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Thursday, November 01, 2007

What's the Word?

Hi everypuppy! Amber here! Mom took Stormy and me out front the other day and we went over to check out some pretty flowers.

You know how I like jokes, right? I couldn't help myself. Our conversation went something like this - Stormy's words are in red; mine are in green.

Hey, Am! Check out these flowers! They look kinda like snowballs, don't they?
Oh, yes, they DO, Stormy!
They're cool! Hey ... what do bipeds call these?
I think I see Oswald.

I see Oswald!

Come on, Am, focus. You know ... it's on the tip of my tongue ... what's the word?
Oh, sorry Stormy. "Mum's" the word.
Oh...... Ammy! Grrrrrrroannnnnnnnn! I'm outta here.

Hee hee hee! "Mum's the word." Hee hee hee!

And I do see Oswald!

Have a happy day, everypuppy!



  1. spring is haven't come yet....n there are those lovely flowers around...

  2. Ammy...
    You are WAY too funny for your own good!!!

    Lots of Licks, ruby

  3. WHO is oswald? Do I need to worry?

    Pippa :(

  4. Ammy, you're the cutest ever!


  5. Hee hee hee!
    Pippa, if you're still out there ... click on my first mention of Oswald. It's a hyperlink. You have NO worries about Os... he's a BUNNY!

  6. we truely love you four and you are our idols, you love to serve people, dogs, or cats(not sqwirrels) and you have sensitivity foe the finnwr things of lifw....flowers, each otherlove from the platoon of four sadie aspeeding sandy and duke, p.s. a cat named jashper bell who is not of the platoon, but mission is to be chased by the platoon of four, except sleeps with sandy....isn't that weird

  7. Amber, you are so pretty and white! I wanted to write you a poem.

    The Human Assistant helped me. He said it is tailor-made for you. I thought it was Tucker-made! But here it is:

    You make good jokes
    You smarty pup!
    You're like a duck,
    You quack me up!

    Be sure to keep an eye on Oswald!

  8. Oh Am! You are a cutie, aren't you! Dad says hello too! It's good of you to be multi-tasking too! Hello to Mom and Dad, and the rest of Ao4! Love Rocky

  9. wooo that was a good one! Amber you should do comedy on TV like those stand up comedians!!

  10. Hehhehehehehe......that was very funny!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  11. Amber, I don't know how you come up with this stuff! You always have me rolling on the floor laughing.


  12. That's the ever-vigilant, funny Ammy I know! I'm snickering a lot at your joke, it's very, very funny. Poor Stormy!


  13. hahahahaha! Mum's the word!

  14. Such pretty flowers. Still blooming in November???

    Has Oswald decided that your back yard is now HIS home too?

    I have a bunny that I chase every morning up the road from our house by the church. One of these days I'm actually gonna catch him!


  15. You'all still have pretty flowers? Did you get to chase Oswald? I see you mom only had two of you out. Does she take all four of you out at once like that too?
    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  16. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Love all of the photos ladies! Oh Amber, one day, you will get Oswald! Have you left him a rent bill for all of the time he spend in your yard?

    Oh, we still have flowers blooming here too! What weird weather!

  17. ha ha ha! I am lovin it, Mums the Word!

    You are way too cool Amber!

    We have MacOswald and Wife here in my garden......