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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday Salute - Meeshka

This week, our Sunday Salute goes out to our friend Meeshka!
Many of you know Meeshka as the fluffy leader of the HULA - Husky United Liberation Army. She posts all kinds of great tips for us on how to train our bipeds, handle our siblings, find tasty treats, etc. Her training manual - uh, I mean her blog is reason enough to salute her! But there's more!
There's also the part about our bipeds living each others' bizarro lives - from the evil Dyson to the $200 trash can, the washer/dryer, the RAV4 ... and we think we've now spotted some sleepy pants in our mom's closet. More on that another time.
Frequent readers and fans of Meeshka's World also know of "the claw" - an incredibly efficient way for us to get our point across. Meeshka - this picture's for you:
That's right -- it's me, Stormy, giving Dave "the claw". It was the first day he got here and he had his head on MY dad's lap. It would have been really bad... except check it out - he was on a PINK leash. Ha roo. Pretty funny. He was still being "umbilical corded", as a safety precaution. And it was pink. That was before mom and dad failed Fostering 101 and bought Dave his own collar and leash. Anyway, Meeshka, just one more thing we have in common!
So... here's what brings me to today's Salute! Remember Zimmie's post from the other day? Him checking Little Kitten Creek and it's surroundings for "booty"? He was unable to find anything remarkable. Well.... Meeshka studied the scene a little further. Look at the FOCUS that girl has!

If we've learned our hyperlinking skills, you should be able to click that photo and get to a larger one!

Anyway... after studying the pic of Zim at Little Kitten Creek, Meeshka made a startling discovery! She emailed us her findings immediately -- check it out!

Zim at Little Kitten Creek

There it is! If that little kitten isn't booty, we don't know what is! Ha roooooo!
Really good one, Meeshka! We salute you!

Tail wags,


  1. Hi there You Guys! I didn't realise it was called "the claw", here in Scotland, they call it "giving paws", I learned to do this neat trick when I was knee high to a very small bi- ped. It has been a life saver sometimes in "begging" situations!

    Not at all sure about the PINK LEASH though! What was that all about may I ask?

    Goin' to my bed now, all this Awesome Blog Nomination stuff has just worn old Marvin out! Off to dream of PINK leashes.......!

    love and licks Marv ;0) WOP to Ao4 x

  2. ooooooooooh how scary is the picture! A Kitten with No Body.........oh nightmares upon nighmares! Just a bloomin' head, ooooh er! Not only will I dream of PINK LEASHES tonight, but Kittens without bodies.


    Marv ;0( xxxxx

  3. Hey AO4! Fun Sunday Salute!
    I just love that booty you found in the creek! My sis Frankie has
    that "claw" too. She does that to my mom when moms trying to concentrate on things, and just not paying attention to the most important things "US"! She can paw claw really fast too. Up, down, up, down......Sibes are GREEEEAT claw pups....but Mom says they are gentle while they do it, not like I would be....a bigggg Ole
    chcolate bunny claw..ummmpf!

    choco bun xoxoxo's

  4. Ha roo! Marvin - we do "gimme 5", which is I think what you're referring to as "giving paws". And it's quite innocuous. And gentle. (Actually, Amber and I do "gimme 5", Zim does "gimme 4" since he has no dew claws, and Dave ... he doesn't really do anything. Hmmm...) Anyway, the claw is a bit more aggressive and attention-grabbing. You don't want to be on the receiving end of it! :)
    As per the pink leash - it was a spare. And Dave was just supposed to be here for the weekend!
    Isn't the kitty picture great!?!? That Meeshka - what a riot!
    We hope you win the Awesome Blog award - you deserve it. Your blog ROCKS!
    Tail wags,

  5. Ha roo, Maddie! Frankie does a gentle claw? I can do a gentle one, but sometimes the situation demands a good smack-down. Like when newby Dave was horning in on MY daddy! Not that Dave's all bad.... but I was here FIRST! MY daddy! Glad you like the Sunday Salute!
    Tail wags,
    PS: Davy said to say "wooo" to Franks! :)

  6. P.S.

    That kitten head would make a great flying frisbee to play in the pool with!


  7. Maddie,
    Hee hee hee!

  8. Howdy guys! Thank you so much for the Sunday Salute, I really love it.

    Yes, the claw is special, not like "giving paw", its meant to be a motivator for the humans to get up, and feed us, or walk us, or pay attention to us, or whatever we want.


  9. Oh. My. Dog. about what you found in that creek.

    Kitty head = good for tossing in the air = fun.

    Especially when there's no body attached.

    As for pink leashes, well, humans just don't get it sometimes *
    rolls eyes*.

    Oh, and I do that paw/claw thing. When my ma is sitting on my bed cuddling me and she stops or slows down, I put my big size-one-million paw on her leg or arm or wherever to remind her to keep going.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  10. Hey there Ao4! Meeshka is my hero. I try to read and study her posts so I can learn to be a good HULA member, since I'm a Malamute. Sam does great a giving the claw to get what he wants. I usually just give paw, and rest it on mom. Sam DIGS IN, yells, whines, and continues to annoy until he gets what he wants. I really need to study you Huskies more. You seem to do very well at your jobs!


  11. Oh boy, there's a kitten in Little Kitten Creek. What is it doing there?

    ~ fufu

  12. Meeshka: Exactly! A motivator! Well-said! And we're glad you like your Salute!
    Tin Tin: We never would have SEEN the kitty if it weren't for Meeshka! Ha roo! And glad to hear "the claw" is alive and well in Australia!
    Holly: Meeshka has so many important lessons for us, doesn't she? Glad you're in HULA - Sibes and Mals should stick together!
    FuFu: That little kitten won't be doing much at all after I get a hold of it. HA ROO!
    Play bows, all!