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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Zen of Zim

Ha roo, it's me - Zim. Did you read our friend Marvin's post today? He talked about Zen and posted a poem "Zen Dog". It was very profound, according to Dave, our resident poet. Marvin posted a cool picture of himself looking very Zen-like, so Dave thought I should show Marvin some of my "Zen of Zim" poses. Here goes!
Note my paws are off the floor. The pose above takes great concentration. Try the following one for flexibility: If Dad could bend like this, he could be a star on the PGA Tour!
Feeling relaxed yet? Here's the kicker: Whew! I may be a "Working Breed" but I'm exhausted from all this Zen-like activity! I'm off to catch some Zs.Have a Zen-of-Zim-like day!
Play bows,
Zim (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)


  1. Zimmmmers!

    Your Zen activity is off the hook!

    I especially love the bed post neck extension. You must be wonderful on the yoga mat.

    zens to you,

  2. Wow! I am truly in awe Dave! Your Zen posture is so fandabidozi, I would go so far as to say you are a Zen Master of the Highest Degree!

    Way to go! It must be the poetry gene we both possess which makes us so Zen and sooooo cool!

    Love and Zen Like Licks to you Dave!
    Marvin ;0)

  3. oh oh ho! I am soooo sorry Zim! It is you who is the Zen Master I have just realised......! oooops!

    I do not often see a post by you, so I got confused!

    Please accept my apologies for not acknowledging Zim as the Zen Master!

    Well, in my defence there are four of you and just one of little old Me!

    Zim You are the Best Zen Dog ever! It is Dave who is the best Poet....gosh you are all so talented, I am now blushing with embarassment! A Red Faced amd Apolgetic Marvin. xxxx

  4. Anonymous11:02 AM

    You're quite flexible! Are you secretly a contortionist?

  5. My mom likes it that when I stretch my even my little paw fingers spread apart!

  6. wow, you have relaxed me into a state of calm like I have not felt in many months. you are a master!

  7. Zim, it looks like you have been to my doggy chiropractor and accupuncturist. So relaxed and flexible. Gotta love it.


  8. Oh, all that stretching has made us tired. WE have to go get a nap now Zen master Zim.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  9. Hey Zim, your "Zen of Zim" poses are great. Maybe I should include some of those for my yoga

    ~ fufu

  10. Wow. I bet you practice fen shei too.


  11. Ooooh ZenZim.

    Your poses look amazing. Could we call it zimlates? Pilatzim? Or Zimoga?

    I do some pretty unlikely stretches myself. I'm predicting a new dog trend ... maybe we're onto something here.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  12. You are very limber! I guess you must be super relaxed to achieve those poses.

    That bed looks comfie. It makes me want to take a snooze!!

  13. Great pictures. You are the yoga master!

  14. Zim,

    Can you teach me how to do those pose? Can you be my master

  15. Thank roo to everypup!
    Maddie Chocolate Bunny pup: I had to work up to the bed post neck extension. You could get hurt trying something that advanced right away!
    Marvin: Zen Master? You really think so?!? COOL! Oh. and hey, don't worry about calling me Dave. I usually get mistaken for Amber! We consider it a compliment to be mistaken for anysibe else in the pack!
    Zach: Maybe I should try a Zimmie pretzel? Ha roo!
    Ender: That sounds very dear! Stormy said part of the Senior Care exam they get includes a full body massage, to include their toes. She flexes hers out like that and the vet always thinks it's cute - like a cat paw! I think our paws are cuter than anything cats have.
    Joe: Happy to help out! Feel the serenity, pal!
    Penny: I'm VERY good at relaxing!
    Dachsies: A nap? You have achieved Zen. :)
    FuFu: Definitely yoga-friendly poses!
    Chelsea: I don't know what it means to practive fen shei... but I DO know how to try my mom's patience. Are they the same things?
    TinTin: Zimlates???? Oooh, I like that one! You should show us your moves!
    T-man: Yeah... it's all about the relaxation!
    Cubby: Thanks! I think I've found my calling!
    Boo Boo: Yes, I can help you find your inner peace!
    Play bows!
    Zim (Zen Master Zim) Ha rooo!

  16. I like to sleep in odd positions too. My mom has some pictures, I'll have to post those.

  17. that is some very artful posing! i shall have my mother try to capture some more of my poses!!! love the paws off the floor!

  18. Indy: Humans should learn to relax like we do!
    Ranger: Thanx! Can't wait to see more of your poses!
    Play bows,