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Friday, November 17, 2006

Diggin' the Treasure Scene

Harrr, mateys! It's me, Zim the Pirate! I know I just posted yesterday, but I didn't want my matey Cap'n Maverick to think I've been falling down on the job! He might make me walk the plank or something! Harrrr!

In today's b-log entry, Cap'n Mav reminded me about our search for booty and what may be in the Treasure Chest I discovered in our living room. OK... that Stormy discovered in our living room. I was trying to figure out how to bust into it; we aren't allowed to chew on it - so I was stumped! Then Ender had a great idea about trying to dig out way in through the floor! COOL! I gave it a try ...then was reminded that we aren't allowed to dig in the living room, either.

I can dig it

Here I am, doing a test run in the dining room. Mom expressed some displeasure.
Being the top student that I am at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies, I did a cute, innocent pose as quickly as I could to diffuse the situation.

I wasn't doing anything...

I wasn't doing anything... honest!
So... then I remembered Maverick, harr.... excuse me, Cap'n Maverick, saying that water and a beach are involved... and we don't have either of those in the living room. He told me that the banks of Little Kitten Creek might be just the beach we were looking for - and that further investigation was in order! I decided to check it out!

Little Kitten Creek 1

Hmmm.... there's the creek... there are the banks... but I sure don't see any booty! No Treasure Chests or ANYTHING! We spotted a squirrel up on the telephone wire and Ammy said that was better than a Treasure Chest, so went off to try to chase it instead.
Harr... so I'm doing my best, Cap'n Maverick! And I'll be SURE to keep my eyes peeled for the booty you posted about today. I think if that was in the Treasure Chest in the living room, I'd be able to smell it!
Harrrr...... and play bows,
Zim the Pirate


  1. Sticktoittinivess.

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Stormy, I am a bit envious of your long legs. Have you ever considered runway work??

    Chelsea the supermodel

  3. Congratulations AO4 - you have been nominated for Awesome Blog Award, over at the DWB's Bone Zone. Head on over and cast your vote :-)


  4. My step-brothe Sam makes those funny butt in th air pose, but he usually does it on the couch.

    Congrats on the Awsome Blog aware!!! Wooo woooo!!!


  5. Foiled again! Why do moms always have to watch our every move? Digging through the floor was a good idea though.

  6. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Maybe next time you'll find some treasure ...

  7. what exactly makes up booty? is it like a lot of bones and treats and squeaker toys??

    either way, I wish you luck on your hunting!

  8. Hiya Zim!

    I agree - I don't think the booty is in the treasure chest, you certainly would sniff it out if it was!

    It is probably somewhere, where you least expect it to be!

    Like when my Jeannie misplaces her glasses, then finds she is wearing them! Hee hee hee! Good luck with the booty hunt, Love and Licks Marv ;0) WOP to AO4

    And congrats on your nomination!

  9. What I want to know is: where's the parrot?

    There's always a parrot.

    And a wooden leg human.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  10. Buster: I will not relent! Ha roo!
    Chelsea: Oh great Balto! You called me STORMY! I have NEVER been so complimented in all my LIFE! NEVER! Chelsea called me "Stormy"! Chelsea called me "Stormy"! HA roo, I'm doing the Snoopy Happy Dance! I must really be making progress at the SZK School of Siberian Studies!!! Thank roo, Chelsea, thank rooooo!
    Opy: WOW! Thank roo! I can't believe we've been nominated! That's so COOL!!!!!!
    Holly: Are those poses as good as Sam's sad eyes look? And thank roo! :)
    T-man: Yeah, I thought it was a great idea!
    Zach: You got it! There's ALWAYS next time!
    Joe Stains: I'm not sure exactly what booty is... but it's GOOD whatever it is!
    Marvin: Ha roo, our mom does that, too! How often do you hear this: Where are my... never mind. ??? and Thanks!
    Tin Tin: Haven't seen a parrot yet ... though there is a lot of talk about some kind of bird here lately. Oh! And even though I didn't think dad was a hunter, he seems to have shot a birdie on the golf course yesterday. I didn't think they allowed that kind of thing out there! And the only wooden legs I've seen are on the tables and chairs!
    Play bows and harrr, everypup!
    Zim (Chelsea called me "Stormy!")

  11. Hi Zim, I'm sure you will find a real treasure soon!


  12. Thanks, Jay! You're such a pal!
    Play bows,

  13. I am sorry for the mistaken identity, then again....seeing as it made you so happy...I simply cannot take it back :)


  14. Chelsea! You cannot imagine the supreme compliment you have dealt me! Please don't take it back - please!??!
    By the way - I know you and T-man are an item, but if you need anything - anypup bothering you or a dragon you need slayed or ANYTHING - just let me know. I owe you one!
    Ha roo and play bows,
    Zim (still doing the Snoopy happy dance!)

  15. Harrr, Way to go Matey Zim, keep it up. BTW the turkey booty is only a day or so away so keep your nose peeled for that one.

    Cap'N Maverick the Pirate