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Thursday, December 21, 2006

More DWB Cards, More Christmas Decor

Ha roo, everypup, it's me - Zim! Check out this artsy picture of me and my new friend:
Is he cute or what? The wife of one of Dad's golf buddies saw this little stuffed fella at a store and thought we should have it. How nice is THAT?!!? We aren't really allowed to play with him, or he would end up shredded ... but Mom let me pose for a couple pix with him. This is the best one - Mom did some of her photo magic with it then printed it on a card and wrote a "thank you" note to the nice lady who gave it to us! He's up HIGH on a shelf now. I don't know why.

Speaking of "thank yous"... we'd like to thank the follow pups for the cards they sent at part of the DWB Christmas Card Exchange:

The Dachsies! (Roxie, Sammy and
Boo Boo and Bond
Baby & Boy
Jaffe Boy and Kaylie Girl

Thanks, roo guys!

Here I am by a little gingerbreadman quilt Mom made. It should be mine, don't you think? I posed by it, to drop a hint.

Stormy came in to see what was going on. That's her "My puppy isn't in any trouble, is he?" look. Or maybe more like, "You aren't messing with my puppy, are you?" She watches over us so closely! Pup, I love her!

Here's Dave, by the fireplace.There's another tiny Christmas tree up on the mantle, a tiny pottery Nativity creche Mom and Dad bought in Belgium, and a little wooden thing that goes 'round and 'round when the candles are lit that they bought in Germany. They don't seem to light them much. Something about a much bigger one and Mom catching a palm tree on fire. That sounds pretty COOL to me! Ha roo!

Thanks again to our DWB pals!

Play bows and Merry Christmas!


  1. what a cute stuffed mini yous. so cute!

  2. oh you are sooooooo funny! I just love your faces! We are going to take some Christmas pictures tonight.

    Jeannie has just finished the tree, even more baubles have been put up! Partly because the local supermarket was having a huuuuuuuuuuge 50% off sale. Jeannie loves a bargain!

    She has been what I call "didsting" about since lunch time, hanging bits here, bits there, but like you say, just out of reach!

    love and licks Marvin x

  3. We have some stuffed sibes of varying colors. But I'm not allowed to smell 'em.

    Are those shoes by the fireplace there for gifts to be put in?

  4. Joey: He looks COOL, doesn't he? Mom wonders if Stormy or Dave looked like that when they were wee babies!

    Marvin: Ha roooo! Our mom's been making curry and South African Yellow rice. Choppin' and droppin' - and I'VE been helping!

    Tubey: Yeah! They were put there for St. Nicholas Day and Mom hasn't moved them yet!

    Play bows,

  5. If you all pile on top of each other one of you can reach that statue to play with.


  6. That little guy is almost as handsome as you but the real thing just has that special something. We are glad to hear you got the card. We really like you guys so we wanted to send you a card even though you decided to skip it this year.

    Roxie, Sammy & Andy

  7. My human has some Husky stuffies too. I have a picture on my blog of the last one they bought that looks more like me! They keep a close eye on us when we are playing with it since stuffies have a tendency to not last more than 5 minutes when unattended. They are kept up on shelves at our house too. What sort of fun is that? Helloooo? The whole point of stuffies is to DEstuff them!

    Those stupid humans just don't get it.

    I love the picture though, very cool looking!!

    And your Stormy reminds my mom of her Shula. Something about her sweet little face and eyes I heard her say.

    My boy Dave is sure looking mighty fine by that fireplace. I wonder if he would let me come snuggle with him by it!?


  8. Anonymous1:53 AM

    Whoa, Zim .. you look like a statue!! That's too cool!

  9. Those stuffed Sibes are at my house too!!! The Mom has been looking for a red stuffed one to add to the collection.
    Not sure if she's talking about a stuffed one or a little brother or sister for me though!

  10. Chelsea: Oooh, that sounds like a great idea!

    Dachsies: You pups are SO sweet!

    Holly: Storm said she appreciates very much the comparison to Shula. She considers it a great compliment! Oh... and Dave hopes you like today's (Friday's) post! And he's all ABOUT snuggling!

    Zach: You think? Cool! Maybe I could pretend to be a statute then HA ROO at someone and scare 'em!

    Dakota: Our mom has never seen a red stuffie! Amber and I don't think that's quite fair!

    Play bows,