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Friday, November 24, 2006

Giant Birdie!

GIANT BIRDIE! GIANT BIRDIE! Ha roo, it's me - Zim!

Get a load of this picture! YIKES! Can you believe the size of this guy? We saw it out on our afternoon neighborhood patrol! I can only guess that the Giant is involved somehow ... maybe this birdie escaped from his dinner table? That can't be good news - I mean... that's got to get the Giant all riled up, don't you think?

Am! Check out the size of this birdie!!!

Hey... don't leave me alone with this thing, roo guys! The Giant might think I took him!

Wonder if we'll see the birdie out on patrol today? I just don't want the Giant to think we're responsible for this!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Ha roo and play bows,



  1. Good thing CC-man can't see that bird. He'd freak out..he's a scaredy bird!

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  3. Were you worried about the bird, Zim? Did you ha roo at it? We were stuck in our house all day yesterday while the people were away--but they made up for it by hanging out with us all day today.

    We have sunshine too--finally!


  4. That is one big birdie Zim. We wonder what it would taste like?

  5. Hey Zim, that giant bird is kinda scary looking. I might have had to try and eat it. I like birds, they're tasty! But be careful, and watch out for that giant. He has giant cats, and giant birds, who knows what else he has!


  6. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Scary .. very scary ...

  7. Hey Zim,

    Be careful around that giant birdie!

    Yours in tailwags,


  8. T-man: The Giant Birdie is gone - tell CC-man it's safe now! (I was going to say I thought he was a cockateil, not a chicken... but Ammy said that wouldn't be nice ... so I won't.)
    Pippin: I wasn't so much worried about the birdie as I was the Giant finding us! I didn't ha roo - but I sure gave him a good stare-down!
    Friends at D'Azul: Storm said he wouldn't taste like much other that air. I wonder what she means by that?
    Holly: That Giant has WAY too much giant stuff, doesn't he?
    Zach: It is kinda scary ... but as long as the 4 of us stick together, we're cool!
    Arwen: Thanks, we will be! And great to hear from you!!!
    Play bows, everypup!

  9. That is so funny! I had never seen a big bird like that before this year! On my Thanksgiving day blog, you will see one similar to it, but it glowed in the dark!

  10. Holy Canoli that's a big bird! Boy, if that is the Giant's, he's not going to be to happy with those folks! We would stay far away from it either way!
    Face Licks, M&M