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Why is this blog called "Army of Four Digest"?  When I started writing the blog, we were blessed to have 4 Siberian Huskies in our life:  Stormy, Amber, Zim, and Dave.  "They" started the blog, and I've kept the title to honor them.

Occasionally, I've blogged about our pups who came before them and refer to them as their "great" sisters or brother:  Jesse, Lucky, and Booter (our one non-Siberian - a wonderful Australian Shepherd/Lab mix).

And now, our Siberians Cam and Maggie are continuing the blog.  Here is a graphic I created to honor all of them:

Ao4 Digest Text

In order of when everyone joined the family, left to right:  Jessie (grey and white, bi-eyed), Lucky (black and white, bi-eyed), Booter (Aussie/Lab mix), Stormy (black and white, bi-eyed), Amber (red and white, bi-eyed), Zim (red and white, bi-eyed), Dave (black and white, blue-eyed), Cameron (red and white, brown-eyed), and Maggie (red and white, bi-eyed).  We did not adopt anyone based on coat color or eye color - it all just happened.

Of the nine of them, three were adopted from the shelter, one from acquaintances, and five from breeders.  Each one of them was or is perfect.

The blog chronicles our every day adventures; we appreciate you reading and leaving comments when you can!


EDIT:  And now, in June of 2020, introducing Ragnar, our grey and white, brown-eyed boy!


  1. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Always a great read. River Hill Pack, Washington

  2. I am sorry to hear the other 4 are gone, Sooky is still with us, She's 14 now and everyday with her is a miracle, Happy to hear you have 2 new Pups
    Val and Sooky

  3. That is a great graphic and a fitting tribute