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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Salute - Nikki & McKinley

Welcome to our second Sunday Salute! Each week, as promised, we will blog about or hear from one of our friends. They’ll share their latest adventure, cool discovery, or tell us a little bit about themselves! This week, we are spotlighting our friends in South Africa, Nikki and McKinley!
As you may recall, Nikki and "Big M, little c" have checked in once before, after an important bunny-sighting! Here's their P-update on that:

We had such excitement yesterday when we went walkies - we saw the bunny AND the guineas (that is Guinea Fowl). Here is a web site about them. http://www.guineafowl.com/fritsfarm/guineas/african/ We didn't know what to do, chase the Guineas or the bunny???

What a decision! We love to chase bunnies ... and those guinea-birdies look COOL!
They continued:

The bunny ran towards the guineas and they started to run and we wanted to run and our stupid bipeds would not let us :((( AROOO!!!
Daddy says he is getting "Huskietis" in his shoulder from the way I pull him - I told him "Get me a cart" or let me off the lead and he said I did not have a snowball's chance in ...!!

We took the last word off, but we think you know where they mean!
VERY cool that you spotted the bunny and guineas again, roo guys! We all know you could catch them, were it not for the bipeds. While we commend you for keeping your bipeds on a leash, we think your dad might want to show some appreciation for the upper body work-out you're giving him! Think strength-training, Mr. P!
Nikki and McKinley also proposed a little competition! McK said:
Maybe other sibes would like to enter the "Great Hole Digging" Competition? Or How Deep Can You Go?? Nikki and I have been competing for a few months now ...

The start of a brand new hole!

We are trying to visit our friends in Oz - no, no, nothing to do with Dorothy, Oz as in Australia!!!! We actually think the lawn looks very pretty with all these brown holes in it. It is also a safety measure as any burglar would break his neck if he crept around our house after dark - see we are not just pretty faces but also doing our bit as guard dogs!!!!
Who said a sibe didn't make a good guard dog???

Well said, McKinley! Too bad on the Oz thing, though - I thought maybe you meant us! In the US, we refer to such great efforts as "digging to China"!
You and Nikki do a remarkable service for your bipeds! I think there are many other Sibes and other pups out there who stand shoulder to shoulder with you on this and would love to join your competition!!
We'd also like to share another picture of McKinley that really sums up the Siberian outlook on things. If we're not mistaken, he won a photo contest with this one.

Big M little c

Definitely a winner in our book.
Nikki and McKinley, for your incredible work as hunters, personal trainers, landscapers, and guard puppies, we salute you!

The Army of Four


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Hole digging? Hole digging? I am there! I am possibly the Scottish Expert at Hole Digging. My Bi Peds had a lovely back lawn once before I came along. Now they just have boootiful holes designed and created by Me!

    Waves of Paws to the AO4

    love and licks Marvin x

  2. Hey you guys should be on prison break.

    You could help the guys escape from prison.


  3. My Human can do an imitation of what a guineafowl sounds like! Ba-KAK!!!!

  4. Hole digging competition. I bet it will be FUN!


  5. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Ground frozen ... can't dig until spring ... darn, darn, darn ....

  6. Hey, WERE IN OZ!

    Are you all coming to see us?


    I better go tell Opy.


  7. Awesome, I like your new feature!

    Hey, come check out the eBay auction for our rescue on my blog, you can do some of your holiday shopping!

  8. Thanks you guys, I would LOVE it if you linked to our eBay auction! You guys rock!

  9. Marvin: Can ya DIG IT?!? Ha roo!
    Chelsea: Maybe Nikki and Big M little c have a future in show biz!
    Tubey: Your human is very talented!
    Jay: Yeah! The only digging I do is on the bed ... but once it snows, I like to dig in that!
    Zach: Sure... rub it in!
    Charlie: I'll tell our friends Nikki and McKinley to look for you if they dig their way in! How cool would THAT be?!!?
    Indy: Thanks! And Storm put up the auction info - GOOD LUCK!
    Play bows!