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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Gate Crashers

Before I get started, Zim wanted me to share another picture to go with yesterday's post. Woo. Like Tin Tin said, "...the ottozim - bringing out your inner sibe..." Good one!

Woo. Dave here. If you're logging on today, be sure to compare our weather to Siberia's! As of this writing, our real temp is 17 degrees COLDER than in Archangelsk! And our wind-chill is 26 degrees colder! How cool is THAT?!?!? Yeah..... mighty cold. Uh.... cool.

The "authorities" said we had 90% chance of snow yesterday; Amber said nothing. Wanna guess who was right? Now they say it could come today. I haven't asked Ammy yet, but I'm sure she knows.

In a comment to yesterday's post by Zim, Marvin said he isn't allowed upstairs. Zim told him, "We can go up there, except if we have overnight guests coming. The upstairs here is only guest rooms and a bathroom. Mom keeps those doors shut unless there's company coming. That also gives me an idea for a future post..."

We had overnight company coming a couple years ago, and Mom did all those "cleaning" things she likes to do. She spent a lot of time upstairs, too, then left the doors open to the guest rooms. Here's my little bro, checking out the back guest room:

Oooh, comfy!

That led to a lot of excited talk from Mom (I imagine she was thanking Zim for fluffing the bed up there?) and eventually, once she separated Zim from his work, led to her putting a kiddie gate across the stairs. Then she decided to put the sitzbank there instead, thinking it would be a bigger "barrier". I'm not sure what that means. Or why she'd want to do that. Woo.

He was down here ... And now he's ... hey, Dave! How'd you do that?

It was great fun and gave me and Zim a new Furniture Olympics challenge until the company came.

Marvin, I don't know how your mom keeps you from going to your upstairs, but maybe this will give you a helpful idea. Use your legs like springs! Woo!

Luv, from bitterly cold but snowless Kansas,


  1. They thought THAT would keep you from getting from ane side to the other? Maybe if they stacked two or three of them up.

  2. Zim,

    This looks like a game that I like to play with Lares. The only difference is there is no gate and I try to prevent him from coming down the stairs. He usually whines until Mom or Dad yell at me to let him down.


  3. Ender: Oooh, is THAT why mom put the bench there? Who knew?
    Althea: Amber is rooing "poor Lares"....... but I don't know. Your game sounds fun! Ha roo!
    Play bows,

  4. Zim - It's getting cold here in Chicago too! We're supposed to get lots of snow tonight. I like the snow because it's fun to lift my leg against.

  5. T-man: I can make a "Z" in the snow! Can you make a "T"?
    Play bows,
    Zorro ... I mean Zim

  6. well, have to say, guys, I am now so well ingrained with my training, that a few years back a field mouse ventured upstairs....my Dog Assistance was required to stop the female hoooomans screaming.

    I was taken to the bottom of the stairs and told to "go find up there? Marvin??? Go, go!", well I would not budge even though the screams were quite loud.

    But my good training did not permit me to venture to the Pirate Land above stairs I am afraid. (Very afraid I have to admit!)

    So pleased you could hear Louis Armstrong.....made my Editor in Chief soooooo happy!

    love and licks Marv xxxxxx WoP to Ao4

  7. ahem... I recall a promise to destroy the fluffy toys back when you let me post that picture of the barrier on my blog.

    Well? What's the status of the fluffy killing? The day of Chaos fast approaches, I need to see some improvement in your skills soon!


  8. I'd love to see a live action shot with you guys jumping those stairs. That would be awesome.

    Get your dad to work on that will ya??


  9. I agree with Meeshka, those stuffed fluffy bears would have been toast a long time ago at my house. Anything stuffed has a tendency to be gutted and destroyed within 5 minutes at MOST.

    That ottoman/ottozim thing looks like it was specifically made as a husky bed. I think it's the humans who are confused as to what it is to be used for.


    p.s. I see the snow has totally missed us both and moved on to D'Azul Siberians area. They are so lucky!

  10. Yep, great advice there Dave, to use the legs as springs.

    I'm sure you guys do great jumps from standing still?

    I do. Especially if there's a treat being waved around and taking too long to find its way down my gut.

    But mostly I try not to exert myself unless we're going for a run (I run alongside the bike with ma cycling).

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo