are there lots of you?

Oh, Pippa! You are so sweet! Yes, I am a red and white Siberian! We Sibes come in a vast array of colors, as seen at this great site, Colors of the Siberian Huskies. Zim blogged once about how just like how Labs come in different colors, so do we!

As per my own situation, Mom and Dad did get to meet my biological mom (Nikki) and dad (Hachi Bear). Here they are; Nikki on the left, Hachi on the right:

As you may be able to tell, I get MY very thick red coat from my bio-daddy, and my tall, slender build from my bio-mom.

I can't remember about my litter-mates, so I don't know if there are lots of me. :) I was adopted "late". There are lots of very sweet red and white Sibergirls who blog! You probably know Kelsey Ann, Meeshka, Summer, and Echo's sister Shyla, for example. There are quite a few red and white Boyberians who blog, too - like the very handsome boys Turbo, Tucker, Indy and Cosmos. And lots more! Those are just a few examples!

2) Where do you come from originally (if you know) - and did you come with the name Amber?

I came from a place called Mayetta, Kansas. You can read a little bit about my life on the farm at this link. Dad read about me in the newspaper and told Mom about me and well, it's a long story, but they came to get me. The breeder said I was "too old" to sell as a puppy, but Mom and Dad thought I was perfect and they got ready to take me home. (You can follow along with those hyperlinks, if you'd like more information!)

They had all kinds of names already picked out for me, but hadn't decided. As Mom got into the car with me, she was commenting on my eyes. First, she remarked on my blue eye, then on my brown one. The breeder said something about it being more "amber"-colored ... and Mom and Dad said, "That would be a good name for her!" The farm was way out near the Indian Reservations, almost in Nebraska!, and we had a long ride home through the farm fields. It was beautiful prairie land, with rolling hills and wide open spaces. Are you familiar with the song, "America the Beautiful", Pippa? Perhaps not, since you live in Gibraltar! It was written around the turn of the last century and is a popular folk song. It's not our National Anthem, but it's along those lines! The first two lines are: "O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain..." We saw lots of amber waves of grain on the way home - or is that "me" waves of grain? Hee hee hee. Anyroo..... that sealed the deal! See the photo on the right? The landscape and I match quite well, don't we? :)

3) Spinach is one of your favourite treats - how do you like it prepared? And do you like it best raw or cooked?

Mmm, spinach! Yes, I love spinach! How did you know that? Oh... maybe you read this post. I love fresh baby spinach! Raw and crunchy! YUM! That's the only way Mom makes it. OH, except for her Spinach Mostaciolli Bake, but I'm not allowed to have that. It has onions.

4) You are known as the lovable peacemaker in the Ao4 - but have you ever snapped at one of your Sibelings, or done anything naughty?

Snapped at one of my Sibe-lings? Hmm... no. I don't have to. I am able to communicate very effectively without getting snarky. At meal times, I do talk to Dave a lot, though. While Mom or Dad fill our bowls, Dave does a lot of dancing around and singing and sproinging up in the air. I'm so afraid he'll disturb Stormy! That just would not be good! It's my duty to sing the "Davy, Keep Away From Stormy and Give Her Some Space" song while our bowls are being prepared. It's as directive as I get. I'll try to get Mom to get a video of that. Stormy really appreciates my efforts. Zim totally ignores the song because it's not directed at him. Dave can hear me, I just know he can, and he knows I'm singing to him ... but he doesn't listen. Well, maybe he does. He gives Storm her space, but he still does all the jumping around. Maybe I need to add a few stanzas about not hopping around!

5) As well as peacemaker, you have the responsible role of Executive Officer in the Ao4. What is involved in this top job - and what is the pay like?

Oh, yes, Pippa! I am the XO of the Army of Four. Stormy's second-in-command! It's a very important job and I am so honored that Stormy chose me to hold it!

I have a lot of duties, the most important and challenging one being to keep the boys out of trouble! Storm doesn't like them to play too rough or to upset Mom or Dad or to invade her space. I use my special herding skills that great-brother Booter taught me to make sure they respect everyone's spacial needs and if they get too riled up, I "roo" at them to stop.

Another duty is to intervene with Mom or Dad if I think somepuppy is on the brink of getting in trouble. I go up to them and give my paw and say very soft, sweet "roo"s to them and basically melt their hearts so they forget all about whatever anypuppy was doing.

Part of my duties include being the Ao4 Security Guard! I make sure that I know where every member of the pack (biped and quadruped alike) are at any given moment. You can see me in action here. I learned that from Booter, too. He was a very good guard dog! And naturally, keeping watch for dangerous invaders like Oswald, kitties, or squirrels!

Other duties include being the Chief Meteorologist at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies and of course, the pack Mediator. I run my dad every morning, helping him with his PT program, do various cute poses as Morale Officer, and as many of our readers know .... I love to tell silly jokes!

There are many other duties, as assigned, and I just love doing all of them. We Sibes are a Working Breed, you know! A Sibe's work is never done! We love having jobs to keep us busy!

The pay is very good! I have the respect of all my pack-mates, which is very important to me, and the appreciation of Mom and Dad, which is also very wonderful. I get yummy treats, good, nutritious food, a lovely home in which to live, complete with fenced in yard, great vet care, love, attention and play time! I love my job and I love all of my family! I wish everypuppy could be as happy as I am!

Thank you so much for the interview, Pippa! I hope I answered all of your questions - you were amazing!

If anypuppy would like to be interviewed by me, please let me know in the comments section, and we can set something up!

Have a happy day!


  1. This is so funny. What a fine interview. Good Huskey!

  2. You're a wonderful doggie, Amber! I know I wouldn't be crabby if I had a sibersister like you here!

    According to Wikipedia, the Amber waves of grain were inspired by Kansas wheat fields. No wonder you blend in, in that picture!

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  4. that was quite the great interview, Amber. My favorite job you do is telling your jokes, you always crack me up!

  5. Amber that was absolutely pawsome.

    You have put such a lot of effort into that interview.

    And thank you so much for putting in the links to your previous posts - I read them all - and I loved the cute poses one. I think that's because you lie in similar positions to me. We could weather detect together and lie in the same positions afterwards.

    I think the story of your name is wonderful - and I hadn't a clue about the amber waves of grain - so I have learned something new too.

    Pippa xx

  6. oh I am totally amazed by this interview. I have been studying it in detail to learn some more about you Amber!

    You are certainly a very hard working and intelligent Pup.

    I like the part of the interview where you tell us about how your name came about.

    I have two Amber eyes, my Jeannie said it was when she saw me in the Dog Rescue Home in the cage with the non stop barking dog.....she put her hand through the bars and stroked my head. Apparently I looked up at her with my Amber eyes, and she said she knew "I was Hers Until The End Of Time".......

    pee ess She can be such a Drama Queen sometimes you know!

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend, and I hope Dave is not exhausting himself toooo much with all that dancing!

    love and licks my Amber Eyed Friend, Marvin xxxxxxx

  7. Oh Ammie, what a wonderful interview! You are just the sweetest, smartest, prettiest pup out there!

    And don't forget me in the group of red and white siberboys! ;o)


  8. we meant to put the comment we made on well trained biped on this post...in fact we thought that was what we were doing from the start...we are not intellengent siberian huskies, but labs, cokers and terieers...please read and make the transition

  9. This was the best interview! We followed all your links, too. We really loved your puppy pics. Chili & Cracker said please don't forget them in your red & white boyberians list.
    Bama & the RHP

  10. Very good interview Amber! It's great to learn more about you. Your dad sure was furry!! Wow!

    Steve and Kat