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Monday, January 24, 2022

Not Quite

Hi everybody! It's me, Ragnar. Mags and I were helped our mom in her Studio yesterday for a bit. At break time, we thought we'd have a little fun - we have a game that's sort of a cross between Hide 'N' Seek and Snooter Jousting. Some zoomies thrown in there, too. I thought I'd found the perfect hiding space ...
"Where's Ragnar, Mags?!?"
"She'll never find me in here!"
"🎶 Oh, Ragnar!!!  🎶"

Can you see her little pointy ear sticking up just below the left hand corner of the TV?!?  I thought I had outfoxed her!  Then ...

"HA!!!  GOTCHA!!!"

So, it was a pretty good hiding spot - Mom didn't know where I was! - but not quite good enough when I'm up against Mags!  She is so good at figuring things out!  I'll look for a new spot today!



  1. It was a good try though. I would have had a hard time to find you.

  2. That studio sure looks like a fun place to play. You almost out foxed Maggie this time, Ragnar.