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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Miscellaneous Answers

Ha roo, pups! It's me - Zim. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing all the pictures Mom took on our Giant Walk over the course of the past two days. Wowzers, did we have fun! In the comments sections, some of you asked some great questions, and I thought I'd field a few of them here. But FIRST....

This just in this morning! "Two more sleeps and Nikki is free!!!" is the good word today! Her mom sent us the great news that she will be sprung from quarantine at the 2-week mark! She sends thanks to everyone for all the prayers and good thoughts! First stop for Nikki will be the vet's for a thorough check-up, then HOME! We can't wait to hear all about her adventure and to see some pictures of her in her new home in Northern Cyprus!

So ... about our walk! Holly was surprised that I sit when I see a cat. Tucker thought that perhaps I trained as an MP K9 and that I alert to cats by sitting. Ha roo roo roo. I like that one! The truth is I am fascinated by cats! Simply fascinated! I like to sit quietly and study them. Pippa - we don't chase cats, we just stare. Quietly. It's what we do. Sort of like snipers.

Girl Girl thought the view was incredible and asked if Amber could see her from high up on our perch! Am said she thought she could! Hi, GG!!! ;) Did you see us wagging our tails at you?

Marvin said he's never seen a coyote and asked if they're "Coyote Ugly". I think that's a reference to a movie .... but no! In REAL life, coyotes are quite handsome. Trust me - people ask all the time if I'm a coyote, so I should know.

Tucker was amazed by our hills. Tuck - aren't you familiar with Ski Kansas? Ha roo - just kidding.

Koobie wanted to know how long the walk was and Kat wanted to know how long we usually walk! The Giant Walk was probably 4 miles, Koobie. It seemed longer because it was all new turf so we had to do a lot of sniffing and all. Kat, every day us redheads do about a 3-mile run with Dad while Mom walks Storm and Dave about a mile and a half. If it's cool out, we'll do another walk all together, probably another couple of miles. Broken up like that, it's less taxing on us! Mom and Dad and ALL of us were totally thrilled that we could all take the big walk together! This all ties in to Mom's favorite saying, "A tired Siberian is a good Siberian." Stormy says all Siberians are good; it's a question of how well the bipeds have been trained. Ha roo roo roo, Stormy's so smart!

Me, relaxing after the walk and a Zoomie session

We loved all of your comments. We really appreciate all of you who read the blog, and leave comments when you can! We'll be sure to bring the camera on our next great adventure - we wish we could take ALL of you with us, but sharing pictures is the next best thing!

Until next time ~

Play bows,


  1. We so enjoyed your walks. We don't get to do that here. I do get to do zoomies in the yard.

    Thanks for sharing your walks with us.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  2. Hey Zimmie, nice pose I do that too! Mom's always asking me if I'm comfortable and my answer is always...what do you think? I mean really what kind of question is that? Does you Mom ever ask you that? You'd think the answer is so obvious we wouldn't do it otherwise right? Oh and China wanted to tell you that people think she's a coyote too and even a wolf sometimes! We hear the coyotes making a fuss when we go on our walks, but we just ignore them and continue checking pee-mail.

  3. Do you read Dusty Doodles' blog? He gets to talk to coyotes!

    His mom even took a picture of one!

  4. Maya Marie: I wish you could come with us!

    Madie: Thank you; it's one of my favorite poses! I get that all the time, too, about if I'm comfy! We must make relaxing look like a science!
    Tell China she's in good company! :)

    Tucker: I hadn't read his blog in a while - thanks for the reminder! I left him a comment!
    Those coyotes are like family to me - they taught me how to talk before Stormy did!

    Play bows,

  5. That is the great thing about this community, through photos we share we are all traveling the world every time we visit a different dog blog! Thanks for sharing your corner of the map with us!

  6. We all love our walks too! And I had so much fun on my road trip. Did you see my last post? Did you see what I found? I think you will be quite excited!!

    You look very comfy in that pose!


  7. Wow, Army of 4 - That was some walking adventure! You are all so lucky! I think you should move into that new building as your new Aof4HQ...more room for top secret expeditions & stuffie torture dungons...just an idea...

    Love & Licks,

  8. Joe: We love seeing everypup's area, too! It's so cool! Our geography has improved since we started our blog!

    Holly: Dave just surfed over. He tried to leave a comment earlier, but Blogger ate it! Or maybe the GIANT got it!
    You're VERY brave!

    Randi: What a great idea! I'll run it past Stormy!

    Play bows,

  9. Wow. It really looks like you had fun! I'm learning to like walks more and more; for a while, I got scared at the park after being snapped at by some mean dogs and mama had to struggle with me every step of our walks. But now I meet her at the door to go when it's time!

  10. We sure enjoy your adventures and we are so glad that you share them with us. It makes us feel as though e are neighbors instead of 5 whole states away. someday, we'll all get to walk together!

  11. Thanks for answering my question! I am looking forward to our walks in Washington! We will have to smell EVERYTHING!


  12. is so kind of ur to response to all ur frens comments...

  13. Izzie: That's really great that you've conquered your fear! Way to go! We love going on walkies!

    Guinness & Shiloh: We love reading about everypup's adventures! There's something COOL going on EVERYwhere!

    Kat: You're welcome! Be sure to take your camera with you so we can go on a virtual walk with you!

    Pacco: We try very hard to respond to everyone's commments in the comment section - but we got way behind! We're going to work on that again!

    Play bows, all!

  14. hello zim

    I know I am going to be rubbish in the army

    I can not sit and stare at cats like a sniper

    cats are for chasing


  15. Zim - we are sooooo glad you "got" my comment about coyote ugly, after I left it I was not sure if you were all familiar with the film!

    Good news on Nikki!

    oh I do not just sit quietly where cats are concerned, but that is another, completely, another darn story in my life history.

    Love and licks, ps my Jeannie is still recovering from my escapade with a cat.......

    she is still, still, mark you, lying down in a darkened room after the incident......

    more another time

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxx