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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

WHO'S Got Pizza???

Woo, it's me, Dave. Our friend Holly has been put on a diet. She says she is starving, the poor girl! I know I can never get enough at supper-dupper time myself! I told Holly about how sometimes when I have my special "Senior Care" vet appointments, it's like mom forgets to give me my breakfast before we go; when I remind her she just goes around saying, "I can't Davy, I can't!" and refuses to look at my poor, starving face. I can't do the sad eyes look as well as Stormy (maybe Holly could try that?) but I try.
Who could resist this look? Unfortunately... mom can. Dad, too. There are things we just can't con them out of. Pizza comes to mind. Why? Because of this picture we saw on the internet the other day.

Can you believe it?!?!? A squirrel can have pizza but not ME?!?!?

I'm off to pout now.



PS: Amber has issued her first SNOW ALERT for the season! Yesterday, she started calling for a chance of snow flurries tonight -- now she's saying it might be more than flurries! But not until probably tomorrow morning. Wooooo! Amber is never wrong about these things!


  1. Oh I hope you get some snow, I can't get snow, so I will have to dream about playing in the snow like you can!

  2. I think you are misinterpreting that picture. I see it as a squirrel pizza. Some Siberian was enjoying pizza with extra squirrel when he went to chase something else and left a piece sitting in that tree for later. Squirrel on pizza would be delicious!

  3. Oh, I think that's a VERY good sad face Dave! I bet if you whine and cry while you do that they would feed you!

    What a clever squirrel! If you ate that squirrel, would he have a pizza filling???

  4. I just popped in to see if Amber's snow alert was out yet!!!!


  5. Ok, that is just SO WRONG that the squirrel gets pizza and you don't! But, I don't get any either. Only human food I get are those darn green beans! Thanks for the support Dave. I will work on the sad/pathetic face. I'll have to watch Sam more, he's perfected it!


  6. Dave Dave,

    My Mom said she would give you any pizza, any day, your cute lil' heart desires.

    she would never be able to deny you a thing

    Chocolate xoxoxoxoxo's

    Maddie the Chocolate Bunny (Lab)

  7. just call me pizza boy

    Bussie Kissies

  8. Ender: If Ammy says it's coming, it's coming!
    Magnum: Ha wooooo! "Squirrel pizza!" I like that!
    Indy: Thanks! Pizza-stuffed squirrel - is that a new deep-dish at Pizza Hut? :)
    Tubey: We can't WAIT! We'll try to send it to you when it's done here!
    Holly: Yeah... maybe Sam will give you some pointers! Good luck, Holly!
    Maddie: Your mama needs to talk to mine and remind her how adorable we are!
    Buster: You get PIZZA? No fair!
    Luv to everypup,

  9. Hi there! I found you from the dogs with blogs site and told my mom to add you to my links so I can read your blog all the time now! I used to have a brother that was a husky but he is in the big dog park in the sky now :(

  10. Hi Joe! Thanks for coming by - and for the link!
    Sorry to hear about your brother - that's really so sad. :(

  11. Hi AoF......
    If you can snitch your human's credit card, you could probably order some food off the website....
    just have it delivered to the back door.

    PS - does Amber do long range forcasts, like is it going to snow in the Catoctin Mountains?

  12. Triple cheese pizza is good, squirrel topping makes it better. We can't wait for snow, hoping that Amber is right, really really really.

  13. Your humans put you on a diet?

    That is like cruelty to animals ain't it??

    I can call anonymously and report them. Just bark the word.


  14. Your eyes look very sad. I think you should get whatever you're asking for!

  15. Dave, you look pretty sad there. I would have given you the pizza, if you gave me the look...

    Can Amber send some snow over here in Singapore?

    ~ fufu

  16. Anonymous10:40 PM

    So putting the weather remote control for Siberia under yours worked! Or was it the cold I sent your way?

  17. Hiya Guys! Keep up with those Sad Eyes Dave, woooo!

    Hey and your Blog looks sooooo good on the Beta.

    We have no snow on the hills yet here in Scotland, it is late this year!

    Squirrel Pizza eh? mmmmmmmm!

    love and licks Marvin ;0)

  18. You really have the sad eyes look down. We don't understand how anyone can resist it. If we were with you and we could get pizza from our mom, we would have to share it with you. And that is something since we never share our food.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  19. Hi Dakota! I can only predict for our area - sorry. In fact, I downgraded my prediction yesterday. I don't think we'll get much at all. :(
    D'Azul Sibes: Mmm... cheese! and SQUIRRELS!
    Chelsea: Holly the Malamute is the one on a diet. We just are on a "healthy for puppies only" regime. :(
    T-man: Would you please tell that to our bipeds?
    FuFu: I think Davy looks sad there, too. Once we get our snow, I'll ask the mailman to send you some!
    Zach: It could be you OR the Weather Control Device. Maybe both!
    Marvin: Thank roo! This isn't one of the new beta template thingies yet, but we wanted a change. We can't figure out how to put all of our info into those little square thingies on beta. ???
    Dachsies: You're so sweet! I don't like to share my food, either - except when Zimmie first got here, I shared with him.
    Love to everypuppy!

  20. Butchy & Snickers,
    We aren't even allowed to have crust! Sometimes Stormy gets to taste the cheese, though, if she's helping mom make the pizza.

  21. i agree with mapaw! skwerrel pizza sounds great!