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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Prescription Diet Treats

Hello, everyone!  It's me, Cammie.  I know we normally do a serene post on Sundays, but what could be more serene than posting about treats?!?  ... besides eating them, of course!  So today, let's talk treats!

"Does it get much more serene?"

Several days ago, Maggie had a bath.  She was really good during the bath (shower, actually, but whatever) AND the blow-dry.  She and Mom thought she deserved a special treat afterwards!

"C'mon, Mom!  I was super-cooperative!"

Mom had a nice, big treat for Mags ... but what about me?  If one of us gets a treat, the other has to have one, too!  And I'm on a prescription diet now!!!  Fortunately for me, my prescription food does have a coordinating treat - but not all diets do!  Knowing that I'd be bored not getting something extra, Mom went into the Ao4 Digest archives and dug up a recipe she used to make for Zimmie!

Knowing how to make these might help some of you out, so we thought we'd post how Mom makes these again!  (You can read Zim's run-down of them at this link!)

First, get about a cup of your prescription kibble.  Pour about twice as much boiling or hot water on it, cover it, and let it sit until the water has soaked in.  You might have to add more water - you'll know!  Mush it up with a fork.

At this point, your Mom or Dad might start referring to this as "stinky goodness".  Trust me, it smells SO GOOD!!!

Put it into an ice cube tray or a special mold.  As Zim mentioned, your biped might want to choose a tray or mold that won't be used for anything else.  Ever again.  Fortunately for me, Mom still had a tray she used for Zimmie's!

Stinky Goodness, ready to go!

It's OK if some of the kibble is still chunky.  It won't look as pretty, but it will still taste REALLY good!

Put the tray or mold into a zip-top plastic bag, seal it really well, and put it in the freezer.  In an hour or so, you'll have Frozen Stinky Goodness Treats!!!

Mom made these ones in a special bone-shaped mold!

OK, the top doesn't look real professional or anything, but who cares what they look like?  Here's the flip side:

YUMMY and pretty!

Once the treats have frozen, you can pop them out of the molds and store them in well-sealed zip-top bags in the freezer.  They are a tasty, tasty treat -- Maggie even likes the ones made with my special kibble!

A few days after Maggie's bath, I also got to have one.  Guess what I had afterwards?!?

"I Frozen Stinky Goodness Treats!!!"

Mom also used to make Zim's Stinky Goodness Jerky Treats.  You can see the "how to" on those at this link, but here's the quick low-down:  Use canned prescription food.  Slice very thinly, using a cheese cutter - you know, the kind with the wire.  Set into trays of a dehydrator in a single layer.  If at all possible (these are my mom's words, not mine), set it outside to cook.  She says you'll thank her for that; I say what could be better than your house smelling like Stinky Goodness for a few days?!?! Use the "jerky" or "high" setting, and dehydrate until desired crispness.  It all depends on what the food is, how thick you slice it, how humid your area is, and how crispy you'd like it.  Mom cooked Zim's for about 4 hours or so.  Cool, then store in zip-top baggies in the fridge.  OH.  Right.  Well-sealed ones.

We hope this might help some of you who are on prescription diets.  My Frozen Stinky Goodness Treats give me something different to enjoy!  They're cold, they're crunchy, and they help me get more water, too!  Do your bipeds have any tricks up their sleeves to help you enjoy being on a special diet?  We'd love to hear about it!

Have a serene, treat-filled day!



  1. I'm not on a prescription diet but these treats sure do look superYummy to me! Thank you for telling us how to make them! We need to store this info just in case.

  2. My mom remembers reading about stinky goodness treats...it made her laugh then and made her laugh again! But I don't care, wed ogs like stinky things!Mmmmm!


  3. Those treats look yummy. Luckily neither of us are on prescription diets.

  4. I love dogs....I have one and took care of him and I never compromise on his diet. Good article