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Monday, November 20, 2006

Hi Everybody! I'm Home!

Woo. It's me, everypup, Dave. Sometimes, since all 4 of us share the blog, it's hard to get a woo in! And since we also share our computer with Mom and Dad..... it's hard to get computer time! Here I am, waiting for Dad to finish doing work the other day.
Dad... please let me know when you're done. Need any help with your work? I'm here for ya!

Anywoo... there has been some confusion over why I had a pink leash on in the pic Stormy posted and what she meant by the "umbilical cord" and Mom and Dad being Foster Failures. I thought now that I finally have computer time, I'd tell you the story of how I came to find my fur-ever home!

Mom belongs to that Siberian list that some of our friends' bipeds are on - like Tubey, Meeshka, Holly and a bunch of others. Usually, it's goofy stuff (or "stupid", as Tubey would say!) like how to train us, what not to feed us, and stuff like that. But sometimes there is really GOOD stuff! Like one day in January of '02.........!

I was in the slammer at the time, screaming the Siberian Death Scream, but Stormy told me the way it all went down. A lady from a rescue group in Oklahoma must have heard me, and posted to the list about a Siberian Husky (me) in our local shelter. Was there someone in Kansas who was willing to evaluate him (me) as to adoptability? And if adoptable, spring him, "foster" him over the weekend, and help transport him down there? Fortunately for me, Mom read the post and jumped on it.

See...I had been screaming the Siberian Death Scream (SDS) for almost a month, and was on my last day. (This is apparently why they called me Yodel there. I didn't like that name and didn't answer to it.) When I saw my mom, I changed my voice completely and gave a soft, low "woo" that melted her heart and that the worker had never heard! I was saving it for JUST the right moment! The lady at the shelter had never seen that side of me.

Mom convinced her to give me a little more time and promised she'd be back for me the next day. Apparently, they remembered Mom from 5 months earlier when she adopted Zim, so they said, "OK." (Whew!) She said she needed to prepare my dad and 3 other Siberians. Cool! A dad and siblings!

Mom thought it would go OK for the weekend, then she'd start me on my journey to Oklahoma on Monday. She told me there were 2 sweet redheaded Sibes at home who would love to meet me, but that there was an alpha-girl named Stormy that I might have to stay separated from. She said this Stormy wouldn't accept a strong, adult Sibe like me into her pack - I was probably 4 years old then. "Don't worry, Mom!" I wasn't about to cause anyone ANY problems.

That next day, my mom and dad came to get me. I loved both of them already, but they kept calling me a "Foster". Ha. When we got home, I walked in and told the other Sibes, "Hi everybody, I'm home!" and just fit right in. The redheads were GREAT - and I sure didn't start anything with Storm. I'm not as smart as she is, but I know not to go starting trouble when there's a good thing right in front of me. She kept looking at my mom like, "I don't want to like him ... but he's so nice I can't help it!" Woo. What can I say? I'm a lover, not a fighter. The leash was on me as a safety catch, in case Mom and Dad needed to separate me and the Storm. And ... since Stormy already had the red one as hers, and Ammy had the green one, and Zim had the blue one ... all that was left was a spare. And it was ... pink. Woo. (See the picture at right? That's from when I first got here. I also had a teal collar. With a pink leash? No wonder I am now Mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind! I got here just in time!) (Oh... and that's Zim's nose in the foreground.)

Here we are out on a "let's tire them out" walk that first weekend. I'm the one smiling at the camera! Um... yeah, with the pink leash on.

By the time the weekend was over, I'd won them over. Right as it was time for me to head south, Mom and Dad had "the talk". It ended in a phone call to that wonderful lady in Oklahoma who heard my SDS and told mom about me. Mom said I wouldn't need a foster home in OK; I'd found my forever home right here in Kansas! Woo!

I still wasn't responding to "Yodel" - can you blame me? And they tried all kinds of names out on me. Nothing worked until Dad joked that they could name me "Dave" -- Dave Thomas, of Wendy's Restaurants had just passed away. He had been adopted and was a great advocate of adoption.... served our country in uniform.... and through his highly successful career was still known as just a heck of a nice guy who loved a good burger! :) As soon as my dad said, "Dave," I looked at him and cocked my head. "Yes, Dad?" It fits! I am DAVE!

I eventually got a teal leash to match my collar. (So my color was teal before I got purple!) I was umbilical corded for a few more days, since Mom and Dad were still worried about me and Storm getting along. I could pretty much go where I wanted to, though. Check out the picture above - yeah, that's me and Storm. The bipeds figured if we were slipping off together to nap, we were going to be OK.

That's the story of how I got here! I'd love to know about the rest of you! How did you get to your fur-ever homes?



  1. Oh what fandabidozi pictures! Especially the one of you all and your Mom in the field.

    Lovely story as well, we are going to read it again later as there is a lot to take in!

    So glad you did the woo just for your Mama! Brings tears to our eyes.....

    We will read again later.....the salty wet things are making these hazy Jeannie says!

    I have written a Pirate Poem for Zim! Check out Cool Canine when you all get a moment.

    Love and Licks, and Tail Waygs
    Marvin ;0)

    Jeannie says Hi! too!

  2. Thanks, Marvin! There are those salty wet things around here, too. Go figure!
    Zim LOVES that poem! And I stand in awe of your talent. It's really great!
    PS: Please hug Miss Jeannie for me.

  3. Dave Dave,

    Yodel???? Oh no! We love the Dave-Dave! What a Happy Forever story.
    You precious boy, were meant to stay in Kansas with your great Mom & Dad. Thank dog-ness that your mom got you out just in the nick of time.
    You know you hold a special spot in my Mom's heart for sure, and the story, Mom needed some tissue.
    But the outcome so Dave-a-Woooooo
    Love the pic of the AO4 and Mom!
    Precious, just precious.
    What a happy blog!

    luv and Chocolate Bunny kisses,

  4. They were stupid at the shelter to think your name was "Yodel." It's Dave!!!!!

  5. I'm gonna have to post my arrival story. I'll do it in a few days.

  6. Maddie: Thank woo! Why would I want to go to Oklahoma, since my mom and dad are here?!? Woo.
    Tubey: That's part of what I was screaming about! That ... and I wanted my mom!
    Fargo: Cool! We're anxious to read it!

  7. As you know, we are not rescue dogs, our lady didn't think she should do that without knowing anything about our breed at the time. So we came from a wonderful breeder in Iowa. The lady has said that once we are grown up that she would like to look into a rescue Husky. That would be good with us, we love all dogs, specially ones that need a good home! We are so happy that you found your bipeds, Dave! And Stormy is a very special girl to except you all into her home!!!!
    Face Licks, M&M

  8. Hi Army of Four! Snickers is my little rescue dog. We were lonely once our girls moved away from home and found little Snickers in a rescue shelter. She had been left at the shelter once the owners decided they didn't really want a dog in the house,especially not one with a bad leg. Snickers is a wonderful dog, so sweet and gentle and full of spunk. All she wanted was someone to love. Check her out at www.lifewithsnickers.blogspot.com
    Good luck to all of you!
    Sharon and Snickers.

  9. I liked your story!

    Thanks for the inspiration. I will write mine one of these days.


  10. Dave - You don't look like a Yodel at all! Dave suits you fine!

    My mom is a foster failure too, but I'm glad of that. Your mom was SO nice to drive all that way to pick you up. Not many people would do that. You're a very lucky dog!

  11. M&M: Thanks - and that's cool that you two might rescue a Sibe some day! We're glad you came from a good breeder and found a wonderful home right away!!! And yes, Stormy IS a very special girl. Not that I like her or anything..
    Snickers: Great to meet you! We can't wait to learn more about woo! We'll visit your blog more tomorrow; we stopped in real quick tonight!
    Chelsea: That would be cool!
    T-man: I AM Dave! Everyone who meets me says so! Oh... and I was here in KS the whole time - the lady who heard my SD screams was in OK. That's how loud I was! Funny that she heard me but my mom didn't! I still agree that I'm a lucky guy, though! Woo.

  12. Oh Dave that's a great furever home story.

    And Yodel? Puuuhleeeese.

    Your dad was obviously tuned into ya. You are so Dave.

    Lovin' the pics of you, yeah, even with the pink leash.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  13. Our Mom is also a foster failure. She says we are all so loveable and she wants to help everybody be safe but she had to stop fostering so she could spend time with us. Some people don't want rescues because they want puppies but Andy was only about 6 months old when he came to live with us (as a foster).
    We love your story, Dave. You have some great bipeds.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  14. What a great story Dave. My mom remembers when your human got you and she wrote about you on that Sibe list both our humans belong to. She remembered thinking what a totally COOL name DAVE was for a Husky!! I will have to post about all my siblings and how they came to live with my mom. And also about her other rescue besides Shula(who was her second) I just know if she were allowed (Ok, if OMAHA allowed it) there'd probably be a dozen or more of us living here. Mom wants to rescue all the Sibes and Mals. She has a good heart, too bad we don't have the room or the laws to allow it!

    Great story!!
    I still think you are just the cutest guy! I love those freckles! hehehehe


  15. What a great story! I love foster failures! Our group had four adoptions this weekend, and one was a foster failure. We were all hoping he would be. I'm glad you found such a great home.

  16. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Hey hey guys =]

    Thanks i always knew i had a sweet side of me, hehe


  17. What an awesome story Dave! I am glad that you found your fur-ever home too! Many of us have, but there are so many more of us that haven't. Too many.

    It sure looks like it would be a lot of fun at your house too! All those brothers and sisters to play with!

    Happy Holidays!

  18. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hi Dave - great story! You just stole their hearts - good job!!! My story is here. Back in July a whole bunch of us told our stories along with showing puppy pictures.

  19. Oh what a wonderful story! I'll post my story later, but it's not nearly as detailed as yours!

    My mama said to ask you what Husky list you're talking about, and if it's okay if she joined?

  20. Tin Tin: Thank woo. I am quite a Dave. Everyone says so.
    Dachsies: Your mom rocks!
    Holly: Um... you're making me blush. :) You're the nicest Malamute I've ever known. and your mom is mighty cool, too!
    Cubby: Thank woooooo! :)
    Floss: You're adorable!
    Kelsey & Smokey: Thank woo! There are way too many of us who need homes; you're right! And I LOVE my furever home!
    Zach: Thanks! Oh, wooo... LOVE that post on your blog! You are cool now - but woooo, what a cute puppy!!!!
    Poseidon: Thank woo! Glad you joined the list! That's cool! Just don't let your mom read stuff you don't want her to. You know ... like training tips.

  21. wow..dave...you are the man..that is quite a story...You sure are lucky to have four brothers and sisters....i only have me ...oh and a cat...does she count? thanks for sharing with us dave...

  22. what a GREAT story, and the name Dave totally fits you! And there is nothing wrong with PINK, you looked great!

  23. Thank wooooo!
    MJ: Stormy says your cat counts. I'm not so sure about that - but Stormy says cats are cool. ???
    JoeStains: I am Dave. Some people think it's a funny name for a pup, until they get to know me. And wooo... I'm confident enough in my masculinity to wear pink!

  24. I am fearful that I am going to get "longwinded" here and burn my cake that is baking.. so here is a quick " Happy Happy Dave Day" and Charlie and I will be back to elaborate in a bit!! woo woo {{{hugs}} Raven and Charlie..