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Thursday, December 07, 2006

DWB Christmas Cards

Woooo! Dave here! Even though we were unable to participate in the DWB Christmas Card Exchange, we've received LOTS of nice cards! We'd like to thank the following pups for sending us their greetings:

Boomer, Annabelle, Snickers & Turbo Kitty
Butchy & Snickers
Charlie & Opy
Cubby & Dakota

Hershey & Copper
Mackie & Ollie

Salchicha & Lilly

We truly appreciate all the bee-woo-tiful cards... though I must admit, I dogonally may have a favorite. (sigh...)

Stormy, Am and I put together a special Christmas greeting for you, but it doesn't seem to be uploading at all. Hmm. I suspect Zim may have had a paw in that. We took a picture of him and made it into a dancing elf...... and now the site won't load. Zim? What have you done? He may need the services of our friend Meeshka before too long. Or maybe we will. Someone is bound to. If we can get it up and running, we'll post a P-update.

For some seasonal fun, please use this link to create your own snowflakes! This is especially helpful for those of us who are snow-less.

We would also like to thank Raisa and our fellow Husky bloggers! We are honored that the Ao4 Digest is the featured blog for December! Thank woo! Please visit our fellow huskies! (See very cool link in our right-hand side bar!)

Oh! And here's some winter-y fun. Mom just got this in an email from a friend with the message: Ever feel like doing this to someone? Ha wooooooo!

Merry Christmas, everypup. Luv,

PS: I removed the Christmas music - we just put it up for St. Nicholas Day. We'll put it back for Christmas... but we didn't want anypup to have issues with a long "load" time. Woo.


  1. You got a thing for Holly dude?

    Loved the snowflake thingie!

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Buster: You know it! Isn't she bee-woo-tiful?!!?

  3. Oh Dave!!! I'm so excited you liked my card! I think you are the mostest absolutely CUTEST Husky I have ever seen! I just loooovvvve those freckles and those soft blue eyes! (sigh!!)

    I really appreciate the snowflake thing too. I have been so bummed that we have not had any snow yet. That will certainly help me feel much better!

    Thanks Dave!
    Your MalGal

  4. Dave! You look so cute with all the Christmas Cards, especially the one with Holly, (who by the way is adorable in her pic).....she looks like such a sweetheart and ever so happy!

    You really will let your Mom take just about any photo shoot she wants, you are a Model Sibe.

    The snowflake link is fun! Thanx

    And I had wondered WHERE the nice Christmas music went...I enjoyed it while it was up! Nice.

    Frankie and Maddie

  5. Cute video! I created a precious poodle snowflake too. That was fun :)

  6. Holly: I luv your card! You're the nicest, prettiest, snuggliest-looking Malagal I've ever known.

    Maddie: Thank woo! Me and Zimmie love the camera. There are usually cookies involved. Please tell your bee-woo-tiful sister "woo" for me!

    T-man: Those are addictive, aren't they?


  7. Hey Dave,

    I have to see Zim as a dancing elf. Please, please, make it work. He is the the cutest boy husky, no offense to you of course (besides it looks like you have your own admirer). I think that he must look very cute as an elf.


  8. Your welcome!!

    I put my signature saliva mark on each and every card!


  9. We want to see the dancing elf Zim. Somehow we missed the DWB card exchange too, drat, maybe next year.

  10. Did I see a comment from you about Justin on Ivy's blog?? What's up with Justin? He commented once or twice on my bloggy, but I don't know if I've ever gone to his web site or not. Is he a bad creature?

  11. Oh.. that's alot of xmas cards you guys got. :)

    ~ fufu

  12. Heya there Dave,

    hope there was enough marrow bone aroma left on my card for ya to catch a whiff of when you opened it.

    That Holly is a looker alright, but not my type.

    Love is in the blogosphere.

    Chow for now,

    Tin Tin xo

    PS Hana, when you click on that Justin dood's web link, all sorts of crapola pop-ups and spammy poo starts off. We clicked on it, but then when we saw what was going on we exited it as soon as we possibly could.

  13. Hey Guys,

    Glad you got the card OK. Love the penguin vid - very funny!

    Luv Chuckles

  14. Althea: Zim makes a GREAT elf! I'll see what I can do about getting that site to load!

    Chelsea: I loved sniffing all the cards!

    D'Azul Sibes: I think their site may have crashed; I'll see what I can do!

    Hana: Very bad! All kinds of bad things on "his" site - plus it made a friend of ours' computer VERY sick! Virus City!

    Fu Fu: It's a whole lot!

    Tin Tin: Oh... I thought Amber was just gazing into your eyes ... I didn't know there was bone marrow involved! Woo.

    Charlie: Zim said the penguins remind him of me and Stormy. I think it's just payback for the elf thing.