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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Tracking Santa Claus!

Depending on when you're reading this - and where! - Santa is getting ready to head out on his rounds! You can follow him with this cool link to the good folks at NORAD. Check back in with them as Christmas Eve nears - and you'll be able to follow Santa and see when he'll arrive at your place!

Dave and I are going to try to wait up for him again this year. I hope we make it this time. We haven't made it past 2100 hours yet, as Dave has said.

Our friend FuFu is going to try to find Santa in his FuFuMOBILE. I told him I'm a great navigator and he should take me with him! This Summer, they had road detours to get to the vet hospital and mom had me man the map. She didn't listen to me, though - and we ended up by some horse farms. HA roo! I told her to turn BEFORE the stadium! Mom means well, but she could get lost in a paper bag. A lunch-sized paper bag! Here I am, navigating! (See photo below.)
Mom... you should have turned back there...

I think between my navigating skills and the info from NORAD, we'll find Santa in no time! I just have to beat it back to Kansas before he gets to our house!

Merry Christmas, everypup! Play bows,


  1. Merry Christmas, Ao4! Thanks for being such good friends. We feel like that is one of our best presents and we got it early and have enjoyed it already.

  2. that is a cooooool link to Santa's time table. I like that very much!

    Jeannie has been trying to download (or is it upload?) a video she took of me, which was very good even though I say it myself! But it seems she is using something called Video Egg and it is not hatching!!

    Never mind, thank you for your good wishes for Christmas, Hope you have a wonderful time toooooooo! Woooooo to Dave! Love and licks to all of you!

    We are going to post a link perhaps tomorrow about a Husky Dog meeting in Edinburgh after Christmas, we may go along for a look! Keep looking in! Love Marvin and a rather red faced Jeannie (the Video Egg is making her angry now!!) Marv xxxxxxxx

  3. Sadly I can't see the pictures...wooo...

  4. Dachsies: You guys are each SO sweet and so special! The gift of friendship is a wonderful gift indeed!

    Marvin: Isn't it cool? Hey, we left you a link to how to upload the VideoEgg vids that Opy and Charlie's dad made. Hopefully you saw it in your blog comments! If our mom can do it, yours certainly can!

    Tubey: I wonder why not? Can everyone else see them? Rooooo!

    Play bows & Merry Christmas,

  5. ooooh just a wee comment here, Jeannie and I cannot see your pictures either. Some Christmas glinch I expect....will check your Blog out tomorrow to see if the pic comes back to us!

    love and licks Marv x

    Stooooopid Blogger!

  6. thanks for your tips on video egg, Jeannie may have hatched it by tomorrow with your help!

  7. Hey roo guys: I reloaded the pix; hopefully you'll be able to see them now!

    Marvin: "Jeannie may have hatched it by tomorrow"?? Ha roo roo roo! Good one!

    Merry Christmas!
    Play bows,

  8. Harrr, AO4, Happy Holiday to you Mateys. We know about that wrong turn stuff. Mom calls it creative navigation but it is really just getting lost.

    Cap'N Maverick the Pirate, and the rest of the D'Azul Siberians

  9. Zim - receiving your pics lound and very clear now!

    Very good! Yes, Santa will be with us very soon and Jeannie may have hatched a video by then as well.....at the moment things are still "scrambled" but we will "poach" some help from you and no doubt we will have "fried" video brains by tomorrow!

    Goin' to our beds now! love and tired licks Marvin x

    ps she "who must be obeyed" says one of her problems with the Video Egg thingy is, that it does not recognise her Blogger User Name and Password.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! (translation - "big, very loud scream"!)

  10. just seen what "she" wrote....meant to say "loud" on the last comment!

  11. Come to my blog and see my holiday card. I want to wish all of my blog friends a wonderful Christmas! I will be staying with my grandma and grandpa for a while so I won't be blogging much. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  12. Maybe some cappucino will help you stay awake for Santa (hint hint to dad!!)

  13. Merry Christmas and a Guid New Year to my new wonderful friends, The Army of Four and their Family!

    I am so happy we have met up via our Blogs. And so is Jeannie! She is still hatching a Video Egg, she says she may leave it till after Christmas now! Enough already!

    Keep on Blogging!

    love and licks, Marvin xxxx

    and Love from Jeannie x

    ps thanks for all your help over the oast few months and advice re Blogging!

  14. Merry Christmas Ao4!!!
    If you do see Santa let us know. He stops here every year too - although being good is VERY, VERY hard!

  15. Maverick: "Creative navigation"! We like that! Mom does a lot of that!

    Marvin: Glad we were able to get the pix up and running! And Amber is still giggling over all of your puns! She said to tell you that you "crack her up"... then she started giggling again.

    Indy: Merry Christmas and safe travels to you and your family!

    Turbo: Ya-hoo!

    Chelsea: Yeah, go figure! You don't think it's 'cuz I can be a bit of a sleepy head, do you?

    T-man: BRILLIANT! Totally BRILLIANT! Gotta make sure Dad reads your comment!

    Marvin: We cherish your friendship and Jeannie's!

    Dakota: "Good" is all in the eyes of the beholder. Stormy said Santa has a really good sense of humor and a forgiving heart. (Whew!)

    Merry Christmas to ALL!
    Play bows,