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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Videos of Us ...Watching Videos

Woo, it's me - Dave! Before I get started, I'd like to wish the US Marine Corps a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hoooo-rah! Hey, Echo - check the size of that cake! Woo.

Did you watch and listen to the video the bee-woo-tiful Hollybollyboo posted the other day? She sang a duet with her Samoyed brother Monty. They sounded really nice and Mom thought she would shoot a video of me listening to my special friend sing! I listened ... but I knew she wasn't really here. So ... well, you know. But here I am.

As you can see, Zim was more interested than I was. I am more of a "live and in perrrrr.... uh... canine" kind of guy; Zim is more techno savvy, I guess! Here he is again:

We thought Holly and Monty sounded really great!

Then Mom said our very bee-woo-tiful friend Frankie sent us a link to a video of her! And her Chocolate Bunny Lab sister Maddie speaks some Bark in it! I was a little more engaged in listening to this one (Storm said it's because I heard "a fellow Lab" talking ... but I'm sure she was just kidding), but mostly Zim was the one listening to Frankie. He hung on EVERY word - and could even tell when she was done!

It was great listening to and watching both of you. I think Zim really thought you were here! I knew you weren't .... that's why I wasn't as interested!



  1. You guys listen so quietly! I'd be barking my head off for them to answer me back! Those are very cool videos!

    Love ya lots,

  2. WHOA! That's some cake! We watched you guys watching the computer, listening to Holly and Monty's bewootiful voices. Harrooorrrooo! It has inspired me to bone up on my howling skills.

  3. WooooooooS to woo two!

    I'm not a howler - my hu-mom wishes I wooooold talk like HollyBBB and Monty -

    Instead, I've got a nasty shrill annoying bark!


    Zim surely like to watch and listen!

    Wags to ya both,


  4. That was cool. Do you'all sing like that? Mom says we can't sing a all here. Oh well.

    Your mom's desk is so clean. Who is in charge of that duty? Our desk looks like it gave birth to lots of paper and stuff. It's so embarrassing.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  5. Hi guys,
    We also very interested in Holly and Monty's beautiful singing! When mum played those vids I was sleeping but soon became alert when I heard that woooing sound. Do you guys do that all together sometimes?

  6. Grrrrrreat Videos Dave and Zim!

    We too enjoyed listening and watching Holly and Monty singing!

    I would like to see a video of all four of you singing! (not that I am setting your poor Mama any more difficult video tasks of course!!)

    I also enjoyed the Frankie Video, as Dave, like you I appreciate Bark!

    (I understand Bark was a famous composer!!!!!! or was that Bach?)

    That last line is dedicated to Amber, 'cos I know she loves to joke!

    Mucho love and licks, your friend Marvin xxxxxxx

  7. It confuses me sometimes when Mom is listening to videos on the computer. Her cell phone has a bark ring and that really makes me confused!


  8. Hey Zim! I'm so glad you liked our singing! Frankie did a great job too!

    Dave, I promise some day I will really be there in canine, to woo at you!


  9. hey i'm sarting to get an appreciation for all siberian dogs, male or female, healthy or sickly, fat or skinny loves speeding sadie sandy silly and jasper bell

  10. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Oh you guys are so attentive! Zim, you were really listening to every woo on the videos. That is totally awesome. Oh, I love Storm in the video positioned by the air/heat vent!!!

  11. Good listening skills, Zim!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  12. Great videos! Mom made a video of me tonight, watching Pretty Sled Dogs. I loved that movie!

    Zim is so...ZIM! :)


  13. BOL! Love the videos! We usually bark back at stuff like that... good times, good times...