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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Z-man Checking In

Ha roo, pups - it's me - Zim! Stormy said if I keep it short and don't over-exert myself I could post today! Ha roo!

I wanted to thank everypuppy for all the kind well-wishes you've sent me! I'm doing really good; the drugs are doing everything we'd hoped they would. I'm feeling NO pain ... but I also am mighty sleepy. Mom said that's a good thing, since she doesn't want me Zooming around or anything. She and Dad have trusted me enough that I don't have to be crated! (I'm lucky in that Mom has been home with me!) I'm umbilical corded, but that's OK. We all know that's a sign to one and all that it's a time for calm.

Here's where I've been hanging out:

You can see my shaved tummy, can't you? Do all you girl pups still think I'm handsome?

I was hanging out there the other day, when I heard Themixer in the kitchen! Themixer sounds a little bit like my friend Adrill, but instead of making holes in stuff, it helps Mom make yummy stuff. I came out of my hiding place to see what was going on, then took a little rest in the dining room.


The smells got the best of me, and I had to go see what Mom and Themixer were making!

Hmm... I smell bananas, yogurt, cinnamon ...

Hey! Hey, Themixer! Are you making Banana Bread?

Stormy was helping, too. She said Mom and Themixer were indeed making Banana Bread. I thought I'd stay and help awhile! You never know when Mom might need me to clean out the yogurt container or something! I promised not to over-do!

Thanks again for all the wonderful thoughts, comments and prayers you've been sending my way! They're working - I just know it!

Careful, slow play bows before I head back to my secret hide-out,


  1. Zim!

    I think your nice clean shaved tummy is beautiful and handsome!
    Hey you guys have the same coffee maker as us........cool!
    Banana bread is so yummy, I bet your Mom makes some really good tasting Banana Bread...YUMMMMMers!
    Rest up for Thanksgiving tomorrow Zimmers.

    Luv, Frankie

  2. oh wow, Zim man! Your tummy is sooooo coool, pink and so pretty. How funny, when mine was shaved mine was pink as well, considering I have black fur, I was quite surprised.

    I am so glad you are feeling better, I have been thinking of you, and I missed your Play Bows!

    Get wellest soonesst old Bean!

    love and healing licks, your friend Marvin xxxxx

  3. Z-man, never fear, you would be a super stud even if they shaved your head! Get your rest, bud, and take care of yourself.

    My Mom says to wish you and the A04 and your parents a very happy Thanksgiving :)


  4. Did you get some yogurt? I bet it would make you feel better! I think you're still handsome with your shaved tummy, so don't worry!


  5. Oooooo Banana Bread!!! Can we have some? Oh and Zimmie you are as handsome as always a little shaved tummy is hardly noticeable, besides we all end up with a little shaved tummy at sometime, it will grow back fast.
    China & Madie

  6. Thank dog the medicine is working, we don't want any sibe to be in pain! I bet the banananannaana bread helped you feel better too!

  7. Harrrrr Matey Zim
    Glad to hear you are feeling better. your hair will grow back Harrrrr.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  8. Z-zer, I can't see your tummy. I can't see you at all! You're hiding!

    Any idea how long you'll be drugged? A dog's gotta be awake and alert to make sure the others aren't getting his share of the goodies!

  9. Hello! Thank you for visitng our blog!
    We are glad that you are feeling better and don't feel any pain. You are a very handsome pup, hair or no hair. But Xsara is also letting you know since she also had a shaved tummy once that the hair will grow back in no time, so don't worry :o)
    Have fun, B&X

  10. woofies A04!!!! yummmmmies banana brwead...me glads u feelin betters, Zim...and u still handsome, even iffin u wuz shaveded bald...

    b safe,

  11. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Oh my handsome boyfriend Zimmie... Fur or no fur, you will always be my handsome red man!!! I hope you got a loaf of bananananananna bread all to yourself!

  12. Glad your feeling better Zimmie! Have a happy turkey day!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  13. Ooooh, your mum used that big noisy mixer thing too we see! Does she happen to make you any dog biscuits in it? We'd definitely be hanging around to help "clean-up" too... yogurt containers are coveted around here!

    And Zim, you are still a hottie, the shaved tummy gives you a "I'm too sexy for my fur" look... its hot ;o)

    M & I

  14. Glad that you are starting to feel better, Zim. That was a real scare. Whew!! Go luck with it. I hope the pain goes away forever!!

    Don't worry about your shaved tummy. I think it looks sexy.

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  15. oh, dear Zimmie. Mom just wants to rub your cute and nekkid belly!

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to The Army of Four and their Mama and Papa!

    Love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

  17. Oh Zimmie, you're still an absolutely gorgeous hunk of boy dog, don't let that shaved tummy bother you for one second. We've been kinda awol for a couple of weeks, daddy thanks you for the Veterans Day wish, though. We're so glad your new meds are working and you're felling better.
    Bama & Mikki

  18. PeeEss,
    That last post was sposed to say "feeling", not "felling", duh.
    Wanted to wish your whole pack, 2 legs & 4, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. for detailed pictures of usen, you can now go to my blog

  20. Yay Zim...

    I'm so happy you are doing better and taking it easy! Have a happy turkey day!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  21. haha... u gotta be onleash everywhere for 24 hrs??.... hope u will be in action soon...

  22. Hi Zim,
    Your pink shaven tummy looks just like a beagle puppy's tummy - cute!
    We are glad to see that you are ok. Did you get to eat any of the banana bread or was it just for sniffing?
    Jazz and Dixie

  23. Frankie: You are so sweet; thank roo! Ooh, the same coffee maker? Do you ever get to have any of the coffee?

    Marvin: I wouldn't have guessed that you have a pink tummy!

    Marley-man: Thanks, pal! You're such a good friend!

    Kat: I DID get to taste the yogurt! Mmmm!
    Thanks for saying I'm handsome!

    China & Madie: You girls are so sweet! Thank roo. I didn't get any bread, but I got some yogurt!

    Joe: Thanks, pal!

    Harrr, Cap'n Mav! Thank ye, matey!

    Tucker: Ha roo roo roo! Yeah!
    Oh... the pain meds end Friday; I have another week on the anti-inflammatories.

    Xsara: Thank roo! And you're right - it will grow back soon!

    Lacy: Thank roo, little friend! You're very sweet!

    Sitka! You are the sweetest, kindest, most bee-roo-tiful Sibergirl! Thank roo.
    Sadly, no banana bread for me. Just yogurt. I'm going to have to see about changing that!

    Kelsey Ann: Thank roo!

    Moxie & Izzie: HA ROO! "I'm... too sexy for my FUN!" Ha roo roo roo! Oh, that's a great one! Thank roo, Corgi girls!

    Koobie: Thank roo!!!

    Guinness & Shiloh: That's what MY mom keeps doing! She said she'll give me extra rubs from your mom!

    Marvin: Thank roo, pal!

    Bama & Mikki: Thank roo, girls! You're so sweet!

    Barlow Putz: Cool! We'll be right over.

    Ruby: Thank roo!

    Pacco: Yeah ... it beats being crated, though! And I don't have to be "umbilical corded" at night. I don't mind, anyway. Mom hardly ever holds it - it just trails behind me.

    Jazz & Dixie: Thank roo, Beagle babes! Wow - my tummy looks like a Beagle tummy? No WONDER Mom won't stop rubbing it and saying, "Look at that sweet tummytummytum!" You KNOW how crazy she is for Beagles! Ha roo roo roo!

    Thanks again, friends!!!
    Play bows,

  24. OH no Zim! I've been away for awhile and didn't know you wer sick! I hope you're okay and it's nothing serious. I'll keep reading to find out what's going on. Getting caught up on everybody is taking a lot of work!
    Feel better soon!!

  25. Oh Zim, I am SO sorry about your back and that you have been hurting! I hope you feel a lot better soon buddy! I know "taking it easy" sucks, but you have to take care of your back!