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Friday, November 03, 2006

Giant Cat!

Woo, everypup! It's me, Dave! Hot on the trail of the Giant once again!
We hadn't seen anything too remarkable for a while, but we have been on the job! And now...... we have something really cool to report!
Mom took me and Stormy on a walk the other day and Stormy spotted it! No..... not the Giant, he's keeping himself hidden so far! And no .... not his dog that dug the big hole. It was... well, Stormy saw it first. She stopped right in the middle of the street.
"Whoa and woo! Dave! Check out the size of that cat up there! It's ... a GIANT CAT!"
At first I thought she was kidding, because sometimes Storms kids around with me. You know, like how she teases me that I'm a Lab wearing a Sibe suit. She's just kidding. I think. Anyway, check this out!

Giant cat 1

Can ya see it?? Up on top of that big punkin! I couldn't believe it! I tried going up the hill to grab it or something, but Storm said maybe the Giant would see me or get mad that I went after his cat. Besides... Stormy actually likes cats and says we shouldn't hurt them. Hmph. I'm not sure about that, but I've learned not to argue with her. I did one of the things I do best. I stared at him.

Giant cat 2

OH, yeah. That Giant Cat knows not to mess with us. And we haven't seen him since Halloween, so I think he definitely got the idea.
One day, we'll find the Giant..... I just know it.


  1. Yep...definately the giants cat...probably a good thing you didnt mess with him...no sense in angering the giant...it just cant be a good idea. I hope the four of you have a good weekend...i think i will just be sitting here listneing to lots of loud noises...my dad is putting in hard wood floors....

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Dave, keep away from that cat. My feline sister Delilah, is much smaller than that cat and she gives me all kinds of trouble. My poor nose has finally healed.


  3. That's not only a huge cat, but a huge pumpkin!

  4. Attempt number 4 or 5 to respond...
    We're pretty sure Dave's stare-down scared the cat away - but we WILL beware! And Tubes - it WAS a huge pumpkin, too!
    tail wags,

  5. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Hey you guys! Just touching base, havin' blogger issues, so hard to comment! Be patient with me......

    be in touch v. soor.

    love and light, Marvn The Scotsman Poet etc x

  6. Hey Dave,

    Me-woo! That's a big cat. Just don't pong it. I'm glad the cats that live at my house, aren't that big. Of course, they're obnoxious balls of fur, but they run when they see the mighty Arwen paw.

    Yours in zoom-zooms,


  7. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Woah! That's a big cat for sure. Wouldn't want to have it's claws sink into our hide, tee hee. We're glad it's gone now. Hope that isn't the start of a new breed of feline, hehehe!
    Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  8. Brrrr....that giant cat looked frightening. I'm glad you were able to scare it away! You are so brave!

  9. Hey there Dave,

    hope this comments stays: blogger is being a blogger at the moment, losing my comments blah blah blah...

    Anyhowl, just git that cat, y'hear? You're the best dog for the job.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  10. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Hi you Four and Your Mama!

    Where did the stone dashie go!????

    I am missing him, he looked so cool last evening on your Blog.

    Mucho love and licks
    Waves of Paws to the Army of Four
    xxxxx Marv

  11. Woo guys! Isn't he huge!?!? And Tin Tin, you and Amber are the only ones who seem to think we should go after the cat! Amber is quite the huntress!
    Yesterday's blog about the dacshie disappeared. We're hoping it'll come back somehow. If not, I'll try to remember what I said. Should have saved it somewhere other than blogger! Wooooooo!

  12. Woh a giant cat. I hope it's not evil. Let us know if that cat's up to no good.

    ~ fufu

  13. Dave, could you come over & stared down our cats so they'll leave too, we'de REALLY appreciate it!
    Face Licks, M&M

  14. FuFu: I think I scared him away. I hope so, anyway - he was so HUGE!
    M&M: Zim's looking for the car keys, then I'll be right over.

  15. Anonymous11:29 AM

    hope you haven't found the Giant and he has eaten you all up! You have all been so very quiet!

    Keep safe

    Marvin The Scotsman and Jeannie The English Person......! x