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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Salute - Bryn and Maui!

This week's Sunday Salute goes out to our friends Bryn and Maui!

Bryn (above) and Maui (below). Stop staring at the kitty, roo guys!

Bryn and Maui live in Florida, near Orlando and were both recently adopted from the SPCA!
Bryn (above) on Adoption Day - with her new mom!

Bryn is a Yellow Labrador and told us, “I was born April 14, 2005 and my birthstone is a diamond which Mom says makes me a gem. My long red eyelashes make my Mom smile and I can turn on the puppy eyes to make Dad reach for the cooky jar anytime I want.” See? Someone else who knows how to do The Sad Eyes! Ha roo! She went on to tell us, “The man who grew me up was older and needed to have an operation and there was no one to take care of me so he took me to these great people at the SPCA and they found me a family! I've got a Mom and a Dad and they have these smaller people they call ‘Treasures’.”

Here she is (above) with one of those Treasures, Nick! She said, “Can you imagine - a boy of my very own! … we just love each other so much. He takes me for walks and plays in the yard with me (it's all fenced in so I'm safe) and I sleep next to his bed and take care of him all night long whenever he visits.” Note to Captain Maverick, the Pirate: Harr! There seems to be some great treasure in Florida!

About Nick, Bryn told us, “A dog just couldn't ask for more.......the perfect size to play with, never gets tired of giving tummy-rubs.” Woooo!

Bryn sent us this picture (at left), with the note, “You know how they say some people and pets look alike? This is my Dad. He makes me smile.” Yes! We can see the resemblance!

The day after Bryn was adopted, they went back to the SPCA and brought Maui home! Bryn said, “She had to stay the extra day to be 'spayed' which isn't something fun but definitely gives us a better life.” Amen to that! Spaying and neutering is good for our health!

Maui is part Siamese (stop staring at the kitty, Dave, Am and Zim!) with what Bryn described as Caribbean aqua blue eyes. Sounds almost Siberian! Bryn said she makes this little sound called purring that “just makes me so sleepy when we curl up for a nap together.” She was born in May 2006.

Maui (above) checking out the Disney web site

Bryn said Maui’s favorite thing to do is watch the cardinals in the feeders (looks like she's computer-savvy, too!) and added, “She can't go out or catch them ‘cause last week Mom took her to the doctor and had her claws lasered. I don't know what that means except she can't scratch me anymore.” Bryn, Storm here. I think it means she had a paw-dicure. Anyroo, Bryn really missed Maui while she was gone overnight. She said, “…when she came home I checked her out really good.....my friend Dave told me to do a Lab analysis and CAT scan so we knew everything was in good condition.” Ha roo roo roo. I think someone’s been hanging around Amber a lot lately… or has been reading Fargo’s blog!

Cat scan in progress, above

Of Florida, Bryn said, “It's always nice outside so as soon as I wake up there's yard work to be done. My job is to keep squirrels from the birdfeeders and check out all the neighboring yards to make sure everything's OK. My parents are really proud of me ‘cause I don't bark like all the other dogs around here. I only bark when I have to make someone know I'm gonna keep my Mom safe.” Way to GO, Bryn! She also said that when their mom is dressed, she sits next to her leash to let her know it's time for a walk. (Good biped training!) She said, “We make our regular rounds and then down the road to see the new houses being built and then across the road to check on the cows in the pasture. I tried playing Marco Polo with them one foggy morning but they didn't answer. Silly cows.......don't they know woofing when they hear it? Oh well.......maybe only California cows play Marco Polo.” Ha roo roo roo! We like those Airborne cows who parachute into the football stadium! (For our international readers, we've provided hyper-links to help explain!)

Bryn also noted that Christmas is coming and said they are working hard to get all the decorations up. She gets to be official cookie taster! She said, “It's a hard job but somedoggy has to do it.” Woo! We’d be happy to help you out with that!

She and Maui wished all of the Ao4 Digest readers a “Woofy Christmas and Meowy New Year.”
Bryn and Maui, for all you do – being rescuees, doing the Sad Eyes look, having your new parents and the Treasures wrapped around your paws, keeping the evil squirrels at bay, AND helping decorate for Christmas … we salute you!

Merry Christmas!
The Army of Four

PS: Stop staring at the kitty!


  1. those two sure look like they are friends, which is contrary to everything I have heard about these cat things. hmm.

    Either way, I sure am glad they both found a great place to live.

  2. The kitty will turn one day, they all do.

    I wish I had my own boy.

    Bussie Kissies

  3. How cute that those two have bonded. Siamese cats act like dogs sometimes, so they should be able to get along.

  4. Joey: Isn't it great that they found their fur-ever home? And I've had cat friends! They can be nice, really!

    Buster: Stop staring at the kitty!

    T-man: Bryn and Maui are both beautiful, aren't they?!? And yes, I agree with you - one of my kitty friends was a Siamese!

    Tail wags,

  5. that is a lovely post you guys! We always check out your Sunday Salute, except cannot stop staring at the kitty.........

    I like Rescue guys stories, they remind me of the bad old days before I was rescued by Jeannie and co.

    We had a visit from Santa tonight, see my post on it, I peed on his sleigh, so he will remember me alright!

    love and livery licks from Marvin xxxxx The Wonder Dog, so my sweetheart Miss Sunshade says!

  6. hope they do my Cow Eyes practice as well.

    Buster is so right, kittys always turn. One scratched my black nose once, I have never forgotten or forgiven!

    But I am glad Kitty got a good home!

    Yay and happy days to all rescue animals!

    Much love and licks Marvin x

  7. Hi Amber (and all the rest),
    Yes, I changed my profile photo, do you like it? My mom played with this one in photoshop to remove the background and make it look like a painting. What do you think?

  8. Marvin: One move toward the kitty, and you'll have ME to answer to!
    On a more pleasant note, thanks for your kind words about our Sunday Salutes!
    Hope Santa didn't see you mark his sleigh! That's something Zim would do!
    Tail wags,

  9. Dear Indy,
    You look very, very, VERY handsome! :) I like the new photo VERY much!

  10. Harrrrr, the treasures look great, kiddies are always fun and have treats. But Maties a kitty!!! Cap'N Maverick could not stop staring at the kitty. We got no kitties here cept one a long time ago. Maybe Mom will blog about it on D'Azul. Harrr, Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  11. Ahhhh Another fantastic Rescue story on earth! We love love love
    adoption/rescue stories! Can never see enough of those!

    Bryn...you are absolutley delightful to the eyes! You remind us a bit of someone that meant so much to us and still does!
    You are a beauty and a love.

    Salute to Maui and Bryn! Forever homes rule!

    Maddie the Choco Bunny lab

  12. Army, I forgot to say my Momma held a baby 10 week old Siberian Husky pup today at Petsmart! She was looking a Husky Calanders and looked down and there was the sweetest sight of a baby girl named "Pieces", color of fawn they said. Her Mom was there to buy her toys and My Mom helped her pick out a few of Frankies favs, like the Kong on a rope.
    My Mom feel in Sibe love, and didn't want to put the beauty down.

  13. What a wonderful salute! It's always nice to hear about great adoption stories!

    That kitty sure is pretty. I like kitties. I have one of my own too. And I'm actually very nice to him, even though my breed says I'm not suppose to be. I think kitties are pretty cool. (don't tell any of the other husky's!)


  14. The kitty looks cute too. I hope it's hamster friendly

    ~ fufu

  15. Mav: It's even better - the pictured Treasure has three sisters. How wonderful would it be to be surrounded by all of them!?!?
    I'd love to have a kitty of my very own.

    Maddie: Aren't they wonderful?
    And oooh, your mom got to hold a 10-week old Siberian? What a GIFT!!! I hope the wee babe has a good home!!! Have you seen the babies on the D'Azul Sibes site?

    Holly: I like kitties, too! And I'm training Zim to like them. I befriended a couple kitties when we lived at Ft. Riley. Mom and Dad think either I was raised with a kitty or had kitty friends when I was a husky hobo. Anyroo, I'm so glad Maui and Bryn found their fur-ever home together!

    FuFu: Maui is sweet - but I'm not sure how she feels about hamsters! I'll shoot her an email and ask!

    Tail wags all!

  16. Fu Fu: We asked Bryn how Maui felt about hamsters. Bryn said that she didn't seem to be too sure of what the word 'hamster' meant. She said, "Kinda sounded like ham and she turned that down last week.....maybe too salty?" Hmm... you aren't salty, are you Fu?
    Tail wags,