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Friday, December 01, 2006

Weather Report and Variations on a Theme

Good morning, everypuppy! It's me, Amber! I hope everyone is having a happy day so far and to those of you who actually got snow like the bipeds on TV said you would - I'm very happy for you! All the bipeds on our TV and the ones behind the sidebar link to The Weather Channel said we were going to get a BUNCH of snow, too. I said nothing. Let me clarify. When my mom asked me how much snow we were going to get, I said, "Nothing." Meaning - no snow, as far as I can tell. Not for Wednesday, not for Thursday. Not for anytime this week. I didn't want to make that prediction, because I'd love to have some snow to go play in.... but I knew we weren't going to get any. The bipeds on TV and at The Weather Channel should read the Ao4 Digest or call me first. We are snowless in our little corner of the park. :(

Remember the new cute pose I posted the other day? Yes! The one at right here! Well, I got just the nicest email from the mom of our friends Frankie and Maddie! She said, "Did you teach Miss Frankie this adorable pose?????? We saw your blog and said 'Hey, we got one of those pics in the ole picture book'!!! Do any other Sibes in your Army do this, or is it a girl thang :-)" She is SO very sweet, isn't she? AND she sent me hugs. :) Here's the picture of our dear friend Frankie! Isn't she just SO very beautiful!??! She is an all-white Sibergirl!

And to answer the questions Frankie and Maddie's mom asked, no... I didn't teach that to Frankie! Hee hee hee! Stormy said all Siberians are born with an instinct for doing cute poses. :) I think it's SO NICE that Frankie does this one! She looks SO beautiful! AND - yes! Other members of the Ao4 also do a variation on this theme! Here's DAVY!

I don't have pictures of Zim and Stormy using that Treasure Chest as a prop, but they do sometimes, too!

Have a happy day, everypuppy!


  1. Hey Amber!

    My Mom said Davey's slant on
    "The Pose" is just too adorable.
    He is totally working those baby blues in that picture! He speaks
    volumes in that picture with personality galore!
    My sis Frankie says sibegirls rule!!!!! And she sends special
    wooooooooooo's to Davey ;-)

    Too Cute!

    Lov and cold nose xoxoxo's
    Maddie the Chocolate Bunnnnny Lab

  2. Hi Amber,

    We were promised snow, too, and we didn't get it. Silly me, I believed the weather people (because my person is always fooled by them too and I'm a lot like her). But it's sure been raining a lot--a mean a whole lot--more than even a few weeks ago.

    Maybe you'll get some this week-end.

    Hamish (Pippin's little brother)

  3. The pose is adorable. You all look soooo cute. Preston gives a big howdy to Frankie. Amber's weather forecast was right for us too. No snow here at D'Azul, which means no snow for Cap'n Mav either and he is pouting. We did get ice, lots of ice.

    D'Azul Siberians

  4. I like to take it a step further. Instead of resting my head on a table, I like to rest my head on my Mom or Dad. Not only do you hit them with the "look at how cute I am" look but you also get them with "my dog loves me so much" physical contact. This will get you out of almost any trouble you may have gotten into (except for peeing on your parents bed).


  5. Hey, Amber, never mind the snow, Frankie and Amber are way cool enough in those wonderful pictures.

    I think I am in love! You are both soooooo boooooootiful!

    Huskies Rock! love, licks and waves of paws to you all, especially Amber and a wave to Frankie as well!

    Marvin ;0)

  6. forgot to say, I have found a website just for Zim, I have put a link on my Blog for you to see!

    It is a children's programme which is popular here in the UK.....all about crazy Pirates.

    oooooh arrrr! Me Hearties!

    love and piratey licks Marvin xxxx
    ps Jeannie says she is the only person she knows who didn't like the film Pirates of the Carribean, when asked why, she replied, "it was too piratey!". Now you know why I love her so much, she is just crazy......

  7. Having a good time, wish you all were here!

    My Human can't open her driver side door in the huskymobile, so she's stuck here, even if she could go anywhere!

  8. Maddie: Davy is BLUSHING after I told him what you wrote. :)
    Hamish: Sorry you pups didn't get any snow, either! We didn't get rain or ANYthing!
    D'Azul friends: Thank roo. :) Are you playing slippy-slide on the ice?
    Althea: That sounds like great advice! Dave is good at the "head on the leg" pose.
    Marvin: Thank roo, and isn't Frankie just SO beautiful?!?! And she's very SWEET, too! Zim can't wait to check out your link. My mom and dad haven't seen the movie - something about not being Johnny Depp fans ... but I'm not supposed to say that. Shh! It's our secret!
    Tubey: I wish we could all come play in your snow with you!!!
    Love to everypuppy,

  9. hey you 4, my mama likes you very much, she don't like the Johnnie Depp person either!

    what is it with him? "she says"

    still lovin your pictures, you are such beautiful posers, I have some posey pictures to download but no way as good as yrs!

    love and licks Marvin xxxx

  10. hey Davy - have you checked out whether you still have a body? Your pic (although beautiful pose) makes you look like a Husky Head on a table.......very worrying for Marvin who always reads things the wrong way!



  11. Hey Amber!
    We got robbed of snow too. I forcasted no snow better than they did on my blog! Maybe they need to let US to the weather reporting!

    I just loooovvvvve that picture of Dave. His beautiful blue eyes, those cute little freckles on his nose!! I think I'm going to swoon!


  12. Woo. Dave here.
    Marvin: My mom says that Depp guy is a punk. Just between us. Oh. And now I have that song "I Ain't Got No Body" stuck in my head. Ha woo! :)
    Holly: Woooooooooo! You and Ammy should have your own weather channels. Why no bipeds other than mom and dad don't check with the Yam about snow is beyond me. She's NEVER wrong! And... do you really like this picture? :) Wooooo!!!! You're my FAVORITE Malamute!

  13. awwww! i wish you lots and lots of snow this year. dont worry cuz it is just the start of the cold time and we cant all be as lucky as turbo!

    i shud learn to do that cute pose thing. maybe it wud get me more cookies!

  14. Adorable Dave! Absolutely Adorable!

    Some day I will have to have my human drive me down your way so we can visit and play together in the snow!

    Your Mal Gal

  15. Aren't all pieces of furniture props in our world? Some are beds to lay on, some are places to drool and some are accessories to help us get food. Like the stool in the living room I love to use as a prop to get closer to Mama's dinner plate!


  16. What cute poses!! Too bad I'm too short to rest my head on the coffee table..sigh.. Hey, we got lots of snow here. My mom would like to send some your way if you want it! :)

  17. Hey Ao4!
    I am supporting your "cute poses" on my blog. Stop over and have a look, and see what I have been up to. hehehehe


  18. I wish I was a tall dog....

    Bussie Kissies

  19. dave, of corse you can add a link to my bloggy. i added a link to your fabulous bloggy too!

  20. What a wonderful pose! Too bad we will never be able to use it. The table is too high for us. We will just have to stick to looking cute and adorable all the time without that particular pose.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  21. Ivy: Turbo IS lucky, isn't he? We should all go over to his house to play in the snow! And thanks! We've got you linked!
    Holly: Thank (blush) woo. And I love today's CUTE POSES! Woo!
    Chelsea: I like the way you think!
    T-man: Thank woo and please send the snow!!!
    Buster: Me and Am are the tallest ones here!
    Dachsies: You guys ARE cute!