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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tooth Fairy Visits

Woo. It's me, Dave. A biped friend of our pals over at D'Azul Siberians - Lisa - had to have her wisdom teeth out the other day. I've never had that happen to me, but I did have to have some other teeth pulled once.

I used to chew on rocks or steel before I came here to my furever home; the enamel on my teeth is pretty messed up and I had a couple that were busted. My vet decided a while ago that the two busted teeth needed to come out or they were going to cause me lots of problems.

The Tooth Fairy (if you go to that link and scroll down to the bottom, he's the guy in the middle of that picture - the two ladies are also among my favorite vets!) whomped me upside the head and took those teeth in the process. One was a bottom canine tooth - or would that be a people teeth for us? And the other was the tooth right above it. It took him a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time to do the extraction - he had to be careful not to break my jaw. He was very concerned about that. He showed mom the tooth afterwards and it was HUGE! She said the roots were massive and said the Tooth Fairy was VERY skilled to be able to do that!

Here is a picture of me that afternoon when I got home:

I was pretty out of it. Mom fixed up a nice, comfy pillow for me to drool all over on the bed.

One of the "don't"s for my recovery was no crunchy food. Oh no! What about my supper-duppers? The student told mom she could make me hamburger and sticky rice ... or boiled chicken and sticky rice. Mmmm, nice student! But mom was worried about messing up my tummy by feeding me stuff I don't usually get. Cats! But then she had a great idea - and this is why I'm bringing the whole thing up - I though Lisa might like this! I got a very special elixir called "hot water" on my dry food! Mom waited for it to cool, then it was all soft and yummy and tasted JUST like my favorite - Eukanuba! Lisa, I hope you get a special elixir and some Eukanuba!

I also did get some sticky rice - and mom pressed it into tiny balls as treats! YUM!

I had a great recovery and can do everything I could before - except for holding my tongue in straight. Woo. Mom thinks it looks cute, though.

The next time I saw the Tooth Fairy, I gave him a big lean-into-the-legs hug. I love him. He took very good care of me!

Good recovery, Lisa! And hug your Tooth Fairy when you see him again. Mine seemed to really appreciate it!



  1. So glad you feelin' better Dave, was a bit worried when I read in your Post - "you were bringing the whole thing up"......I kept clear away from the computer screen when I reached this sentence!


    love and licks and happy drooling, and the hot water trick is great! We do that here in Scotland on cold days, brings the taste of those old biscuits out real good!

  2. ooops, sorry, meant to say hope Lisa is feeling better now, as I see your tooth probs were a while bck! I think your toungue hangs just cute the way it is now.

    Marv ;

  3. Thanks Dave and Marvin. Lisa is feeling better. She is eating yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream and Mac N Cheese. Sounds good to us, we like Mac N Cheese. We will tell her about the special elixir if she wants some kibble but we have Bil-Jac. Will that work? Plus Lisa has loopy pills.

    The Siberian Family at D'Azul

  4. Hi Dave, I've lost some of my puppy teeth. Weird Mummy has kept them!!

    Simba xx

  5. Rice balls sound more tasty than rocks and steel. Poor Dave! I'm glad you're being looked after so well now.

  6. Marvin: Wooo! Pretty funny comment about "bringing the whole thing up"! We all got a good laugh over that!
    Lisa at D'Azul: Ice cream? Woo. That sounds great! I didn't get loopy pills - Stormy says I'm loopy enough without them. What do you think she means by that? And yeah, I'll Bil Jac is good with the special elixir on it, too!
    Simba: Great to meet you! I was probably 4 years old when I got here, so I don't think I had baby teeth anymore.
    Luv everypup,

  7. T-man: The rice balls are GREAT! Amber spits them on the floor, but the rest of us LOVE them! I'm glad I'm here now, too!

  8. My Mom sometimes puts warm water on my kibbles to make gravy. She is such a good cook!

    Bussie Kissies

  9. Dave, you are brave.
    Hey that rhymes.

    Wow, that sounds very painful but, to tell you the tooth, sounds like your humans did it to help you out. I am sure you are better off for it.

    p.s what do rocks taste like?


  10. Hey Dave, that's so nice of you to give tips to your biped friend.:)
    And you do look cute with your tongue hanging on the side. :)

    ~ fufu

  11. Hey there Dave,

    your tongue lolling to one side like that is rather dashing, I think.

    And yeah, my ma had wisdom teeth out last year. She was high as a kite on drugs the same day and I swear she thought she could've flown. That all came crashing down the day after though.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  12. Good to hear that Lisa is better :)

  13. Hey Dave, it's your admirer Holly here!!

    Glad your biped friend is doing ok. My mom had those same teeth out a long time ago I guess, and she got something called "dry socket" and apparently it was pretty bad. Abby has had to have 2 teeth pulled, and Sam his had one. Luckily I have all my teeth, but my tongue still does the same lolling out the side of my mouth that yours does. Hhmmm, wonder why?

    Have a great turkey day, hope you get some yummys!

    Your "girl" Hollybollyboo (blush)

  14. Buster: Your mom DOES sound like a good cook! I always say no one pours a bowl of Eukanuba quite like mom!
    Chelsea: Thanks for the poem! :) And "to tell the tooth"? Ha woo! Good one! Rocks taste like dirt only crunchier. Much like what I imagine mom's Grape Nuts cereal tastes like.
    FuFu: Thank woo. :)
    TinTin: "Dashing"? Yeah, I like the sound of that!
    Jay: Yeah! I hope her recovery continues to go well!
    Hollybollyboo, my favorite Mal: Ooooh, I'd love to see a picture of you with your tongue like that! I'll bet you look adorable!
    Flossy: Thank woo! We always love seeing your pix, too - and your videos!