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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Rule? What Rule?

Woo, everypup. It's Dave. Do your bipeds ever confuse you? Here's an excerpt from a conversation I had with Mom the other day.

"The 'No Chew Toys on the Bed' rule? Hmm....

No, I don't think I am familiar with that one."

She didn't seem to like my answer. You can't say I didn't think about it first - check that pensive look on my face!



  1. sometimes our rules are very inconsistant...like jasper bell on the big bed, or jasper bell in the house at alll...or sandy going to neil's for cat food(she is supposed to be losing weight)...or walkies and pulling on the chain...or running free...it is a no no unless you break free...with so many of us it is hard to keep track....so many dogs, so little time, love sadie, bird, duke, jasper bell, speeding, sandy, jeri, mandy, ...we listed our cousins too because when they are all here, they are all here""""

  2. Rules?? I don't get them either. I can have certain toys, but only with supervision. And I can't go outside with my lead. Us huskies sure have a lot of rules to live with. Hmmmm.

    We have to break a few of them. After all, who do they think is in charge?

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  3. That face looks very much like my "I don't care about your rules" face, which is very close to my "make me" face. Mom and Dad don't like either.


  4. Oh yeah they do that to me all the time! I give them the same look as you...Hey what else can you do then they say things like that?
    Plus they think the look is cute so you might get away with it...heehee!

  5. oooh Dave, I am not familiar with the bed, let alone the rules!

    You look so darn handsome there you know guarding your toy!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

    sorry I am late commenting!

  6. Rules are dumb. Dad has a rule for Meeka - no drooling on his side of the bed. HAROOORROO!

  7. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Oh Dave... you must put your paw down on this one. All toys should be allowed on the bed.. it is after all, YOUR Bed, right?


  8. Have you ever heard the term, "Making it up as you go along"? Clearly that is what is happening here!

  9. Dave,
    I don't understand that rule AT ALL! I see NOTHING wrong with bringing that Dino Rubber Bone on the bed. Of course I see nothing
    wrong with bringing a Pokey edge hard Nylabone on the bed either.
    They don't like it! WHY!

    We need less laws, maybe we can form a picket line?

    Maddie the Chocolate Bunny

  10. Yeah, I don't understand that rule either. Mom doesn't let us have toys on the bed either. Sometimes humans are no fun!

    Puppy slurps, Canyon

  11. I bet Hbbb would let woo have toys on HER bed!

    Maybe you ought to request reassignment!

    Poor Dreamboat Davie!

    Khan I go khrazy on woo?


  12. Darling Dave,
    You can come to my house, and not only have toys on the bed, you can sleep on the COUCH!!!

    I actually have my OWN mattress in the basement, so you come on up here and bunk with me!!


  13. Are there rules? besides the ones we make up? Your kidding, right?

    You do look very contemplative there, Dave. That's one of my rules - think before you ignore the bipeds, it confuses them.

    woos & a-roos,
    Star & the puppyhead
    (I not liking him right now)

  14. Hee Dave, you look very serious there. I'm sure if there's such a rule, you would have know about it

    ~ Girl girl

  15. Told woo Hbbb would let woo eat khrackers in her bed -

    Or have toys on it!

    I still vote you ask for a reassignment to a new base!