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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back Issues

Ha roo, pups, it's me - Zim. I don't mean "back issues" like copies of old magazines, I mean ... apparently I have some issues with my back. Twice on Thursday night, I went to curl up and lay down -- like this, only without the complex pose of resting my chin on the lower step ...

and I screamed, "OUCH!" Mom and Dad and everypuppy were real concerned, because we never yelp! I did it again at 0400 Friday (yesterday) morning, when I rolled over to get comfy on my puppy bed. "OUCH!" All kinds of scary scenarios raced through Mom and Dad's heads, and they knew it was so unusual for me they should take me to the vet's.

Mom called as soon as they opened, and the nice ladies there said she could bring me in as soon as rounds were over (0900) and they'd fit me in when they could. Wow, was that nice!

It was a really long day (we got home just before 6!) and all the people there worked really hard trying to figure out why I hurt! I just wasn't acting like myself at all - I was really hurting! I feel bad about that - it was the first time I'd met Dr. Dixon, the very wonderful vet who has treated Stormy and Dave before. (There are hyperlinks there to remind you - but of note is that Dr. Dixon has very special feelings about our Stormy; she is the vet who diagnosed Stormy's very bad lump that she had removed!) Needless to say, I've heard great things about her, but I was really hurting and she had to give me a very thorough orthopedic-type of exam and move all my joints and poke me and stuff. At one point, near the end of the day, she apologized to me for making me hurt. I offered her a sweet smooch on the nose - my way of saying, "No hard feelings!" I knew she had to do those things to figure out what was wrong! She and Mom said they should have checked the Ao4 Digest to see if I mentioned in the blog what was hurting! Ha roo roo roo.

They took some blood and did abdominal radiographs and all kinds of stuff. One of my liver enzymes was a bit elevated, so to rule out any chance that my liver was giving me problems, they also did an abdominal ultrasound. They had to shave my tummy for that, and given my heightened state of anxiety, they decided it would be best to sedate me. (I have a bad history with clippers, back from before I came to my furever home. They freak me out!) My liver and miscellaneous tummy parts looked fine! The problem seems to be something called "spondylosis", degenerative changes in my lumbar vertibrae.

It's a normal aging kind of thing, and usually doesn't cause pain. If I understand correctly, and remember, I wasn't myself yesterday and frankly Mom was so worried, she wasn't much good at remembering things she didn't write down!, it's bone that forms sort of a "bridge" between the vertibrae or a sort of thickening of the bone. Usually we don't show clinical signs of having it; it's just found when they're looking for other stuff. Sometimes, however, that new bone can put pressure on a nerve ... which makes me go "OUCH!" Oh, it hurts!

The really good news is that it can be treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and pain killers. I started my meds last night before bed time and hopefully will be good as new in a week or two. I'll still have the spondylosis, but not the pain - even once I stop taking the meds. Oh, yeah. One more thing. Dr. Dixon said no Zoomies, no jumping, no walks!, no horsing around with Dave, Am or Stormy for at least a week! That's going to be SO hard! I'm everypuppy's best playmate! I even had to sleep in the carrier last night. And the DOOR was on it! Oh, sure, sometimes I sleep in there anyway, but it's one thing when it's my choice and another when it's Mom's! And I thought we'd gotten rid of the door!

If Mom or Dad watch me real close, I can just be on house-arrest instead of having to be crated all the time, which is good. Maybe if I hide and they can't see me, they'll forget to crate me if they have to go out.

Don't anypuppy tell them where I am, OK?

Play bows,

PS: Mom said she wanted me to blog about this in case this happens to any of you guys. It was very scary for all of us! She and Dad are really glad they took me to the vet's. And if Dr. Dixon is out there ... thank roooooo for fitting me in on such a busy day! And hopefully next time I see you, I'll be more like the debonair guy I normally am!


  1. Awwwwww - sorry about your issues BUT those special bi-peds of yours certainly attent-hut'd right to it fur ya!

    Healing Woos and Wags - sent gently mind woo!



  2. Hey Zim. Sorry to hear about your back. I'm glad that your vet got everything figured out and that you're on your way to feeling better.


    PS. No one will ever find you there.

  3. Too much bone. The Human Assistant says he sometimes gets [intracranial spondylosis -- mr_ed] when he does something bone-headed. ::Big Husky Grin::

    Timber had it real bad. Before I got here. Did the vet say anything about massage? H.A. says she liked that sometimes.

  4. Great place to hide your head Zim. No-one will ever see you there. And do hope your back stops hurting.
    Don't go jumping up AT ALL. That's very important.

  5. Sam was just diagnosed as having a little spondylosis too. And dad's dog Cyrus had it too. I hope your meds work, and you are pain free soon. Sorry about no zoomies and no walks, and no playing. That's the suckiest part.


  6. Poor Zimmie! We hope you get lots of yummy stuff and attention and everything for being hurt! Our Mom doesn't like it when we get hurt she gets really upset so remember be charming to your Mom to make her feel better too.
    China & Madie

  7. Oh Zimmie, I hate hearing that you are in any kind of pain. You are my hero, you know! I am so glad that your back can be easily treated. I am super relieved.

    You keep us posted on how you're feeling, OK?

    Also - remeber the first rule of hiding - if you can't see them, they can't see you!!!!


  8. Zim - our thoughts are with you.

    I am doing a Marvin Mind Meld to get you well again.

    Please keep safe. Love and healing and sincere licks, your pal Marvin in Scotland!

    pee ess I want my Zim back, happy and healthy, dog speed your recovery, best boy!


  9. Get better soon, pal!

    Because you're in some pain, I won't rib you about the purple c-a-t-s.

  10. Oh Zim - we're so happy the vet figured out what was wrong. Thank dogness it's something that's pretty easily treated. No playing for awhile will be the hardest part! You can get lots of rest and think of things to write on the Digest.

  11. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Oh my sweet handsome Zimmie. I am so sorry to hear that you have had some back pains. I wish I could come over there ans give you a big wet lick on the snooter! Take it easy and get well soon!

  12. Woofs out to you there Zim. It's not fun to have ouchies that grab ya when a guy is just trying to get comfy!! It's times like these that those little livergreat sandwiches are the best. When I had the red drips coming from my sniffer I overheard Mom say something like..."He'll never even know he's getting a pill if I put it in some livergreat". Well, I don't know exactly what a pill is, but if it comes with livergreat..well, how bad can it be? Hope you feel better soon.

  13. That's so pawsome that your bipeds take so much of their time to spend on all of you. Woo woo, to your docs for being so thorough. Hope your feeling better soon!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  14. Thanks for telling us about this condition! It must be hell not being allowed to play. I remember after mommy took me in for the Big Snip (I still don't know what that really means, just that I had to spend another night at the scary pound) and I wasn't allowed to horse around. Not Fun. I hope that you're feeling better soon and that you can play!

  15. Oh my goodness, Zim! You have us woo-rried about you. Hope the meds help. Good hiding spot - you blend right into the carpet! If a good story helps you feel better, our mom just posted the Penguin story -- please tell Amber cause she REALLY wanted to hear it. Get better quick, Zimmers.

    Wooos & a-Roos,
    Star & Jack

  16. Zoomieless Zim? That is gonna take some special attention. Please take care of yourself so you can get back to your regular activities! Walks won't be the same without you.

    Dachsies kisses!
    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  17. Oh my gosh Zimmie! We've been away from blogging for a week and tuned in today to find that our favourite Sibe is having troubles with his back. I hope that the meds are doing their job and that you are not in pain anymore. How are you going to manage with the no Zoomies thing?
    We are thinking of you.
    Jazz and Dixie

  18. Zim, we're really sorry to hear about your back. We're glad your vet found out what it was and maybe will help ease the pain. Your humans sure are smart to take you to the vet so fast! We won't tell them where you were hiding but just so you know..the crate doesn't have to be a bad thing. Maybe get a kong filled with treats....YUM...my favorite.

  19. OH BOY Zim... please feel better buddy...don't think of it as house arrest, but more like taking a little vacation. Just take your meds and take it easy.

    Lots of get well soon Licks, Ruby

  20. Zim, we hope you are feeling better this morning. Mom was concerened something was wrong when she didn't see a new post.
    We are sending you good sibe vibes and lots of husky hugs and kisses.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  21. Hey, I can't believe all the good wishes! Thanks, everypup! I'm really feeling a lot better - Mom said that's because of the meds. I don't really know how she's giving them to me, but I know I'm getting some CHICKEN twice a day! Ha ROO!
    You guys are the bestest!
    Careful play bows,

  22. woofies Zim, dat one good thing bout being sick, u gets more food, lol dey not no we no dey sumtimes hide pills in it..but watt the heck, chicken is chicken, right...get to feelin better soon...

    b safe,

  23. Zimmie, we are so sorry to hear you have the Ouchies. I know how you feel. I have the spondylosis-thingy too. I don't know how to hide like you and Mati do, but I'm sure that will work.

    Remember, play safe. Lots of Love, Rocky.

  24. Whats a zim without some zoom?! I am glad it is nothing very serious and that you will be better soon. I won't tell anyone where you are hiding and I hope they don't find yOU!

  25. Poor Zim. Our Mom can give you a recommendation to our K9 chiropractor who is also a vet. Give a woo if you want the name. She's in Kansas City.

  26. ZIM! I was so busy trying to write every episode of every show because of this silly writers strike that I hadn't had a chance to read your blog. What with my agent constantly calling and all these stupid stars complaining about their dialog and junk. I'm sorry to hear that you are having back issues. I'll have the spineless bionic hip puppy give you a call on how to milk the humans for attention and being waited on hand and foot.

    Get better immediately!


  27. Poor Zim! That had to be really scarey both for you and your family. I know when any of us doesn't feel good, Mom is a mess. I hope your tummy doesn't itch too much once your hair starts growing back. I haven't been shaved for anything in a really long time, but I remember the itching!
    Feel better soon!