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Friday, November 02, 2007

A Castle!

Ha roo, pups! Stormy here! Yesterday was a really lovely day (for a day without snow and sub-zero temperatures ...!) and the Ao4 and our bipeds went on a great walk. It would have been great to have all of you with us. We did the next best thing - had Mom take the camera.

Here are the boys heading down the next street over.

Dave and the Z-man

They look like they're on a mission, don't they? They were. We all were! We were headed into the area where the elusive Giant lives. We had to see what he'd been doing all summer!

We got up towards the top of the hill on the big street, where the Giant has apparently been very busy! Remember last year we showed you where he had left a bunch of giant candy corn laying around? This is the same area! Check out the pix at that hyperlink, then compare them to what we saw yesterday! Here's Am, checking it out!

Look, everypuppy! He built a castle!

Cool, huh? It's actually an entire village built around his castle (the big tower!), if I read this sign right! Take another look:

We posed for a couple family pictures up there, while we were at it. This was one of the better ones:

Left to right: Zim, Dave, Dad, Ammy, and me (Storms)

Our house (Ao4 HQS) is on the hill sort of right behind Dad. Up there on the left, you can see the Giant's dog's water bowl, too. You can check those hyperlinks for reminders, if you feel so inclined.

Here's another shot of the four of us. It was great of us. Unfortunately, Mom cropped Dad's head off ... so she cropped it down a little further. Same order as in the pic above.

Zim, Dave, the Yammer and me (Storm)

I was pretty happy about discovering the Giant's castle, and gave Mom a quick smile. She had the camera at the ready! The photo is a little out of focus, but Mom thinks it still shows off my winning smile real nice. What do you think?

Mission accomplished, we headed home. Am and I led the way.

Ammy and me heading home

What a great walk. And a great discovery! Hope you all enjoyed coming with us!

Tail wags,


  1. Wow, you got some big mushrooms! We had some in the yard. But they fit under a bush.

    They did look like a village, though. Can only two mushrooms be a village? Even if they're big ones?

  2. OOOO you guys look so handsome and pretty! I wish I could go for walkies with you!

    The Giant's castle is coming along really nicely - we're impressed!


  3. What great pics of the 4 of you!!

    Wow, the Giant's village has sure gone up fast. Maybe he will have some nice doggie friendly places there for you to walk around and sniff!

    We are having lovely weather here too. Nice and cool (60's) during the day, and good and chilly during the night. Going to be below freezing next week at night, so we are REALLY going to like that!


  4. wow, our mom n dad love castles and are jealous of you having one to visit. we're just having a good time keeping up with all of your exploits

  5. Anonymous7:02 PM

    Wow! I love the photo of all of you with your dad! Wish your mom was in it. It is cool that you saw some more candy corn and CAT stuff. Wow, that is cool. I remember when I met some of those CAT things. You guys always find cool stuff!

  6. Looks like a great walk. Thanks for the tour too! We loved the group pics. :)

  7. Those are great pictures! I know how hard my mom has to work at getting a good picture of us, so I bet your mom has to work double hard since there are double the amount of huskies in your family! (See how good I am at math?)


  8. Stormy, You look ADORABLE in your winning smile photo, that is what I think.

    And it must be so cool to live near that castle! Heres to many more cool discoveries.

    Frankie Grrl

  9. Wow that's exciting. I wonder if you will get to visit the castle once it is occupied. I noticed something on your family picture....is Ammy the largest member of the Ao4????

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  10. Woo all see the coolest stuff on your walkies, and we love all the pawsome pics you take to share with everypup! (& we're thinkin y'all pups have your Christmas Card photo!...edit out some leashes (& daddy legs), edit in some festive red & green bows...)

    We put a post up about our adventure at the Husky Howl pawty last weekend, but then we put up another post about a sibe that's been lost since May, and his mommy's efforts to find him. It's sad to read & made mama's eyes leak, but you troopers get SO many visitors we thought you could check it out & help spread the word so everypuppy remembers to keep their eyes open for Blue, he could be anywhere!
    The AO4 is the best at watchin everypups "sixes", we just know y'all will help put a call out to all the troopers to keep their eyes & ears open & snooters to the ground! Blue sounds like he's a really special & much loved pup & come sledding time (soon!) his pack is really gonna miss their leader, maybe somepuppy out there (or their human) has seen or heard somethin that could help get him back home before then.
    Bama & the RHP

  11. What a great adventure! That giant sure has been busy. That sure is a great picture of your smile, Stormy! And we also like your group shots. You guys look so great together! Glad you liked our snow video. We can't wait to make more! Belly Rubs, Tasha & Eva.

  12. Hi guys,
    Thanks for taking us on the walk with you! We just love it when you post group photos. You are all looking - its a good one! Wow that is some construction going on there in giant land!
    Jazz and Dixie

  13. Tucker: "Mushrooms"? Ha roo roo roo! I'll make sure Am sees that!

    Marls: I wish you could come, too!

    Holly: Thank roo! Zim is hoping for a coffee shop, but I'm not sure that's in the works!

    JJ: Thanks! And thanks for stopping by!

    Guinness & Shiloh: Isn't it cool!?!?

    Sitka: Thanks! Yeah, wasn't the CAT stuff cool? You found some, too, didn't you?

    Amici: Mom always TRIES to take group photos ... but we're at our most cooperative when we're tired! :)

    Steve: EXCELLENT math skills! And it's a good challenge for our mom. Ha roo!

    Frankie: Thank roo, you're so sweet! I wish you and Maddie could come explore it with us!

    Kelsey Ann: There is supposed to be a "fine dining" restaurant going in - I'm all for visiting THAT when it gets done!
    Amber actually weighs less than Dave, but her coat is so thick that she looks bigger. Dave has a short coat.

    Bama: We'll be right over to check it out! That's great that you guys are trying to help Blue!

    Tasha and Eva: Thanks, girls! Hey ... imagine if there had been SNOW all over! Wouldn't that have been great!?!?!

    Jazz & Dixie: We're glad you could come along! :) We love seeing all the adventures on your blog so when we can share something exciting like this castle, it's our pleasure!

    Tail wags, all!

  14. You are so good to your humans!! We have to walk in shifts here and I usually have to go last. That's OK though...I get them all to myself when that happens.
    Thanks for checking about adding me to you links, I think that is great. My bipeds are driving down to Kansas City tomorrow for some "Packing" thing at some Indian Chief's house. Too bad I can't convince them to bring me to Kansas, I'd like to see the Giant's Castle too.
    Have a fun weekend.

  15. I felt like I was right there with you guys! So is the giant a king or something? I think I need a castle!

  16. Lovely pics! But how is your Dad now?

    Hope he is ok, after being be-headed!

    Thought this sorta stuff only happened in my British History....does your Mama think she is some kinda Henry The Eighth????????

    "off with their heads".....

  17. oh and the Giant's village sure has gone up fast!