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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everypuppy! It's me - Amber! Or as my mom and dad like to call me ... their little Sweet Potato! Hee hee hee. What can I say? I yam what I yam. :)

On behalf of my sister and brothers, I would like to share a couple things with our readers today! First, I would encourage you, when you have some time, to check out these two links about Thanksgiving! This link tells you all about the origin of the American Thanksgiving holiday and what it truly means. This second link is a really wonderful write-up about some Thanksgiving tradition in the different branches of the US military!

That is a great segue (Zim isn't the only one who picks things up from Stormy!) to another link. This one leads to what we are most thankful for. We'd also like to encourage you to check out the heart-warming story told here and especially here.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - and remember to thank God for the many blessings He's given you!

I'll leave you with a cartoon one of mom's quilt friends sent her!Much happiness, everypuppy!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving my friends!! I hope you get lots of yummy handouts and food dropped on the floor today!!

  2. Thank roo, T-man! Here's to moms being butter-fingers! :) I mean that figuratively... or wait... maybe not! Ha rooo!
    Play bows,

  3. Happy T-day guys!

    Bussie Kissies

  4. oh thank you so much AO4 and your Mom! For all the info about your Thanksgiving celebrations. My mama and Pa were only saying tonight how little they knew (if tho' the bi peds are English for goodness sake!) about the origins of Thanksgiving.

    The only thing we knew about it previously was from "endless" episodes of "Friends" (which we thoroughly enjoy and are addicted to!) but wonderful to read of the true origins.

    Wonderful Links in your post too! My Mama is full of the old salty flowing things out of the eyes tonight for some reason, what with Daisie Duke and Thanksgiving, she is all in!

    Love and weepy Licks Marvin :0)
    Hands Across The Pond......!
    Tail Wags Across The Pond.....!


  5. Happy Thanksgiving AO4!

    Yes, thanks for reminding us to give lots of Thanks.

    Can't wait for that stuff they call stuffing......hmmm come to think of it, I think I have already tasted stuffin".....I had that little purple fur monkey my moms best friend got me when I was 2 months, Yup..I already tested out stuffin, it was sort of dry and white and I spit it out for my Mom to clean up. Hmm, Ok I am holding out for some Pumpkin Pie then, and that pffft pfft stuff my sis Franks gets on her food! Woooo its good to be a pup!

    Did you all get enough to eat?

    Happy Turkeys to all,
    Luv Maddie choco bunnnnnnnnnie

  6. Hey Amber!

    Have some turkey for me please.
    LOTS of it.


  7. Hey to all the doggies in AO4. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. :)
    Hope you get loads of yummy food

    ~ fufu

  8. Hey Amber, and the rest of the Ao4, Happy turkey, and stuffing, and taters, eating holiday!

    My mom wanted you to tell your mom that the pumpkin cake recipe was a great hit! Good things these humans know how to cook!

    Thanks also for the wonderful stories. We're all pretty lucky we have such great troops to help all those people who are just trying to be free and happy like we are. Lots of blessings and prayers go their way.


  9. Happy Thanksgiving Ao4 - hope you got some turkey :-)


  10. hey hey sweet potato amber! i liked reading about the military traditions. my randy laughed wen i read to him that all the branches use the same recipes... even the food is uniform! ha ha!

    we shared our turkey food with some navy sailors who were far away from theyr families. they had a turkey meal at theyr base but theyr boss made them work rite thru dinner time and they missed it! so they got to eat at my house and haf better food anyway.

  11. Buster: Same to roo! :)
    Marvin: We're very happy that you liked our links! A lot of Americans don't know the real Thanksgiving story, either!
    Maddie: I'm not sure, but I think the stuffing people eat is better than the stuffing in squishie toys. Did you get some of the pffft pfft stuff?
    Chelsea: I didn't get any turkey; it might upset my tummy. I DID get VERY special Eukanuba today, though!
    Fu Fu: Thank roo! Our Euk was GREAT! Mom said "Happy Thanksgiving!!!" to us at every meal! It made it VERY special!
    Holly: I'm so glad the cake was a hit! YEA! And we are happy to share stories about the wonderful men and women serving in our military!!! Thank roo for your comments about them!!!
    Opy: Thank rooo!!!!
    Ivy: You are SO nice to have sailors over for dinner! I'll bet they loved being there - please give your Randy and Linsay big licks on the nose for all of us for being so sweet! And YOU were very sweet to share your toys and couch with your puppy-friends that came over!
    Love to everyone!
    Amber (The little Sweet Potato!)

  12. hi amber! i hope your thanksgiving was great! we had a whole turkey just for us dogs!!! and it was smoked...mmmmm.

    ps i think you are hot!