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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Giant Walk, Part II

Ha roo, pupper-dupper-doos! It's Stormy! Are you ready for Part II of our Giant Walk? When I left you yesterday, I told you we sent Mom and Dad a Siberian Mind-Meld Message that we wanted to go explore the area where the Giant has been busy with his Tonka Toys and everything over the summer. (For new readers, we've been tracking the Giant's moves for a long, long time now. You can click on that hyperlink to catch up!) Sure enough, Saturday morning, Dad said, "Let's go!" and we headed into the Land of the Giant!

We made a wide loop around and into the area we showed you yesterday, instead of heading right over that cliff. Mom said we couldn't go on one of the little trails - something about not having had a hard freeze ... and ticks & fleas. Hmm. OK with us - it just made for a longer walk!

Here's the view heading into that valley from the new road!

Cool, isn't it? We boldly went where no Siberians have gone before!

The road meandered around, then flattened out where Little Kitten Creek (I know... I know ... who names these things!?!?) sort of ends or fizzles out. Rumor has it they're going to dam it up and create a cool water feature there! The road sort of fizzled out there, too, then started up again. Here are Amber, Dad and Zim after they crossed that area.

Amber had just done one of her "behind the back" maneuvers. She learned that from great-brother Booter; it's a herding thing. It's her way of paying homage to him.

We walked a long time, then we came to another side road. Dad said it goes up to a new office building and did we want to go up there or just keep going straight? We opted to go up - of course! Here's Am, heading up the hill.
Anyone who thinks Kansas is flat needs to look at these pictures! Amber was worried that the road just went up and up and up and went into the sky ... but she was brave and kept going. Pretty soon, we all had the office building in our sights!

Dad, Zim, Am, Dave and me, heading to the office building

Dave went over to the edge of the parking lot (or is that a "barking lot", Marvin?) and said, "Hey. I think we've been here before."


Here's a closer look at what he saw.

It was incredible! I remembered being there, too - it wasn't just Dave having déjà vu ! Click this link for a post we made almost a year ago! We were there before this was built! Cool!

Then we headed to the other end of the barking lot (ha roo roo rooo!) and had a great panoramic view facing east. We saw part of the castle from above ... AND we saw our house!

That's the far end of the castle from what we showed you last time. It has three different turrets on it - cool, huh? Dad said we were going down there next! It was totally exciting!

This was our approach. If you look out in the distance, you can sort of see the big road by those pine trees. That's where we took that first picture of the castle that we showed you the other day. You can see the other short turret ...

...and then LOOK! Here we all are at the BIG turret!

Here's another shot, since somepuppy wasn't facing the right way. He has a habit of marching to his own beat. Sigh.

After we posed for a few pictures, we headed home.

Here are Dave and me, going down the home stretch. See the horizon, out beyond those houses? That's where we had been. All we have to do now is turn left on our street, and we're good to go.

Dave was a bit tired, as you can see. Our big loop route was probably 4 miles or so. It was great fun. It was all we could do to have a short Zoomie session when we got home, then settle in for naps.

Even though he was tired, Dave wanted to check the TV. Something about KU playing Nebraska in football ... in Nebraska. I think he was looking for Holly!

Holly? Are you there?

He didn't see her, so he took a nap, too. She must not have gone to the game.

Hope you enjoyed our Giant Walk as much as we did!

Tail wags,


  1. Wow, that was a long walk! I bet you were tired. How far do you walk on a normal day?


  2. That looks like a supercool walk! I think I'm going to run on down there and go for a walk with you one day!!


  3. That's a really cool walk! I can understand why you were so tired! Sorry I wasn't at the game. It would have been a good one since KU beat the corn off the heads of the huskers! But, then K-State lost to the corn heads, so I guess that makes us even. We all like it when the corn heads lose!

    Check out my posting tonight, and I will have a "giant" surprise for you!


  4. What a great walk you guys went on.
    Dave's hanging tongue looks ALOT like a walking tired Chocolate Bunny Lab tongue we see alot of of when we have worked out... hmmmmmmmmmmm ;-)


  5. That is so cool that you get to see all that new stuff being built right by you. Obviously people feel safe with Ao4 HQ so close by. That must be prime real estate!

  6. Hbbb was resting up for her tour of the bridges of Maddox - oops - Madison Khounty!

    Nice walk Ao4!

    Time 4 bed HERE!



  7. Wow! Holly got to see a castle. And you guys have your own castle!

    I'll have to see if there are any castles around here!.

    Sounds like your mom didn't want to go over the cliff so her ticker wouldn't have a heart freeze, maybe.

    I admit I thought Kansas was flat. Do they let Sibes ride the chair lifts when you go snowboarding, or do you have to stick to the gondolas?


  8. Wow!! That sure was a giant walk! And then you had to come back, too! Just how far did you walk?

    Koobuss Kisses,

  9. That was a great walk! I think you should ask the giant if we can borrow that building with the turrets for our military exercises. Meeka has been practicing his lookout skills and would love being up there since he's so nosey....errrr...I mean, observant.

  10. I've gotta show this to my humans. We don't get any cool walks like that. I may have to move Sashaville to Kansas and go with you.

  11. oh I love your walks, they are so darn different to mine!

    I want to walk with you!

    How exciting it all looks!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx