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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Dog Aid" and a New Cute Pose

Hi everypuppy! It's me, Amber!

I want to encourage all of you to surf over to Pappy's blog to watch the Christmas video! It'll get you in the spirit and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! The boys wanted me to say that they don't really sing that high, but stretched their range in order to participate. :)

Tin Tin is the one who came up with the moniker "Dog Aid". He's very clever, isn't he?

One of the very important lessons Stormy has taught us (at the SZK SSS) is to have a repertoire of cute poses. You know ... just in case we do something less-than-desirable, we need cute poses to tug at the bipeds' heartstrings and make them forget all about whatever it was we did. Stormy's so smart!

Here's my latest:

I haven't done anything wrong (lately) but I thought I'd keep this one in my bag of tricks.

PS: That's another one of Mom's quilts on the Treasure Chest!


  1. hmmm! all very well posing, but I think I would have made it sharpish up on to the comfy looking chair at the back of you!

    love n licks
    Marvin xxxx
    Waves of Paws to the Army of Four!

  2. Amber - You blend into the decor beautifully! Does your mom keep you in mind when she's decorating the house :)

  3. oooooooooooooooh our sides are aching, just watched the video, you Four! How talented you all are! Wish I could have been in it, must get this video stuff sorted, my Editor in Chief is sometimes soooo slow.

    That was the funniest Video we have ever seen!!!!!!! We have shared it with my Dad at work, he will just adore it! You stars!

    Hope there was no mischief back stage when you filmed it all! ha ha ha ha ha! Still grinning here.

  4. Marvin: We aren't allowed on any of the furniture (except the bed) so Stormy said getting up there would "negate the whole heart-warming effect". Zim tried convincing Mom how cute we looked on the furniture when we first got it, and it didn't work. Cats! They won't budge on the "no Sibes on the furniture" rule. :(
    T-man: Thank roooo! She keeps our fur in mind, as far as what it will and won't come off of... but I think that's where it ends.
    Marvin: Isn't it the BEST! Pappy is SO clever!

  5. Ao4, Sorry for assigning you the falsetto bit, but thanks for pushing it for the cause-- I had to ask the same of Joey & Tanner.

    Marvin, I started out wanting to do many more dogs, but after photochopping the eighth or ninth... enthusiasm waned. But I'm certainly a fan of the hollow hound.

    T-man, Yo!


    Pappy's Fella

  6. Oh yeah, that one will definitely keep you out of trouble!

    Bussie Kissies

  7. Amber, you do look especially cute & adorable!

  8. Hey there Amber,

    you're onto a winning pose there.

    Definitely an excellent one to have in your quiver-full of heart-melting arrows.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  9. Woooo Woooo good pose, remember to teach other Sibes you encounter the tricks of the trade.

    Hubley Hooligans

  10. I got the high part in the video too, but we pulled it off quite well! As for that pose, its irresistable!

  11. hey Amber! I am not allowed on the furniture either! But I am always tempted when I see a vacant and comfy chair or sofa. My hoooomans have to put video cases on the sofa and chairs when they go to bed, otherwise I sneak up on there!

    You certainly look so beautiful in the pictures! I rather like your nose! Love and licks Marvin ;0)
    ps I am posting a picture on my Blog a bit later of my Hoooooman sister - she calls me Morag, don't ask it is a long TAIL more later!

  12. Pappy's Fella: The boys were more than happy to stretch their range for you! Your video is AMAZING! We love it!
    Buster: Thank roo. I need to remember JUST how to do it!
    Tubey: (blush) Thank roo. :)
    Tin Tin: YOU'RE making me blush, too! You're so SWEET!
    Hooligans: Zim soaks up everything we do like a sponge! :)
    Joe: You and Tanner are awesome in the video!
    Marvin: "Morag"? We need to hear that "tail". :)

  13. You look fabulous Amber, so cute, so innocent. But not allowed on the furniture, what kinda rule is that. We are allowed on the downstairs furniture but not the Living Room furniture. We have dial up and cannot view your video but would really like to.

    The Siberians at D'Azul

  14. Gooooooooooo Amber!

    You know like Madonna said

    "Strike A Pose"

    Madison (That will be my strike a pose name) he he

  15. Thank roo, friends at D'Azul Siberians! I wish you could see the video - it's very cute! And I don't think it's a big deal not being allowed on the furniture. Zimmie is the one who REALLY wants to be up there! :)
    Maddie: Or should I say a dramatic Madison? :) Is Frankie teaching you to do cute poses? Or are they second-nature to Labrapuppies, too? You have the benefit of those gorgeous, big, brown eyes! I'll bet you can get ANYTHING you want with those eyes of yours!

  16. Very nice video, even if you both sing like girls :)

    Nice pathetic pose too, sorry for the short comment, I'm late for my human woman clawing


  17. Hey Amber, I saw that video. It's really cute. haaa

    ~ fufu

  18. Meeshka, we were just extendind our range so we could participate!
    Play bows,

    Fu Fu: It's really cute, isn't it!?!