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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tail wags and love,
Storms and Ammy

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hit The Trail With the Boys, Part I

Woo, everypup and everycat! It's me - Dave. Did you all see Zim's post yesterday and how he said he needed to store up some energy for a Monday afternoon adventure? Well, he did get to go on one - and I went, too!

I was all excited when Mom called us both; I couldn't wait to see where we were going! We started walking our normal morning route...

I wonder where we're going, Zim!

...and we kept on going until we saw this!

Me, checking the sign post

Oh, pup! The Hudson Trail! Zimmie and I couldn't wait to smell all the cool smells on the trail and Mom couldn't wait to take more pix of the wildflowers! Remember the Jerusalem Artichokes we showed you on Sunday? They were right by the trail marker. Well... they're gone now! No blooms at all! (See photo above.) Mom was disappointed, but not me. There were all kinds of messages left there for me and Zim! Ha woo!

Oh, don't worry about Mom! We saw lots of sunflowers like this one on the way there, so she was a happy hiker:

Here we are, about to head down the part of the trail we showed you the other day:

It's always nice and shady and cool on the trail, plus great smells, usually squirrels busy gathering nuts and doing other squirrel stuff, and all kinds of cool things to smell and see.

Mom liked these berries:

They weren't there the other day! Things come and go fast this time of the year!

Speaking of fast, before we knew it we were at the end of that part of the trail. We crossed the street and I thought we were going to turn like we did last time - but Mom said, "Let's cross and go down the next part of the trail!" She didn't need to tell us twice!

C'mon, Dave! Let's go!

That part of the trail isn't paved, so we only get to go on it when we have dry conditions. Something about mud... paw prints... messy Siberians... I'm not sure. Plus it was cool out, so we weren't too hot or anything!

We have more pix to share with you from the rest of the walk. We'll get those posted Thursday, I think. Storm said she and Ammy are doing Wordless Wednesday together tomorrow! Woo! Be sure to tune back in!

Thanks for hitting the trail with us!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Miscellany

Ha roo, pups and cool cats! It's me, Zim. Yeah, another Monday morning. Don't ya love it? The start of a new week, promises of new adventure and fun to be had by all! Before I get to it, Storm said we've had some great comments and questions lately and she tasked me to respond to some of them. Cool. I love it when we do this!

Many on you left very kind comments about the moon shot Stormy posted the other day. Mom sends her sincere thanks. She used her Nikon P90; it has a zoom lens that goes from 26-624 mm. I'm not sure what that means, but perhaps you do. For more info, click here. She shot this one just last night and said I can share it with you.

She also said that's without benefit of a tripod, but again, I have close to no idea what she's talking about.

On the issue of Ammy's cool pouffy pink camo quilt... many of you felt bad for Dave and thought Mom should make him a cool pouffy BLUE camo quilt. Well, actually Mom already has! Please see this link. And let me assure you...

Z-man tested and approved!

...it's comfy!

Several of you asked why I'm usually the one who gets to go on the extra adventures. Hmm. We all get to go on the morning walk - that's our favorite walk of all, as we LOVE having the whole pack together. I often get to go again because Mom seems to think I need a little more exercise. Something about "taking the edge off". I have no idea what she means. I think it's because she knows I love to go exploring. Ammy gets to go a lot, too - it's just that if we go to the walking area in the car, she'd rather not. Mom always tries to do something extra with each one of us - playing in the yard, exploring the yard, playing with a cool toy ...or extra walkies. It's a pretty good set-up and each one of us feels special.

That's about it for now. I've launched into high gear and am ready to do what I do best at mid-morning Monday.

If anyone has any other questions, just let me know. I'm storing energy for my Monday afternoon adventure. Ha roo roo roo!

Play bows,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Serene Scenery Sunday

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me, Ammy! For this week's Serene Scenery Sunday post, I put together a little slideshow of a lovely walk we took earlier this week! We saw all kinds of pretty flowers growing in the wild and had a really wonderful time. I thought a slideshow could help you feel like you were there.

Mom tried to get pictures of us, but most of them were blurry. :) I did toss in a few of them.

I hope you enjoy our walk down part of the Hudson Trail:

Happy Serene Scenery Sunday!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Something to Howl About

Tail wags, pups and kit-cats, it's me - Stormy. As many of you know, Ammy and our mom have this thing about sky photos. You know, sunsets, small 's' storms, small 's' storms about to roll in ... that sort of thing. Frankly, it's great -- makes them happy -- but except for a few of the sunsets, it's not really my cup of tea. Or... bowl of water, as the case may be. Until I saw this one:

Waxing Crescent Moon

The Waxing Crescent Moon from the other night! Yea! Now that's something to howl about!

Stormy howling

Tail wags,

Friday, September 25, 2009

On The Cat Walk, Sibe-Style

Ha roo, pups and cool cats! It's me - Zim! I know some of my kit-cat pals (like my bestest friend Huffle Mawson) participated in a cool cat-walk thing last Saturday. I spent some time posing on our cat walk the other night; I thought I'd share my photo shoot with you for Photo Finish Friday in honor of my feline friends. Ready? Let's get working!

Let's start with just a tease.

Yeah, I know. My snowshoes need trimmed. Not gonna happen.

Let's add just a little snooter action, shall we?

Note there are two rails between my paws. How about we bring them closer?

Pretty cool, huh? (I know this is really action-packed. Try to keep up.)

Now, just so there's no doubt that it's me ...

... a little flirty sideways look. And now for the grand finale...

Ha roo!

I think I need a nap after all that. Modeling can really take a lot out of a guy.

Play bows,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's Not All About Fetch, You Know!

Woo, everypup and everycat. It's me - Dave. I take a lot of heat around here because I happen to LIKE to play that cool game known as "Fetch". But it's not all about that, you know. I engage in multi-dimensional play. Sure... there's "Tuggy-Tug". I love that. But there's even more. Here - check out my new, cool slide-show video and see for yourself!

Ha woo, that's fun. Nothing like ripping something apart!

There is one drawback, of course. As you may know, we share all of our toys. And... well... a certain redheaded sister of mine wanted to play with that same toy during her one-on-one session with Mom. Umm...

Hey... what happened to our Squishy Soccer Ball?

Woo. Sorry, Ammy.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boys' Afternoon Out

Woo, everypuppy and everycat! It's me, Dave. Now that the weather's getting cooler, we get to go on even more cool adventures. Guess where me and Zimmie got to go the other day? To the Kansas Ocean! It was so cool! Let me show you!

Here we are, arriving on the scene:

Wow, Dave. Look at all that algae stuff. All slimy, stinky and green. Wouldn't you love to roll around in THAT?!?!

You know it, Zim.

Uhh... just kiddin', Mom.

There's a cool bridge that crosses the Kansas Ocean. Not the ocean itself, really, more like one of the tributaries that leads to it. Sort of like the
Chesapeake Bay Bridge. When we came to that bridge, we crossed it.

Ha woo, get it? We crossed that bridge when we came to it.
Dave, we need to remember to tell Ammy that one! Ha roo roo roo!

After we crossed it, Mom said it was time to turn around and head home - so we crossed back over. There is a little step up on part of it, so Zim had to walk up on that. That plan went just fine until...

Ha woo. Good pick-play, don't you think?

Zim thought Rusty of the
Thundering Herd would have probably walked up there, too. Must be a red-headed guy thing.

We had a great time...

Let's head home, little bro!

...and hope to get back to the ocean again soon. Thanks for coming along with us!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Let The Work Week Begin!

Ha roo, pups and cool cats, it's me - Zim. Yeah, the beginning of another work week here at Ao4 Headquarters. We just took the bipeds for a walk in the pouring, much-needed rain, and now I have to help Mom change the sheets on the bed.

Me? Nah... I'm totally dried off already. Really.

Ready to get this party started get to work? First you have to fluff the pillows up:

Remember - I'm in the Working Group. Do not attempt this without the proper training and know-how!

Then gather all the sheets up:

How's this?

Then... you know? Wait a minute. I think we better make sure those pillows stayed fluffed! Let's check...

Mmmm... comfy...

Well, pups and kits, I gotta tell you...

Mmm... nice... mmmm....

... this could take a while! I need to make sure this is jussssssssst right. A Sibe's work is never done. Good thing I'm on the job. I don't know how Mom would get anything done without me.

Play bowzzzzzz....

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Serene Scenery Sunday

Hi everypuppy and everykitty! It's me - Ammy! Stormy said I could have a go at Serene Scenery Sunday, as long as I tried really hard to leave pictures of small 's' storms out of it. Deal! I promise!

Ammy looking pensive
What to post, what to post...

How about some beautiful sunsets? This one is from back on September 11th, but I'd like to share it with you now:


What I like is that not only is it a beautiful, colorful sunset, but there are tons of
contrails visible. I found that rather moving for 9/11. We too often forget what it was like when our planes did not fly.

Moving right along... we had some beautiful sunsets this week, too! The evening of the 16th, it was so lovely that we all sat out on the deck and watched the sun set together. This is what it looked like when it started to set:


I love how that cloud is just sort of hanging there! And no, it wasn't a small 's' storm cloud! In fact, let's get a little closer to the sun, to capture the true colors!


Isn't it stunning? Dave, Guide Dog for the Color Blind, really enjoyed all the rich, warm yellows and reds and oranges. Here's an even closer look!


If only it was the moon, I'd lead all of you in a good howling session!

Stepping back, here's another look:


It almost looks cold, doesn't it? The blues and greys and icy colors!

Mom was "working" out there:


Sure, she was.

Lastly, I wanted to leave you with a photo of Zimmie and myself from our trip to the Top of the World. This one didn't load into our slideshow for some reason, but it's one of my faves!

Zim and Am at the Top of the World
Zim and me (Ammy) heading back to the Ao4 Transport Vehicle
(Yes, we travel in a sports car.)

It was so peaceful up there - I wish you all could have joined us! Mom said that as the weather cools and especially once we have a hard freeze and all the bugs get zapped out, we can go more often! I can't wait!

Have a serene Sunday!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Before I Get To My Workout...

Ha roo, pups and cool cats. It's me - Zim! I'm about to go help my dad work out...

... but before I do, I wanted to show you this cool video slide show thing Mom put together. It's me and Ammy at the Top of the World! That's right - Ammy got to go with us! It was really cool and I had a blast showing her around up there. Without further ado, here's the vid:

Pretty cool, huh? Mom's going to learn more about how to use that site so we can bring you more photo collages!

Off to do some weight training now. Or maybe nap on the treadmill while Dad does weights. We'll see.

Play bows,

Friday, September 18, 2009

Photo Finish Friday

Tail wags, all! It's me, Stormy, here with Photo Finish Friday. Today, I'm bringing you our favorite pix of us from this week. Ready?

Here's the LabraDave himself, at the end of a play session:

I have to say, I don't get that whole "Fetch" thing, but he sure has fun with it!

How about those redheads? Here's Ammy, on alert in the front yard:

She's gorgeous, isn't she? I thought you boys would especially like that shot!

Here's Zimmie:

He was all fluffy after having a b-a-t-h. Mom mentioned something about all of us suffering that same fate before the weather turns nice (bitterly cold temps and snow), but we shall see!

Here I am:
Ammy had just told me something really funny!

Here's another shot of one of us:

Need a closer look?

Ha roo roo roo roo! That's what I was laughing about! Dad took those while he was out playing golf the other day. I think it shows he was thinking about us! (We introduced you to those two guys - and the additional husky in the pack - back at this link.)

With the weather cooling a bit, we've been able to go on nice, long walks together. The other morning, we stopped to pose up by our water tower.

Left to right: Ammy, me (Storms), Zim, Dad behind him, Dave

Pretty cool fan-out formation, don't you think?

Have a great weekend!
Tail wags,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nice News, Good News and ...

...and there's not quite as good news, too, but I'll get to that last!

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me - Ammy! We've gotten some really nice awards from some really sweet friends lately, but we fell way behind on recognizing them! Let me start today by giving thanks to some of our friends! (This is the 'nice news'!)

Our thanks to those handsome Goldens Paco and Milo and their dear little sister Maya for this award:

They said it translates to 'Your Blog is Like a Pearl - Rare, delicate and charming!' Thank you so much, dear friends!

Two other handsome boys with a very sweet sister, Woodrow, MJ and Sweetie presented us with this award:

Many thanks to you, as well! Please know that we continue to have Woody in our prayers!

And some really wonderful new friends, Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy & Bullet over at Piappies World gave us this lovely award:

Thank you VERY much! We look forward to getting to know you all better and are delighted to call you new friends!

The 'good news' revolves around the pink camo quilt that my mom made for me! I've tried it out now in my carrier and it's as comfy as it is pink!

Oh, yes! This is VERY comfy!

Mom doesn't usually make pouffy quilts, but she made this one extra pouffy just for me! And better still, she made it two times too big, so it gets folded in half to go in the carrier, so it's even MORE pouffy! Isn't that wonderful? It's very comfy!!! Thank you, Mom - I just love it!

...and now for the 'not quite as good news' that I mentioned.

Woo! Comfy!

That's right. Davy! Laying in MY carrier on MY pouffy pink camo quilt! Ha-rumph!

Oh well. He is the best big brother I have (and Stormy is the best big sister and Zimmie is the best little brother!), so I guess it's OK. And he does look comfy.