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Friday, December 29, 2006

Who's Been Here?

Ha roo, pups! Storm here!

Amber told you about our very cool walk we took the other day - up where the Giant's laying out his track and all. We were SURE we were the very first Siberians EVER to walk there! We just HAD to have been - that's how fresh everything is and we really didn't smell anypuppy up there or anything!

Do you know about the legend of "Kilroy" from WWII? There's some cool info at that hyperlink, even if you already know the story. Basically, wherever GIs went, Kilroy always got there first. The cartoon (at right) and words showed up everywhere! As Zim explains it, "this Kilroy left his mark everywhere." Ha roo!

Well... we think we've discovered a modern-day Kilroy! Yep! Up on our walk that Ammy told you about - I saw something VERY interesting and went over to check it out!

Hey roo guys ... check this out! Look who's been here!

Tubey's been here! Ha roo roo roo!

He's the new Kilroy! How did he get to where the Giant lives? He must have borrowed his human's Huskymobile and driven out here. That's pretty amazing!

Hey, Turbo! Next time you're in the area, stop by our house! Ha rooo!

Tail wags,


  1. Yup! Turbo is everywhere! I didn't want to stop by 'cause I was afraid you all were sleeping! Wooooo!

  2. That's totally cool!

    I have a question to ask you guys. Did you guys order snow? I think it got mis-shipped to New Mexico! Last week we got snow on Tuesday and mom had to leave work early and do worky work at home. Well- the same thing happened this morning but it's still snowing. It has been snowing ALL DAY. I'm not a snow dog! You guys have the furs for it. I am freezing my butt off down here. Can you come and get this stuff, please????

    C-K-C (teeth chattering)

  3. Turbo is SOOO lucky to be in so many places!

    HEHD Holly

  4. That Turbo must be pretty important to have his name printed on all that equiment.


  5. Woooo Ao4, stop over at my blog, I have video!!! (very big thanks to your extremely, wonderfully nice human!!)

    HEHD Holly

  6. whoaa I need something cool with MY name on it!!!

  7. Tubey: No matter what time you were here, there's a good chance the boys were sleeping. Ha ROO!

    C-K-C: Oh. Wow. We DID ask Santa for snow - and all we've gotten was rain. He must have given it to you by mistake! Zim said he'll drive over and get it if mom will let him have the car keys.

    Holly: He's EVERYWHERE!

    T-man: He's marked more stuff than Zim. Ha roo roo roo.

    Holly: How COOL! Ah, snow, glorious snow!

    Joe Stains: We have a lot of things around here with "stains" on them... but not "Joe Stains". IF you know what I mean! Ha roooo!

    Tail wags,