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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Gifts!

Tail wags, pups! It's me - Stormy!

As you know, the boys tried to wait up for Santa again this year ... and couldn't quite make it. They just wanted to meet him and say "thank roo" and Dave no doubt would have hugged him. Santa's a great guy - and he did leave presents for us!

I found this "package" on Christmas morning - it looked remarkably like a "PetsMart" bag (you'd think Santa would have his elves wrap stuff...), and I knew it would have stuff inside for us! Here I am, checking it out!

Hey! Cool! There's toys in here for all of us!
Thank roo, Santa!
I found a green one and knew it would be for Amber! Here she is (above) posing with it, after a good chew! These are real dinosaur bones, I just know it, or they'd never stand up to Amber's Jaws of Steel!
Then I found a blue one, and asked mom to hand it to Zim.

Oh, COOL! It's blue, like my collar! Thanks, Santa!

Then I saw a really big one! It wasn't purple, Dave's color, but I figured it was for him. It's kind of "Texas-sized", like him!

Wow! That's huge! Thanx, Santa!

Pretty cool, huh!? And guess what else was in there?

Thanks, Santa! Hey mom, let's play!

Yep! A red one - just for ME! That Santa - what a GREAT GUY!

We hope Santa brought you wonderful toys, too! Remember to be good this year - starting now! Ha roo!

Tail wags and a thank roo to Santa from all of us!



  1. What great chew toys!!! I love chew toys! Great pics of all of you too!!


  2. Red is definitely your color!

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Harr, those be great toys AO4. Do we really have to be good starting now? Its hard for a pirate. Maybe I will be good starting, December 2007.

    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  4. Great toys. Start being good? Aren't you guys always good? We never see you doing anything bad.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  5. Nice colored toys! They go nicely with each of you.

    Or you can be like CC-man and wait till Christmas eve to be good. It seemed to work with him!


  6. wowie! color-coordinated bones! that is sooooo cool!

    i agree with the dachies - you huskies are always good. you are the very definition of good!

  7. Woh great presents you guy have. Is Dave's bone really the biggest?

    ~ fufu

  8. Cool bones. Do you fight over them?

  9. those toys look great! I bet the doofus would like one!

  10. Anonymous1:14 AM

    Hey - did'ja get snow yet? We got a bunch on Christmas. Great looking bones! Hope they last a while!

  11. Your chews look all so Chewmagnificent, you will all have such booooootiful teeth!

    I received a very complicated chew called a Dental something or other.....it looks viscious but it is very comforting! I will post pictures later!

    love and licks Marv xxxxx

  12. Holly: Amber LOVES to chew! She's our best chewer!

    Buster: Why thank roo. Red's a power color! :)

    Maverick: Santa's watching ... but he's very forgiving and a wee bit forgetful. :) Toss in his sense of humor, and I think we're all in for a fun 2007.

    Dachsies: We try our best ... but we do have our moments.

    T-man: They're very fun!

    Ivy: You are SUCH a sweet pup! And the toys are VERY cool!

    Fu Fu: Yes, Dave's is WAY bigger!

    Copper: No, we don't fight over toys! We do swap them around, but we wait until whoever is playing with one is done, then somepuppy else plays with it. We're good at sharing.

    Joey: I'll bet Tanner would like one, too!

    Zach: No snow, sadly enough. :( These toys are VERY durable! We have others just like them that we've had for over a year. Even Amber - the Jaws of Steel - hasn't put a dent in them! And she can chew through black Kongs. :) She's very strong.

    Marvin: I can't wait to see what you got!

    Tail wags, everypup!