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Monday, November 06, 2006

What a Stiff!

Woo, it's me again - Dave. Did anypuppy see Saturday's blog? It was there for a few hours, then it went away! I should have saved a copy somehow, but didn't .... and now it's gone. Zapped out of "Siber"-space! I'm trying my best to remember what I wooed!
Mom had me and Stormy out for a walk the other day. Yeah, the day we saw the Giant's cat, in fact! We were walking down the street when Stormy thought she saw somepup we knew!
"Hey, Dave! Check it out! I think it's one of the Dachsies from DWB!"
Woo, how cool! We went over to check him out - the little guy was out in his garden all alone!
"Hey, little fella! How are you doing?" Storm greeted him.
But he didn't have anything to say. At all. He didn't even bark a "hey!" to us. In fact, he was kinda a stiff, so we knew it wasn't one of the Dachsies we know! But Storm's real social, so she kept talking to him.
"Do you know Sammy? Or Roxie? ... how about Andy?"
He still had nothing to say! He didn't even sniff back when Storm gave him a sniffie! After she checked him out, Storms told me he was stoned! Or... maybe she said he was made of stone. It was one of the two.

Hey pup!

Not the lead dog Marvin blogged about, but in the same category, I think. At any rate, this guy was a real stiff. I wish it had been Roxie, Sammy or Andy! They're TONS friendlier!


  1. Hey Dave!

    We wish it had been us too! It would be fun to run with you guys. We might even learn to woo! And you can be sure, if we ever see you, we will bark out to you!

    We didn't see Saturday's post either but Bloglines told us there were two new entries and we only saw one. Blogger strikes again!

    We tried to leave a message about Lukkie but Blogger ate that too. Lukkie sounds like he was a lot nicer than Blogger.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Hmmm, I did see that stone pup before. I hope none of my posts disappear!!!! Horrors!!!!! It would break my daily blog vow!!!!!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Hey there Dave!

    I remember your Saturday post, about the giant and the GIANT CAT.

    In fact, the post is still in my feedreader thingummy so I have the full text (if you want it!). Let me know if you do.

    But where did it disappear to?

    Did the giant have a hand in it?

    Or maybe that dachsie wasn't as stoned as he seemed.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

    PS wanna swap droolable links? I'm about to put your bloglink on my smelly blogplace.

  4. R,S & A: It would have been COOL if it was one of you guys!
    Buster: Keep a copy - that's what we learned!
    TinTin: The one about the Giant cat was OK...thanks for the offer to "retrieve it", so to speak! I posted one about the stoned pup and it left. It never came back! And we'd LOVE to swap links! Almost as good as sniffies! Wait 'til Amber hears this - she thinks you're so cute!

  5. Mama always says bad words when her blog dissapears into thin air....and it doesn't help to bring it back.


  6. I almost thought he was real too! :)

  7. This has happened to me a couple times, my typing has simply disappeared. Don't these idiots at blogger know how difficult it is for us dogs to type?! So, I have learned to always click on the "save as draft" button, just to be sure it doesn't vanish into thin air. It's so hard to rethink those same thoughts over.

  8. Anonymous12:44 AM

    If that stoner lived up here with me .. he'd be a frozen stiff, heh heh heh.

  9. Hey guys,

    Okay - I have just been watching your video's over at DWBTV - and I can confidently declare that there is just NO WAY that Dave is a Labrador. Labradors do not take cookie's gently from the hand that is offering it to them - they leave teeth marks right up to the wrist :-)


  10. Chelsea: Our mom tried that, too! Didn't work for her, either!
    T-man: He looks real, doesn't he?
    Holly: It was posted for a few hours - then disappeared even off the "dashboard" thingy! Even though it had been published!
    Zach: Do you have snow yet?
    Opy: The beautiful Miss Opy...... thank woo! I think I love you! (See, Stormy! I told you I'm not a Labrador!)

  11. You guys are so funny! We woo at a stone cat our lady has outside, almost evertime we go by it.
    Face Licks, M&M

  12. Oh.. i bet Roxie, Sammy or Andy would be way much nicer to you guys

    ~ fufu

  13. M&M: Our great sisters who came before us attacked a stone bunny once! Wooooo!
    FuFu: Oh, YEAH! They would have been TONS nicer!

  14. Anonymous2:29 PM

    We saw the freaky Stone Dashie before he disappeard..............dont think my spelling was too good there! W of P to A O 4 xxxx

  15. Marvin: You don't think the Case of the Disappearing Dachsie was a late Halloween thing, do you? Or a mystery right out of Sherlock Holmes!
    Play bows!