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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sew What Sunday

Woo, everypup. It's me, Dave! We'd usually do a Sunday Salute today, but our week has been sort of "off" after the big scare with Zim and all. We're still re-grouping and really don't have a Salute prepared ... so Stormy said I should share some of the projects I've been helping Mom with.

Before I get to it, I want to do two things!
#1. A huge THANK WOO to all of you for the good wishes for Zim. The meds seem to be working for him - he hasn't yelped out in pain since they kicked in and he's getting lots of rest. It's hard not being able to play with him!
#2. Another big THANK WOO! This one to Marvin, who nominated us for the Awesome Blog Award! Marvin, you are really a great friend! Thank woo! We are truly honored! Please stop by the Bone Zone at Dogs With Blogs and cast your vote! Good luck to our fellow nominees: Freda, Sir Chance-Lot, and Nanook & Pooka!

On to our projects! Amber showed you the checkbook cover we made as a sample for the Bernina Shoppe.

That's one of our jobs - making samples for the shop using their patterns or fabrics or both - to inspire the customers or give them ideas! (Mom also works with Moseley and Bristol, the Labs, ghost-writing their blog for them.) Here are a couple more little projects we made for the shop.

Above is a little change purse - it's about 3 inches square, if memory serves me. The colors were a little wild for me, but as Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind, I made sure they all "go". Here is another little change purse, below:

Same size, different embellishments.

We also made some scented sachets that look like a stack of pillows and embellished them.

Unfortunately for this hard-working GDFTCB, the biggest pillow was only about 5 inches across, so I couldn't rest my weary head on it. Woo.

Here I am, on a well-deserved break in our Quilt Studio. I was going through some of Mom's fabs - I wanted to do stuff with them!

Woo, Mom. Can't we play with our own fabs?

She said we could, so we finished up this scrappy table runner. The pattern is called "Spider Web". Cool, huh?

Here's a close-up for you.

Mom said the fabs are ones she's been saving from quilts she had made from when she first started quilting! There are lots of memories stitched up in this runner!

Speaking of table runners, we made one in Christmas fabrics, using a technique called "Magic 9-Patch". We made a bigger quilt that way for the shop (it's the one Bristol is laying on in that post), but this one is using our fabs.

Bristol interviewed Mom about how to do this; they put up a tutorial of sorts on the Bernina Boys' Blog. We haven't quilted the runner yet, but it's in the "to do" stack!

And here's Mom's latest "hand work" project. I got to choose lots of colors for it! Even though Mom loves to machine quilt with her Bernina, she is a hand-quilter at heart. She also hand-pieced the little Grandmother's Flower Garden pieces here and hand-appliqu├ęd everything. Doesn't this look like it would be great to snuggle under?

Yeah. That's what I thought, too. But here's some size perspective for you:

Woo. I need a bigger quilt!

We've been working on some jewelry and little purses, too, getting Christmas gifts ready! A Guide Dog for the Color Blind's work is never done!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of our latest projects!



  1. My mom says she is so jealous. She's lucky if she gets into her sewing room once a month. SHe hopes at least to ge the little bipeds quilt done, but her sewing machine has not been behaving. Bewootiful work and great color selection.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  2. What great projects. Mistress has not done sewing stuff for years although she used to like it. Paws still crossed for Zimmie and hope he's doing fine.


  3. Wow, so pretty! Your mom is pretty talented! It's a good think she has you to help her make sure it will all turn out color coordinated!


  4. woofies A04, dose projects wuz bute ti full...me specialy likieded da quilt...u must b soo proud dave to b able to help ur mama so much..sendin prayers dat zim feelies better soon..

    b safe,

  5. Daveedo, I hope your mom thinks you are fab for modeling for her!

    It's great that she likes table runners! Of course we want pictures of you and the girls being zoomie table runners!

    "Taking it to the next level!!!" (as an atrocious, very overused cliche says).

    And I hope Zimbo's meds give him enough relief that he can join you up there!

    Do you suppose some Siberian massage would help him? It's like Swedish massage. Only instead of a Swede pushing down hard on your back, a Sibe jumps on you.

    Better ask him before you try it, though.

  6. Dave, your Mom is sooo talented! And you too for being such a big helper. I hope you are helping Zimmie feel better too. Be well, and play safe. Love Rockstar and Mati

  7. Oh that's so bewoooootiful! Our Mom can't sew. No....we mean she really CANNOT sew! We duck and cover when we see her going for the sewing basket because things don't usually go well. She wishes she could quilt though. These photos inspire her to try a bit harder she said. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your mom is so talented! Our mom drools over all of the quilts she makes! Paws are crossed for you Zim!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Your mom is so much more talented then my mom. All she does is read. Oh and she can make soap if she feels like it.

  10. wow, your Mom is pawesome, I think I have said that before but it needs to be said again! Dave, you are one busy busy dog!

  11. Your human is so talented!! All of those items were beautiful and very well done!

    You definitely surprised us size wise with the "snuggling under the blanket". It is awfully pretty though.

    We're glad Zim is doing better. We hope he'll be able to play again soon! Hope the rest of you aren't teasing him too much!

  12. Woooo Dave... We all love all the projects you & your Mom are working on. Such beautiful work. Give Zim a big smooch for us... Glad he's doing better!
    Wags, The Husky Hill Gang

  13. Kholour blind or not, all the pieces are GREAT!

    Once upon a time - years and years ago - my hu-mom khould use a sewing thing -

    But as Dwight Yoakam says 'Baby things change'

    Give Zim a husky high five fur me please!



  14. A_woooooos, those are beautiful projects! Our hu-mom LOVES those beautiful colors on the change purses. Your mom is really talented!
    Woo, we're relieved to hear Zim is feeling better. please give him some ear snuffles from us.

    Woos & a-rooos,
    Star & the Jack a-Roo

  15. Your mom really needs her own on line quilt and jewlery site! She does such beautiful work, everyone should be allowed to buy it!! Then, she can make extra money to give you more treats!!!!


  16. Dave - your Mum's work (with your assistance of course!) is truly amazing.

    The colours and sewing are just wonderful.

    I especially like the colour mixes you chose.

    Paws crossed for dear Zimmie too.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx

  17. What great work you are doing Dave...looks like you are SOOOO busy. Now don't work too hard!!!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  18. oh, darling Zimmie! We sure hope you are feeling better and stay that way very soon. Medicine is wonderful and it is such a godsend!

    Dave, you are such an awsome help to your mom and her stuff looks gorgeous. Our mom especially loves the handwork piece and is officially jealous.

  19. Kelsey Ann: Thank woo - and we can't wait to see the quilt your mom is making for the baby biped!

    Pippa: Thank woo for the crossed paws for Zim! Maybe your mom will get back into sewing! I love to help mine!

    Kat: Thank woo! I love helping my mom!

    Lacy: Thank woo - especially for the prayers for Zimmie!

    Tucker: Mom loves me - I'm her Davy-doggy!
    Hmmm... I jump on Zim's back all the TIME, but Mom doesn't seem to think it would be a good idea right now. I don't know why not!

    Rocky & Mati: Thank WOO!

    Echo: Thank woo! Your mom with sewing sounds like our mom with sharp objects. Woo.

    Maggie & Mitch: Thank woo!

    Peanut: Thank woo. Reading is good. You could snuggle with your mom while she reads - I'm sure she'd find that helpful!

    Joe: Thank woo - you're making me AND mom blush!

    Amici: Thank woo so much! We're trying not to tease Zim ... but we want our playmate back! He's everypuppy's best play-friend!

    Husky Hill Gang: Thank woo on all fronts! Did you get our "thank you" email for the Halloween treats?

    Khyra: Thank woo - and will do!

    Star & Jack A-roo: Thank woo. I pick most of Mom's colors for her. And I "WOO" at her when the ones she chooses don't "go".
    I WILL give Zim ear snuffles for you! I like that term!

    Holly: Hmmm... that sounds like a good idea - the more treats part!

    Marv-man: Thank woo - especially for your kind words about Zimmie!!!

    Ruby: It's a tough job, but some Sibe has to do it.

    Guinness & Shiloh: Thank woo so much! Zimmie's pain meds are doing great for him. Mom said he's feeling "too good". I'm not sure what that means!

    Luv and thanx to all,
    Dave - Guide Dog for the Color Blind

  20. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Wow... those projects are AWESOME! Your mom is so talented!

    How is my handsome man doing today???