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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Furniture Olympics, New Furniture & ... Cute Poses Do Come in Handy

Ha roo, everypup! Zim here! Did you read Am's post yesterday? She came up with a great new cute pose, didn't she? And as she told Marvin in the comments, we aren't "allowed" on the furniture. Hmph! When I first got here, I didn't know anything about not getting on anything! I mean... isn't the dining room table just a hill when you think about it? And those silk plants up on the tall dresser ... they just needed to be grabbed and shredded ... once I could get up there! Ha roooo!

Anyroo, we had this "old" furniture that was just GREAT for playing Furniture Olympics. Here I am, in a little event called "The Loveseat Vault".

You had to make a full run from the front door and completely clear the loveseat. If you touch it, that's points deducted. Points also deducted if you smash into the chair on the far side of the loveseat. This was a perfect "10".

That's Dave, spotting me on my dismount. Safety first, you know!

We don't have that furniture anymore, but when the new stuff came in, I noticed it was denim and Mom was saying stuff about how much easier it would be to get Sibe hair off of it. I was sure that meant we were allowed to get on it!

Ha roooo!

Apparently, I was mistaken. "Only the bed." Hmph. I really DID look cute on the ottoman, though, didn't I? Stormy told me I'd better go do a cute pose somewhere else.

Fine. Sometimes it's really hard being a Siberian Husky. ...but cute poses can make your life a lot easier! :)

Play bows,



  1. My Mama and Papa have crazy furniture rules too. We are allowed on the sofas and bed. We are NOT allowed on the TV stand, kitchen table, or end tables. You have a great cute pose on the bed.

  2. Hi There Zim!

    What a fright I got just then reading your post about the Furniture Olympics (good title and good sport!)

    When I first read through it, when I got to the bit where you said "we don't have that furniture anymore"....I read it as "we don't have furniture anymore", I thought for a minute you had destroyed it all!!!!!

    Nearly as Bad as the other day when I think it was Dave,was "bringing it all up"....ooooh we certainly moved sharpish away then as you know!

    One of the rules here is rather odd! I am NOT ALLOWED upstairs.....can you believe this appalling cruelty?

    Lovin' your poses - love and licks Marv ;0)

  3. What?? Not allowed on the furniture?? I've never heard of such a thing! I even jump up on furniture when we visit my mom's friends homes. Nothing is off limits to me!

  4. Hey Zim! Love the pics!

    Mom tried that whole "you're not allowed on the new couch" thing with Samuel way back when she got her new couch (see pictures of us now hogging it). That only worked when she was there, cuz when she wasn't looking, he was right up there!

    Best thing is, the reason mom had to get a new couch is because of Sam's furniture olympics. He use to run from the living room, through the kitchen to the family room, and then bounce off the couch and head back the other way. Well, he bounced so hard he broke the back of the couch. Snapped the wooden slats right in two. I'd say that earns him a score of 11 out of 10!!

  5. wow that loveseat jump was amazing! you should be on a wheaties box!!

    I am allowed on the furniture, probably because I am small and have climbing skills like a mountain goat.

  6. Magnum, is that you? You aren't allowed on the kitchen table, huh? I tried that one when I first got here, too. Stormy grabbed me by the neck and threw me down and said, "No." Mom didn't look too pleased, either... but I knew from the start who the boss is around here. :) (Don't tell my mom I said that, OK?)
    Marvin: Ha rooo! You keep making Ammy giggle! Maybe you need reading glasses? Hmm... that gives me a good idea for a post for Dave. You can't go UPSTAIRS? Wow. We can go up there, except if we have overnight guests coming. The upstairs here is only guest rooms and a bathroom. Mom keeps those doors shut unless there's company coming. That also gives me an idea for a future post. Ha roo!
    T-man: Mom says there's a big difference between one T-man and 4 Siberians. Something about size and fur. I have no idea what she's talking about. Look at how tiny I look curled into my cinnamon bun!
    Holly: Oooh, that's at LEAST an 11!
    Joe: Ha ROO! Yeah! A Wheaties Box! How cool would that be! I'm very nimble and don't see WHAT the big deal would be if I got on the furniture!
    Play bows, everypup!

  7. Woowoo Zim! Yes you, look very cute on the ottoman, we wish we had one of those, king of the mountain on the bed & couch all the time gets a little boring. Malechai has also recently tried the "table hill" climb. Boy howdy, that did not impress our lady much, he had all but 1 back paw up there when she caught him.Silly brother of mine, why he doesn't wait until the lady's sleeping for these antics is beyond me!
    Face Licks, M&M

  8. Hey Zim,

    you've made that ottoman your own.

    The ottodog?

    Or how 'bout this:
    the ottozim - bringing out your inner sibe.

    Call my people if you need international marketing assistance.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  9. I just noticed that it's 27 degrees where you are and 25 in Siberia now!

  10. I am allowed wherever I want. Afterall - it is MY house.

    Mama and Papa are my tenants and just pay the rent and supply some necessities of life like food, water and belly rubs.


  11. Hey Zim, your stunt on the "The Loveseat Vault" looks great. And executed with such accuracy. :)

    ~ fufu

  12. We have leather so I can't hurt it and the rents just wipe it off.

    Bussie Kissies

  13. Macie: Storm here. You REALLY need to teach that brother of yours to be trickier! Never do stuff like that when the bipeds can see you!
    Back over to my well-trained puppy....
    Tin Tin: The "ottozim"? Ha roo! Perfect!
    Tubey: It's WAY colder here than in Siberia now! Isn't that GREAT?!?!?
    Chelsea: Hmm. We are a well-trained military unit. We need rules. Stormy said so.
    Fu Fu: Thank roo! It's nice to be appreciated!
    Buster: Leather? Ohhh... tasty!
    Play bows,