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Monday, January 03, 2022

Our New Friend!

Greetings to all! It's me, Mags! I met a new friend when Dad took me out to potty first thing this morning! I couldn't wait to introduce Ragnar to him on our walk!
"He's right up here, in Tao's yard!"
"Oh, WOW!  There were smooshed fruits under the snow!"
"Son of a--"

"Hello, Mr. Snowman!  I'm back!"

Ragnar might have been a bit more interested in the newly exposed smooshed, frozen fruit on the sidewalk.  Mom seemed excited about it, too!

"Uh, I may have missed your friend, Mags."
"That's OK.  He said he'll be there when we get back!"

We walked a couple of miles, trying to avoid chemical-treated roads and sidewalks where people put down salt.  When we came out of the court just up the road from us ...

"Let's go check on my friend, OK?"
"I'll try not to just snarf fruits this time."


It was 9 degrees out -- much warmer than yesterday, but Mom just isn't quite built like we are, so we're trying to go easy on her.

True to his word, my friend was still there waiting for us!

"You're not too cold out here, are you?"

Ragnar came over to meet him this time!

"Hi, Frosty.  I'm Ragnar.  Have you tried any of those smooshed fruits?"
"Check out his cute buttons, Ragnar!"


We really enjoyed meeting Frosty T. Snowman.  He said he'll be there for a while, so hopefully we'll get to know him really well.  It's so fun having a brand new friend right next door!!!

Yours sincerely,
Margaret Thatcher


  1. Your new friend is cute, but not much of a talker. BOL!

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    you two are just the Best!
    and I love your new friend. :D he has a cute smile. xo

  3. That seems like a fine chap. I hope he sticks around

  4. Hawwooo! That guy was in OUR neighborhood too! I peed on him,