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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nice News, Good News and ...

...and there's not quite as good news, too, but I'll get to that last!

Hi everypuppy and everycat! It's me - Ammy! We've gotten some really nice awards from some really sweet friends lately, but we fell way behind on recognizing them! Let me start today by giving thanks to some of our friends! (This is the 'nice news'!)

Our thanks to those handsome Goldens Paco and Milo and their dear little sister Maya for this award:

They said it translates to 'Your Blog is Like a Pearl - Rare, delicate and charming!' Thank you so much, dear friends!

Two other handsome boys with a very sweet sister, Woodrow, MJ and Sweetie presented us with this award:

Many thanks to you, as well! Please know that we continue to have Woody in our prayers!

And some really wonderful new friends, Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy & Bullet over at Piappies World gave us this lovely award:

Thank you VERY much! We look forward to getting to know you all better and are delighted to call you new friends!

The 'good news' revolves around the pink camo quilt that my mom made for me! I've tried it out now in my carrier and it's as comfy as it is pink!

Oh, yes! This is VERY comfy!

Mom doesn't usually make pouffy quilts, but she made this one extra pouffy just for me! And better still, she made it two times too big, so it gets folded in half to go in the carrier, so it's even MORE pouffy! Isn't that wonderful? It's very comfy!!! Thank you, Mom - I just love it!

...and now for the 'not quite as good news' that I mentioned.

Woo! Comfy!

That's right. Davy! Laying in MY carrier on MY pouffy pink camo quilt! Ha-rumph!

Oh well. He is the best big brother I have (and Stormy is the best big sister and Zimmie is the best little brother!), so I guess it's OK. And he does look comfy.



  1. Oh we saw a lovely pic of Ammy and just had to come over right now. Hmmm. There's no bad news though is there? :)


  2. You look so beautiful in Pink!

    I have bad news.............

    Very bad news.

    My Dad and Jeannie went out on Saturday and when they got back, guess what they bought me.

    A new blanket. Except, can you believe this terrible news, the blanket was PINK!! Me, Marvin, in a PINK blanket.

    I need therapy!!

    My J says she hopes communication is AOK now too! After last evening's traumatic goings on, she truly is a technological challenge!

    lotsaluv Marvin xxxxx

  3. Purty in Pink Ammy! Maybe you can tease Dave off your blanket by saying he looks purty in pink too! or better yet, cuddle up next to him!

  4. Maybe your mom needs to make everypup else a big soft pouffy quilt too! Just so they don't try to steal yours!


  5. Uhm, we think that Davey should give you a little nibble of the next treat he gets for you bein' such a sweetheart to you brofur☺

  6. Well Ammy guess it just goes to show that Dave is in touch with his feminine side! Also comfortable with his own masculinity!
    Can't believe we just said that.....
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  7. Hey there, Ammy
    Congratulations on all those awards and new friends!
    Your poofy quilt has got my mom thinking - perhaps its time for her to make something for Us!
    Ammy - you look really beautiful (as always) against that pink and you are so gracious to share your sleeping spot.
    Lots of licks
    ps. That pic you sent our mom is magnificent!...she dreams about rubbing your silky fur...mmm...Autumn dreams!
    Love MAX

  8. Dave sure is a very cute blanket thief. We need mug shots.

  9. I guess Dave is just comfortable in his masculinity and is okay with pink.


  10. If I had a cute, sweet brother like FreckleSnoot Dave, I would give him anything I had. Maybe he wants Mom to make him a squishy new quilt like yours, and this is how he is telling you both!


  11. Dave -

    Listen, I tried to sit in Natasha's spot in the Jeep the other day and had to scoot really quick out of her way when she wanted it. But I think Ammy might be nicer.

    - Kodiak

  12. Congrad's on all your awards..
    You are so sweet to share you big puffy quilt.. Mom it is really beautiful..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  13. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Dear Ammy,
    Well you know your blanket is pink camo, and is extra pouffy, so you can't blame Davy for wanting to luxuriate in it for a while can you?

    Congratulations on the awards they are well deserved!

    Mr D

  14. Congrats on your awards! And we think Holly and KhadyLynn may be on to something there.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  15. Aww, Ammy - I think it's very nice of you to share with Dave. In fact, it looks like there would be enough room for BOTH of you on that comfy, poufy quilt! :-) Come on - do a bit of pink-quilt-snuggling! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  16. Ammy is so nice to share. But I think that Dave needs a new quilt for his kennel to match his collar.

    Princess Eva

  17. Congratulations on your awards! Ammy, you are so beautiful on your pink quilt and Dave is so handsome on it too! It's nice of you to share with him!

  18. I dunno Ammy. I'm not sure if pink is really Davy's colour.


  19. Oh, neat, you have a poufy pink quilt made by your mom. The best type there is. Made with love.

  20. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I've seem my Mommy have pink camo, green camo, blue camo, and purple camo... so maybe your Mom can make you EACH your OWN Poofy camo blanket for your carriers!


  21. Hi, Ammy!
    Congratulations on your Awards!
    Those are not bad news because I know you much you love them!
    It is very nice to share your things with them!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Hi Ammy! kongrats on all your well deserved awards! You sure look pretty in pink! So does Dave(not pretty but handsome) It's mighty nice of you to share it with him! Things are lot nicer when you have others to share them with right? Have a luvly day!


  23. Ammy, I love your camo quilt! Marge is going to be getting a crate soon, so I want to try to find something like that for her, too. Great job by your mom!

  24. Woo & Davy look so furry comfortable on the pouffy pink camo-quilt! It's nice of woo to share.
    Congrats on all the cool awards!

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  25. What nice puffy quilt you have Ammy. ;)

    ~ Bae

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  27. Dear Ammy, you look great on that pink quilt!!!And you are very good girl to let Dave to rest a little bit on it!!

    Kisses and hugs,

  28. He is probably just doing research to see how the pink goes with his eyes and coat. A guide dog to the color blind's work is never done!