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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Admin Announcement

Hi everybody and greetings to all. Ragnar and Mags here with an announcement.
"Yeah.  We need to--wait.  There's something over there."
"I'll take it, Ragnar.  We're taking a blog break."

"Let's go see what that was!"
"I think it was just the wind blowing something ... but we better check!"

We hope to be back to blogging soon!  Catch you on the flip side!
Ragnar and Mags

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Team Meeting!

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. Ragnar and I are just in a meeting.
"I heard Mom say we needed brushed."
"Mom's delusional!"
"Who's ready for a little brush action?"

Can't she see we're busy?!?

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Monday, January 24, 2022

Not Quite

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar. Mags and I were helped our mom in her Studio yesterday for a bit. At break time, we thought we'd have a little fun - we have a game that's sort of a cross between Hide 'N' Seek and Snooter Jousting. Some zoomies thrown in there, too. I thought I'd found the perfect hiding space ...
"Where's Ragnar, Mags?!?"
"She'll never find me in here!"
"🎶 Oh, Ragnar!!!  🎶"

Can you see her little pointy ear sticking up just below the left hand corner of the TV?!?  I thought I had outfoxed her!  Then ...

"HA!!!  GOTCHA!!!"

So, it was a pretty good hiding spot - Mom didn't know where I was! - but not quite good enough when I'm up against Mags!  She is so good at figuring things out!  I'll look for a new spot today!


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Serene Scenery Sunday

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags! Today we didn't walk a very scenic route, but yesterday we did! The skies were pretty, so Ragnar and I struck a nice pose in front of the sunrise:
"Is that a cookie, Mom?"
"I made sure she was packing some Zuke's, Ragnar!"
"Good puppies!"

A pose AND the sunrise all in one.  I'd say that's a winner!  Have a wonderfully serene Sunday!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Saturday, January 22, 2022


Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar. You know, I was just thinking ...
"... maybe it WAS my turn to blog the other day ...!  Yeah, I kinda think it might have been ..."

"Hey, Mom.  Don't tell Mags where I am for a while, OK?"

Anybody have any good excuses I can use with Maggie?


Friday, January 21, 2022

Umm ...

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. So there we were ...
"Hey, Raggi.  Did you remember to do the blog post yesterday?"
"Me?!?  I thought it was your turn!"

I thought it was his turn; he thought it was mine.  Who knows whose turn it really was?  Rather than spending too much time thinking about it, we got on to more pressing matters.

"Let's Snooter Joust, Mags!"
"You're on, Ragnar!"

What can we say?  It's been a long, hard week.  

Happy Friday!!!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Sky's The Limit!

... or something like that!

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags! Ragnar and I had a GREAT walk this morning, and Mom kept raving about the skies! In fact, before we even got to where we have a primo look at the sunrise, we saw the moon setting! Check it out:
"I feel a howl coming on, how about you, Ragnar?"
"I dunno ... maybe a woo ..."

It was a lot brighter than it looks. And it's the full WOLF moon! How cool is that?!?

So, when we got to the water tower ...

"GadZOOKS, Mags!!!"



We also went up into the hills a bit and struck a pose on the stone bench on the trail. At first ...
"I'm not really feeling it ..."
"Aw, c'mon, you guys!"
"Do you have COOKIES?!?"

She said she did.  Between that and the fact that there was someone coming down the trail who we could stare at, we gave her our best!

"How's this, Mom?"
"Make us look cool, Mom; I want to send this one back home to our Polargold family in MO!"
" PERFECT!!! "

The skies were pretty cool in those shots, too!  What a picture-perfect day!  

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Monday, January 17, 2022

Back To Normal!

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar! This morning, our temp was a balmy 20℉ at sunrise, so out on our walk we went!
"This is so awesome!"

It was so good to get out and get a full walk in! To celebrate, I'm helping Mom in the Studio this afternoon.
"I'll drive, OK, Mom?"
"Umm ... "

I don't know what she'd do without my help!


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Medieval History -- More Or Less

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. I just wanted to let you know how truly calm and relaxed Ragnar and I are being, even though we've missed two days on our long walks. I mean, Ragnar showed you one example yesterday, and here's another:
"Oh, hi.  We were just discussing Medieval history; care to join us?"
"Yeah, Mom.  Medieval history."


Wellllllllll, OK ...

... previously, at Ao4 Headquarters ...
"Margaret Thatcher, I hereby challenge you to a Snooter Joust!"
"I accept your challenge, Ragnar Jimmysson!"

Close enough, right?!?

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Cold Day Schedule

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar. On days like today, when it's in the single digits, snow falling, and wind gusts at 35mph, Maggie and I need to fill the time we would spend walking. This seemed like a good idea to us both:


We've also been Snooter Jousting, doing zoomies (you should SEE how fast Mags is when she hasn't had a long walk!!!), and playing with our toys.

What do you do on days when it's too cold to take your bipeds for a walk?


Friday, January 14, 2022

Kicking Back

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. As many of you know, Ragnar and I currently do a minimun 5-mile walk every morning (unless there is some kind of weather event that will make our Mom's fingers freeze off). This morning's walk was 5.2 miles, for example. You might wonder what we do with ourselves afterwards, while Mom and Dad get their coffee. This shot should sum it up for you:
"Umm ... hi."
"Aren't you two tired?!?"
"Mags, what does 'tired' mean?"

Yep.  Get some rest after our big walk. Just kick back and relax a bit.

Which to us means zoomies and Snooter Jousting.

Yours sincerely, 
Margaret Thatcher

Thursday, January 13, 2022

It Wasn't Easy

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. It wasn't easy, but Ragnar and I found the snowiest, iciest route in town today! We've had all this crazy thaw-freeze-rethaw-refreeze stuff going on! I mean, c'mon! It's January! Enough with the afternoons getting into the 50s!* 

Anyway, instead of heading to The Top Of The World, we proposed ...
"Yeah!  Anneberg!!!"
"That's what I'm talking about!"

Sadly, there wasn't snow in the woods as we had hoped, but, hey, the mud re-froze, so Mom couldn't complain!  Until we got to ...
"Oh, 🤬!"

It was awesome! Mom seemed excited about it, too! She seemed happy she had her running shoes on instead of boots -- or at least she may have mentioned that.  It was nice and slippery, a little slushy on top - just perfect!

What a great walk this morning!  I knew Ragnar and I could find some snow if Mom let us choose the route!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

*Note:  The opinions expressed by Siberian Huskies on this blog do not necessarily reflect those of the bipeds.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Tuesday, January 11, 2022


Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar. Things have gotten really busy in the Studio - Mom's working on a really huge quilt and not only needs my help, but ... well, I called in reinforcements.
"About like this, huh, Ragnar?!"
"Yeah.  Mom said this helps a lot."
❤ What good puppies!!! "

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!


Monday, January 10, 2022


Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. I think the closed captioning on the TV sets the scene fairly well.

"Hello ... Ragnar."
"Uh oh."
Do you do any entertaining in the evenings?

Yours sincerley, 
Margaret Thatcher

Sunday, January 09, 2022

Working Weekend

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar! I'm busy helping my mom in the Studio.
"We've got this, Mom!"

Don't worry - I'm a Working Breed! I know how to pace myself.


Saturday, January 08, 2022

Let's Hit The Trail!

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar! It was over 20℉ this morning, so we went on one of our favorite routes -- to The Top Of The World! We liked this part of the trail best:
"YAY!  Still snowy!"
"Icy-crusty, too!"

We did the "slownopullingRagnar" and everything was AOK. Even over the icy bridge. I'm not sure why we don't have pictures of that.

The rest of the trail was pretty clear of snow and ice! Here we are about to join up with the "main spur":

"I can't believe we have the place to ourselves, Ragnar!"
"Same here, Mags!"

After that, we crossed the gravel road, then continued on to the next part of the trail!
"Up, up, and up, Raggi!"
"Engaging 4-paw drive!"

We like to look all around once we get up top - there were surprisingly few people out there today. Can you believe that?

Did I mention there was a freezing drizzle falling?

Anyway ... here we are up at The Top Of The World:
"Got cookies, Mom?"
"She does.  I can tell."
"Good puppies!!!"

Mags always knows these things!  Of course, she was right.

We had to have our feety-feet washed when we got home because of some road chemicals, but the walk was totally worth having to do that.  Oh.  AND we made it home before the sidewalks got too slippery from the freezing drizzle!  That might have been Mom's favorite part.


Friday, January 07, 2022

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. It's still super-cold out, so after we go on our walkies or outside to take care of business, Ragnar and I have been doing a lot of this:


Need I say more?

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Thursday, January 06, 2022

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Not Wordless Wednesday!

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. As many of you know, I love a good mystery. This morning on our walk, one fell right into my figurative lap!  It is so important, I'm preempting Wordless Wednesday!

"It's a box, alright, Ragnar.  Or it was.  I'm sorry to say it's dead."

It's a clear-cut case of Box-icide.  Oh, when I find out who did this -- and right on Hudson Trail! -- there'll be the devil to pay!  I WILL solve this case!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Awesome Walk!

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar! Our temps were out of the single digits today so we were able to take a nice, normal walk! I thought I'd just post the pix and not do too much chit-chat, OK?

Here we are, taking in the sunrise up by the water tower:
"Wowzers, Mags!"

As you can see, much of our snow melted yesterday, but there was a lot of ice. There are also a lot of chemicals all over the roads and walkways. The best way to avoid all of that is ... to head to The Top Of The World!
"This is what I'm talking about!"
"This is perfect!!!"

Mags and me, on the trail!

"Wait!  I think I see something!"
"Me, too!"

Our mom and dad didn't see what we saw, but trust us -- we saw something!

We posed for a quick photo up at the top:
"Yeah, yeah.  You have treats, don't you?"
"I think she's got the crunchy treats, Mags."

The road up there was pretty clear - it gets a lot of sun, but no plowing or chemicals!

"This isn't bad at all!"
"Mom thought it would be messy, right, Mom?"

Once back down on the lower trails, we spotted some people and pups up top!

"Check it out!  Just to the right of the path!"
"Yeah.  It's those people who always throw a ball for one of their dogs."
🤬!  It's the ball people!"

They aren't really very well-socialized pups and their people don't usually have good control of them.  We hustled to avoid them!

Here we are on the road (Marlatt) between the two sections of the park. It was pretty icy, so we tried really hard not to pull.

"Look at us, being good!"
"We're always good, Ragnar!"

We weren't going to go through the woods on the way home, due to Mom thinking the bridge would be icy and/or snowy, but we wanted to give a nice lady with two extremely beautiful Yellow Labs some space, so we got to go that way!

"This is a win-win, Raggi!  They get more space, we get to go through the woods!"
"Yeah.  I really like those Labbie girls, though!"

The bridge wasn't too bad, so it all worked out.  It was SO GOOD to go on a normal walk again!


Monday, January 03, 2022

Our New Friend!

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags! I met a new friend when Dad took me out to potty first thing this morning! I couldn't wait to introduce Ragnar to him on our walk!
"He's right up here, in Tao's yard!"
"Oh, WOW!  There were smooshed fruits under the snow!"
"Son of a--"

"Hello, Mr. Snowman!  I'm back!"

Ragnar might have been a bit more interested in the newly exposed smooshed, frozen fruit on the sidewalk.  Mom seemed excited about it, too!

"Uh, I may have missed your friend, Mags."
"That's OK.  He said he'll be there when we get back!"

We walked a couple of miles, trying to avoid chemical-treated roads and sidewalks where people put down salt.  When we came out of the court just up the road from us ...

"Let's go check on my friend, OK?"
"I'll try not to just snarf fruits this time."


It was 9 degrees out -- much warmer than yesterday, but Mom just isn't quite built like we are, so we're trying to go easy on her.

True to his word, my friend was still there waiting for us!

"You're not too cold out here, are you?"

Ragnar came over to meet him this time!

"Hi, Frosty.  I'm Ragnar.  Have you tried any of those smooshed fruits?"
"Check out his cute buttons, Ragnar!"


We really enjoyed meeting Frosty T. Snowman.  He said he'll be there for a while, so hopefully we'll get to know him really well.  It's so fun having a brand new friend right next door!!!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher

Sunday, January 02, 2022

Serene Scenery Sunday

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags. It's time for a TRULY serene Serene Scenery Sunday shot. Are you ready?!?


Hey, it had warmed up to -4℉ before we went out!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher