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Monday, November 12, 2007

Giant Walk, Part I

Ha roo, pups! Storm here! We had a GREAT walk we want to tell you about, but before I get started, I have another update on our dear friend Nikki! Remember ... she's our friend who is has moved with her bipeds from South Africa to Northern Cyprus!

Her mom is really grateful for all the good thoughts, prayers and crossed paws and fingers out there! Nikki is doing much better now - has sort of settled in to the routine. AND, here's the great news, keep those prayers coming, because Nikki may be released at the 2-week mark! That would mean busting out of jail on Friday! Let's all send Siberian (and other canine) mind-meld messages to the quarantine people to release Nikki! And keep those prayers and good thoughts coming!!!

OK, about the walk! It all started last week. Dad was out running the redheads; Dave, Mom and I went to find them. We met up with them near the entrance to the trail like always, then headed back up the hill to come home. Zim saw a cat, and being who he is, he sat down and refused to move.

CAT! Must ... stare. CAT!

It's all well and good when he does that at the house, but we had places to go! Scents to smell! New areas to explore! I had a few "roo"s with him:

Zim! Let's go! Get it in gear!

That's my ears in the bottom of the picture. Zim heard me loud and clear, and Dad appreciated me taking charge of the situation.

Thanks, Stormy.

That's what I'm here for. Anyway, when we got up to the top of the hill, we went down one of the new roads that's been cut in. Actually, right now the side road is only about 25 feet, but we went down the dirt trail at the end of that. How cool! We looked out into the valley area, where all kinds of activity is going on. Here's Amber, surveying the area.

I can see forever, you guys!

We saw a coyote running around down there the other day, but Mom didn't have the camera. He was as big as Zimmie! Speaking of whom ... here he is, taking a look.

Hey... I think the Giant left some of his Tonka Toys down there!

Dave went over to check it out.

I don't see the Tonka Toys, but I think I see a coyote!

Really? I had to go see.

That's Zim, Dave! The Tonka Toys are at my 1 o'clock. Check at about your 11.

He meant well, he was just facing the wrong way. Once I pointed him in the right direction, he saw the Tonkas down there. We were all fascinated and wanted to go down there. We sent Mom and Dad VERY strong mind-meld messages to take ... us ... down ... there. Being putty in our paws, Dad said something about "maybe Saturday we should go on a long walk down there and check it out." Oh, COOL! And guess what? We DID!

We saw incredible things and will share it all with you tomorrow. We even went up to the Giant's castle!!! Until then ~

Tail wags,


  1. That is such an pawsome view looking over!

  2. Cool!!! Hey the other day we on our walk I was checking out the walk ways to peoples houses and guess what!!?? The door like totally opened!!! I was so thrilled but then Mom and Papa wouldn't let me meet him!!! So unfair!

  3. Zim sits when he sees a cat? That's strange, we usually try to chase them.

    Wow, that view looks soooo familiar, almost like..... Nebraska! Ha woo woo woo!

    Can't wait for your giant photos! I think there is one living in Iowa too! You'll have to check my blog later tonight.


  4. wow do we love that couuuuuuntry..........give me a mission looing for that coyoteee.......sadie and duke

  5. Maybe Zim trained as an MP K9? Detect cat, alert with sit?

    The Human Assistant doesn't like to see all that nice open space filled up. He's not sure he can look at the next installment of the story. :-(

  6. You four are so good at keeping us on the edge of our seats! The Giant's castle? I can't wait to see.


  7. That sure is a pawsome walkie. Zim is so cute to just sit and stare at CAT. Amber you're sitting real high there. Can you see me from there??

    ~ Girl girl

  8. BOL, I love you guys... you're so funny! It was a great view though, and fun walk!

  9. Hiya Stormy!

    Wow, your countryside around you looks so different from ours! Well I guess it would have to be, seeing as you are all in Kansas, US of A and I am in bonnie Scotland!

    I have never seen a Coyote! Is a "Coyote Ugly?"!!

    I always stare at cats too, so Zim has my sympathy.

    I am sending Marvin Mind Meld Messages to Nikki!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  10. I do not recommend sitting down when seeing cats.

    Otherwise, how can you chase them?


  11. Holy Moley, a coyote?? We don't have them around our place, thank goodness!!