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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Calming Signals?

Woo! It's me, Dave!
Before I get down to business today, I wanted to woo a couple things:

~Congrats to Buster for winning the DWB Awesome Blog of the Month! His blog is mighty cool; we hope you'll check it out! Also please check out the other cool dog blogs in our sidebar area! Not sure whose blog to read? Hit the "Paw it Forward" button and do a random surf! Every dog who blogs is a cool winner in our book! We'd like to thank everyone who voted in the contest, wag our tails to our fellow nominees, and say a big thank woo to whoever nominated us!

~I'd like to thank our wonderful webmaster at DWB for making the video of Stormy talking the featured video on DWB-TV! Stormy isn't just smart, she's articulate, too!

~Also, please check out our friend Indy's newsletter. He's got a great article about Puppies Are Not Presents that we all encourage you to read and pass on!

Our friend Marvin seems to be having some reading problems lately. First, he thought when I said I was bringing something up ... he thought I was doing the "horka" thing. Woo. Then he thought Zim wrote that we had NO furniture instead of new furniture -- he said, "When I first read through it, when I got to the bit where you said 'we don't have that furniture anymore'....I read it as 'we don't have furniture anymore'..." He thought Zim ate it. Ha woo! It all reminds me about something that happened shortly after I got here...

Ammy is REALLY good at communication and is the MASTER of what they call Calming Signals. Apparently, there's something called a "book" about it called "On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals". Ammy must really like it! To make a long story short... I decided to see what it was all about one day. I thought it was a toy! Amber loves toys... so ... you know. I made an assumption. Then mom came home and explained to me that we don't play with books! Mom... I thought it was a toy! She let me try her glasses on ... and it all became so much clearer to me!

Far-sighted Dave 2

Wooo! Marvin, you should try these things called reading glasses!

Far-sighted Dave 3

What does "far sighted" mean? I asked Stormy, and she "ha roo roo rooed" at me.




  1. You look so SMART in those glasses. Perhaps I should get my brother some glasses and he wont look like so much of a doofus face??

  2. Somehow I don't think Doofus has the nose for glasses!

    Thanks for the mention D-man! (I voted for you guys).

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Dave, you look like a true intellectual. You look like you're ready to give a lecture or something :)

  4. Hi Aof4,

    We have that book at our house too--our people read it often and use it to try and understand us. We haven't ever tried to read it ourselves, though. I"m sure we wouldn't look as dashing as Dave if we tried to.

    We'd be honored to be added to your list of friends. Thanks

    see ya

  5. Joey: Thank woo! Yeah... I could picture Tanner in some glasses! Just make sure you get him a sport strap or something, so they stay on!
    Buster: High five, dude!
    T-man: Thank woo! (I had to ask Stormy what "intellectual" meant... just for the record.)
    Pippin: I STILL don't get the stuff in the book! Amber sure does, though! She could write the book on "Calming Signals" herself. I think I'd understand her version better! And cool! We'll add your link!

  6. Love the glasses, Dave.

    Yours in tail wags,


  7. You are so good wearing those glasses. If Mom put her glasses on one of us ... she would be buying new glasses. We don't think any book would calm us but Mom is interested. She's such a silly woman sometimes.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  8. Dave,

    Once again, you look so ADORABLE in those spectacles! However, you look a bit bored reading that book. Maybe you could suggest something to your humans about cat chasing skills that would be more entertaining!

    I also noticed it looks a bit "chewed on" at the corner? Your handywork?

    Kelsey (of Kelsey and Smokey's blog) who was my mom's foster, once chewed up her Merck Vet Manual book, which was about 1400 pages! That took a lot of work, and mom was NOT pleased!

    Your MalGal,

  9. Hey Dave,
    You look like a university professor in those glasses.. heheh..very intellectual indeed.. (ma said you reminded her of a certain actor called Richard something who starred in Pretty Woman..)

  10. oooooh Dave, you look so distinquished in those glasses. Yes, I might try "reading glasses", although I think "reading books" might teach me more stuff than glasses!!

    Thank you for mentioning me in your Post Dave, Haroooooooooooooo!

    Been long time catching up, my home is in uproar once more, new furniture????? What is with these hoooomans?! love and licks Marv x
    Waves of Paws to Ao4!

  11. Arwen: Thank woo! Where you all been?
    Dachsies: Thank woo. Mom said this book helped her understand all of us better, especially to appreciate all the Amber does!
    Hollybollyboo: Yeah... I thought this book might be something I could sink my teeth into. Woo. When Zim stayed with the Good Samaritan who picked him up off the street, he devoured a few law books. Apparently that was a big "no no". Who knew it would land him in the slammer?
    Huskee Boy: Thanx! A movie star, huh? Woo!
    Marvin: I think these could be a big help to ya! Happy decorating!

  12. Woohoo Dave,

    yet another great pose from the Sibe arsenal of cute-poses-to-fall-back-on-when-in-danger-of-human-wrath.

    We should get together sometime and offer a workshop.

    How 'bout: 'The cute pose (CP): how to press your humans' mushbuttons'?

    Better yet, it could be a book. Then we could all have a chew.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

  13. Dave.. You look so cute with the glasses. Like those IT people..

    ~ fufu

  14. Tin Tin: "Mushbuttons"? That's PERFECT!
    Fu Fu: Well, I'm no Stormy, but I know how to do a few things!