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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Walk to the Park with the Ao4

Woo, it's me - Dave! Mom took lots of pix day before yesterday on our walk to the park; I thought I'd share with all of you.
Here's the first one. That's Storm heading up the hill to the park. You can see some of the pretty Fall colors to the left.

up the hill to the park

At the top of the hill, there is an entrance to the Hudson Trail. It's a cool pathway that goes all over our side of town. We didn't go down there the day we took these pix, but the redheads did some posing on the rocks up there. Here's Zim:

Zim strikes a pose by the entrance to the trail

And Amber:

Am's pose

Pretty tree, huh? And pretty Ammy! Woo!
So then ... down the hill and into the park! Stormy was first in, of course.


"Hey, roo guys!" she said. "Check that out -- by the base of the tree!"
She's not just a great leader, she's got sharp eyes! It was a SQUIRREL! It climbed up the tree as soon as it spotted us. Here's the best pic we could get of it:

check it out!

Can ya see him up there!?! SQUIRREL! I circled him in red, Stormy's color, since she was the first one to spot him.
We went a little further, then Dad broke out our canteen and gave us a drink of water. Thanks, Dad! Here's Stormy drinking and me waiting my turn. Girls first, you know!

water break

(The Tooth Fairy took my bottom canine ... or people ... tooth out and I have a hard time keeping my tongue in straight! Woo.)
Then the redheads thought they saw something across the street!

the redheads spot something across the street

Am looks like she's zeroing in on something down the street.
Down near the corner! Trust me! To the right, Zimmie!
So we all hustled down to the corner. Am is never wrong about seeing stuff!


SQUIRREL! See him!?!? Wow, is Ammy GOOD! I did what any Sibe worth his weight in Eukanuba would do. I stared at him.

stare down!

That's me, the back of my head. The squirrel is in the tree.
After a good stare-down, we headed home. I think we taught those park squirrels not to mess with the Ao4!

Dave heading home

Here I am, heading down the home stretch. Stormy was just to my right. She lets me walk in front with her sometimes. That's our house at the end.
Hope you enjoyed our trip to the park; thanks for coming with us! Woo!


  1. Nice pictures! The ones of the squirrel made me hungry.

  2. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I have tons of fat squirrels here in my yard. Want me to ship you a couple?

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Hey guys nice squirrel spotting skills. Those fluffy tailed rodents are all over the place where we live. I want to get one so badly but Dad never lets me off the leash.

    Dad is very impressed with your mom's picture taking ability. He has a hard time walking the Doofus and I, nevermind trying to take a picture at the same time.


  4. Your part of Kansas looks really nice!

  5. Way to keep those fluffy tailed rats in the trees you guys! Thanks for taking us on your walk with you, that was very nice, it's almost like we were there! WOOWOO!
    Face Licks, M&M

  6. Indy: Thanx! Almost makes me salivate, ya know?
    Buster: Yeah! Send 'em on over! We don't grow any right in our own yard!
    Althea: We're never allowed off-lead, either. What's the deal with that?!?! Mom says she just points and clicks. Sometimes it's a good picture; most times it's just Siber-tails. Woooo!
    (Oh... and please see Zimmie's comment back to you about the praying bug!)
    Tubey: Thanx! You should come visit!
    M&M: Wouldn't it be COOL to all go on a walk together?!!?

  7. wow you guys are great hunters.
    Did you get the squirrel?

    If you did you are my heroes.


  8. You have great eyesight. I don't think that squirrel would have stood a chance if you weren't on leashes!

  9. Great tour. We felt like we were there!

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  10. I wish it was fall here still. Nice pictures. I wonder what squirrels taste like chicken.

  11. Woh the trees are in beautiful colors. And Amber look so pretty besids the tree.

    ~ fufu

  12. Anonymous3:14 AM

    Hi There Army of Four! I just love the pictures of your walkies, and the autumn colours are so, so pretty! But the best bits were the tempting, tasty squirrel shots, mmmmmm! They look like Red Squirrels? We don't get many of those guys here, we are just over run with the pesky Grey Squirrels.

    One of my Pals tells me Squirrel Tastes Like Chicken! Mmmmmmm! Your house and road look so cool, I felt I was almost there on the leashes with you! Grand pics!

    Off to hunt out some chicken flavour squirrels, right now! love and licks and waves of paws to the Army of Four xxxxxxx Marvin ;0)

  13. Chelsea: We stared at him! But "get him"? No. We aren't allowed off-lead.
    T-man: Thanks, pal! Amber is GREAT at spotting those fuzzy things!
    R, S, & A: We wish you had been with us! Stormy and I met a dachsie the other day... but he didn't have much to say. We'll post about it in a day or two.
    Chicote: Thanks for visiting! We haven't gotten a squirrel yet, so I don't know what they taste like. Storm caught (and released) a few mice, Am got a mole once, and there was an incident involving Zim and a bunny the neighbor's cat left laying around... but never a squirrel. Not yet, anyway.
    FuFu: Glad you liked the pix! Amber IS pretty, isn't she? And she's very nice.
    Marvin: We have red squirrels here - and on Ft. Riley there is a colony of BLACK ones! They are REALLY cool looking! Stormy said they used to hang out all over post and she stared at them!
    Thanks for coming on walkies, everybody!

  14. Anonymous9:31 AM

    I am asking for you to help me for the month of November!

    I have made the NABLOPOMO pledge and have committed to a new blog post every day for the month of November.

    Can you guys come visit my blog every day this month and keep me going?


    Just leave a comment and let me know you were there!

    Bussie Kissies

  15. wow you guys are GREAT skwerrel hunters! i wud go to the park wif you all any time!

  16. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Neat pictures! Especially the one of Amber with the colorful tree. We get lots of squirrels in our yard, even those pesky jack squirrels. You would be in doggie heaven in our yard staring at squirrels, hehehe!
    Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers