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Monday, November 19, 2007

Snow Dreams

Hi everypuppy, it's me - Amber! We heard from some of our fellow Sibe-friends in Pennsylvania that they got SNOW over the weekend!

Can you believe it? SNOW, lovely SNOW! I'm so very happy for them ... but it's been in the 70s here! Mom and Dad are still running around in shorts and tee-shirts! Harumph!

I checked to see if our Weather Control Device is working -- you know, we have our weather forecast right above Siberia's over there in our side-bar. Our hope is that by putting them one underneath the other, that the top one, set for Kansas, will copy Siberia's weather - thus allowing us to control the weather. I made sure it was on and gave it a few adjustments.

Archangelsk, Siberia currently has a wind-chill of 17 and it's snowing. Oh, doesn't that sound lovely!?!? I'm going to go take a little nap and dream sweet dreams of snow!

Maybe when I wake up, we'll have nicer weather than our current forecast - "72 and sunny". Sigh.

I did hear the weather guy in Topeka say our temps are going to drop 30 degrees by Thanksgiving! Maybe our Weather Control Device is working after all! Bring on the cold and snow!

Love and sweet, snowy dreams,


  1. Well Am, I hope you get snow...because that is what you like. Me, I don't like to be cold so I'm thinking snow wouldn't be too fun for me.

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. We may get snow on Wednesday/Thursday night!

  3. We hope you get your snow but keep it in Kansas! We don't like cold weather. We don't have lovely thick coats; we have lovely smooth shiney coats that aren't any good at keeping the cold out. Anyway, don't eat too much turkey!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  4. Amber, the weather is just weird you know?

    Derbyshire in England has had snowfalls today but here in Scotland it has been raining, all bloomin' day.

    So bad I only got one big walkies this morning.

    I would rather have snow, its cold here but no sign yet.

    love and licks, Marvin xxxx

  5. I feel so badly for you. I cannot believe that you have to endure the torture of 72 and sunny at the end of November! That is WRONG. I'm crossing my paws for cold, wind and snow!!


  6. We were first told we would get snow on Wednesday, then they said no, now it's a maybe. I wish they would make up their minds!


  7. I hope it snows! Mom and Dad say we will probably see some snow during our drive to Seattle and that if we do see snow, we will stop and play in it! So we are excited. We're going to be sleeping in Kansas on Wednesday night, so at least we can feel the cold with you!! I asked if we could stop at your headquarters, but Mom said it wasn't on the way. Boo Woo! (We're staying in Salina.)


  8. Oh I'm sorry Amber! If I could mail you some snowy weather I would. I hope your theory about the placement of your weather forecasts will help. It's yucky here today. It starts to snow then turns to a cold rain. We don't like the cold rain!
    P.S. Can you perhaps tinker with those weather controls and start building a blizzard for all of us? That would be SO cool!!!

  9. We're waiting for the snow to fall at our house too, Amber! Why does it have to take so long!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. We gots sum snow flurries Friday to Sat. morning then it turned to yucky, wet & cold rain. Would rather have the snow any day.

    Pee Ess - Our mommy hates winter & said that she would love it to be warm (not hot) again.

  11. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Oh Am... what a cute photo of you!!! I hope you can get some snow. I wish I could get some here. I may not. Do you think you can share???

    Sorry that I have been MIA lately. Check out my blog... I gave you and your crew an award :)


  12. Ruby: We LOVE snow! Maybe we could teach you to like it!

    Tubey: I hope you get LOTS!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy: We'll try to keep it right HERE! :) Mom brushed Dave today - would you like some of his coat?

    Marvin: That's no fair! England should share its snow with you!

    Marley: It's horrible! The bipeds keep saying how "wonderful" it is and it got even hotter than predicted today ... so I think it's only fair that we get tons of snow and even COLDER temps than what they say!

    Holly: I hope they make up their minds and it's "SNOW"!

    Steve: Oh, cats! I wish you were coming through HERE! Wednesday is when the nice weather might hit, so please tell your bipeds to travel safely!!!

    Echo: I will do my BEST to make blizzards for all who want one! (Not the kind Dad brings home from Dairy Queen.)

    Maggie & Mitch: Maybe it's so we'll appreciate it even more?! Though I don't think that's possible - I LOVE SNOW!

    Cosi: Our mom is funny - she seems to like this sunny, 70-something degree weather. Isn't that odd? Bring on the SNOW! I'm glad you guys got a little!

    Sitka: If we get any, we'll try to mail some to you in Georgia!


  13. Snow? Mama says she hopes we get that this winter (though it's not impossible, it's not likely in Tucson). Sounds like good weather to read a book! Tell your mama to check out my mama's blog at www.omchodoy.blogspot.com cuz, friends, you all have been tagged!

  14. We sure hope you get some cooler weather and some snow. We are enjoying some cooler weather here, but to us that means right around 80 in the daytime!

  15. YES. WE DID GET SNOW!!!! It started snowing Saturday night and snowed into late Monday afternoon! We got about 8 inches where I live, but some areas in the Poconos got 14 inches!! Yikes! Check my blog to see.

    This is going to necessitate a lifestyle change for at least a couple of days!

    Love and Koobuss Kisses,

  16. We're almost at snow here. The temperature has been hovering around 0 (celcius. That's... 32 Farenheit?) and granddaddy and granny have broken out their winter coats already. mommy sees no reason to and is just doing a husky thing(I am proud of her) and wearing an undercoat. Of course my winter coat is already in and allowing me to enjoy the weather. Everyone is commenting on how fluffy and petable I am and, of course, fawning over me. As it should be.

    Hmm, maybe I should talk to the Magic Snow Pile and see if it's able to change the weather in Kansas! Maybe that would work.

    Woos and hopes for snow,

  17. PS, some doggy friends of mine living downriver and others a little farther north already has snow. Mommy is grumbling that it's time for us to move to Nunavik. I agree!

  18. Snow already? Wow I guess you guys are waiting for your snow now hey. Mt Fuji looks beautiful now covered in snow. We have given you an award. Come over and check it out.
    Jazz and Dixie

  19. We know how you feel Amber! We were jealous that PA got snow BEFORE Maine!! I guess we forget that other parts of the world gets a bunch of snow too!

    Let's keep the snow thoughts coming!! :)

  20. You look beautiful dreaming of the snow Am.

    Listen I haven't forgotten about the questions, so I will post them soon OK?

    Pippa xx

  21. what is happening in this good ole us of a,,,utah is also balmy, i remember 12 foot high snow drifts and walking over the fences with the drifts when i went to school...dog training school((do you for dogs and remember those rubber shoes with meatal clasps??i'm thiking of dinner i meant metal clasps

  22. Izzie: It's always good weather to devour a book! Hee hee hee! We'll be right over! Thanks for the tag!

    Joe: It almost GOT to 80 here! WHEW, I'm so ready for SNOW!

    Koobie! I'm so happy you got SNOW! Can we come over and play? How long would it take me to run to Pennsylvania?

    Louka: Oh, YES! Please talk to the Magic Snow Pile about coming to Kansas! Please!!???
    I hope you get TONS of snow!

    Jazz & Dixie: We don't have any here YET, but I'm READY!
    You two are so sweet! Thank roo for the award!!!

    Amici: Sometimes we can get snow in October and sometimes we don't see any until January. Kansas is very funny that way!

    Pippa: :) You are SOOOoooo sweet! Thank roo for the compliment! And whenever you get to the questions is perfect. Like you. :)

    Barlow Putz: My mom remembers those boots. Us Sibes don't wear boots, but we have one set of 4. We REALLY don't like them!


  23. Hiya Amber, get your Mama to check her email shortly!

    Hope Zimmie is ok!

    love and licks, Marv xxxxx

  24. woofies AO4!!! me nots gets much snow and me lives in NC..its 75 today and gonna b 55 thanksgivin...wiff wain...me hopies u gets snow soon...

    b safe,

  25. When we are shivering our skinny, hair-challenged little butts off, just east of Kansas in Western Kentucky, we will think of your joy and try to feel better!
    It was in the 70's here today and we zoomed and zoomed and baked and worshipped the Sun.

    the whippet waggle

  26. Amber, you look so beautiful in those pictures! Woo woo!